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Mood Board in Office

Save Thousands by using a Mood Board.

More than just a place to display the things you love from your life, a mood board is a necessary tool if you’re into decorating and design. Allow me to explain why this is such an important piece in this post – and why it will save you thousands of bucks!

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Mood Board in Office

I look around my home today and come across an array of old homewares and furniture I don’t like but can’t afford to replace just yet. The reason I’m in this pickle is because I didn’t use a mood board to display the decor I truly love and am drawn to.

A mood board allows you to design your life. It sounds a bit silly but it’s completely true. By displaying images you’ve taken from magazines, catalogues or the internet, you begin to create your very own aesthetic. Doing this allows you to know what you like and don’t like, and go into stores with a clear idea of what homewares and furniture you’re looking for.

Prior to using a mood board, I would wander into stores and buy whatever took my fancy, with no regard to whether it was a passing fad, would date in six months or if I truly wanted it. I call this syndrome Homewares Purchase Anxiety (read more about that here) – and it’s a terrible way to waste money and end up regretful.

Two Types of Mood Boards Mood Board

Discovering your aesthetic is easy (and fun) when you see a selection of your fave images in front of you. Once you have them on your mood board, you can begin to analyse and decode your style preferences. You might be surprised to see the style or trend you’re drawn to – but once you know it, you’ll stop gravitating toward shiny things in stores because they look pretty.

There’s nothing more liberating than seeing a gorgeous homewares piece and saying, “That’s lovely, but it’s not for me”. This is when you truly know what your style is – and the way to do this is through a mood board.


Images Credits for this post: image one from Sunday Collector, image two from A Beautiful Mess, image three from Citizen Hems.

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