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How to Make a Bed: New Ways, New Styles and New Patterns for 2016

Bedding trends change regularly, so it only makes sense that how to make your bed does too. It’s out with the old and in with the new in today’s post Creatives, as we look at new ways to style your bedscape. This is how to make a bed made easy for 2016!

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How to Make a Bed TLC Interiors Lorraine Lea

How to Make a Bed: the New Way

Traditionally, how to make a bed consisted of staging two euro pillows at the back of the bed, four standard pillows in front of those, and one cushion in the centre of the scene. Very structured, quite formal and definitely traditional.

In 2016 and beyond, the way you create mood in your boudoir is by messing the entire scene up a bit. It’s all about celebrating casual, comfy and haphazard bedroom styling, and the bedding in this post – from Lorraine Lea – showcases this concept perfectly.

If you have kids who refuse to make their bed, the jokes on them! A more relaxed approach to layering your bedding is the way of the future, so let’s examine how it’s done (and tell your kids that their rebellion is seriously on-trend!).

Mid Century Bedding from Lorraine Lea TLC Interiors how to make a bed

Softness through Layers

A fitted sheet is, of course, still required. But if you thought white was where it was at, it’s time to broaden your horizons. Coloured percale sheets in tones of black, pewter and charcoal add interest and comfort to the bed (and these ones Lorraine Lea offer are as soft as ever).

For autumn and going into winter, it’s all about layering. Start with a quality quilt cover like the one you see here. His name is Reggie and he’s packed with rich colour and vibrant pattern.

There’s a real mid-Century vibe at play here in this bedding set. The circular shapes you see in it really tap into the New Eclectic trend I told you about on the blog recently, and the fabric the quilt cover is made from is naturally slightly crumpled. Hello cosiness!

Pattern Adding Interest

With your quilt cover, look to double-sided options like you see here with Reggie, then choose how much of the underside you want to reveal at the top of the bed. Also, don’t feel compelled to have the quilt sit perfectly symmetrical. Consider a slightly diagonal approach. It’s far more relaxed and inviting.

At the head of the bed, it’s time to get creative with pillows. You don’t have to have both Euros at the back, either, and you can try turning them on the diagonal.

The benefit of choosing pillow cases like the Reggie ones here is that the double sided pattern gives you a tonne of colour combos and styling options. It’s a wise move, though, to ensure you have some block pillowcase colours in the mix too, so your eye has somewhere to rest.

Simply play, play and play again – until you find a pattern effect in your pillow configuration that you love!

“This approach makes your bedroom feel so much more inviting and cosy, so don’t be afraid to give it a go”.

Reggie Bedding orange and black mid century bedding Lorraine Lea TLC Interiors Polka Dot Bedding

Finishing Touches

At the base of the bed, throws are optional, depending on how soft and relaxed you want the space to look. Again, it’s about a haphazard approach here (that’s why they’re called throws). Chuck one on the end of the bed and use it when the cold nights roll in.

The circular shapes you see in the Reggie bedding are a really good way to soften the hard lines you often encounter in a bedroom, and you can mirror the shapes in the bedding through accessories on your bedside. Think round vases, lampshades and other ornaments, to make the scene feel resolved.

Statement cushions are great on the bed too, and again, throw them on at random and enjoy a less formal approach. You can even stack some cushions and throws in a basket beside or at the end of the bed to keep the space cosy and textural.

I hope this post has given you some ideas on how to make a bed in a more modern way. I think this approach makes your bedroom feel so much more inviting and cosy, so don’t be afraid to give it a go.

And if you need some more ideas and inspiration, click here to jump over to the Lorraine Lea.

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