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Pink and yellow interior design ideas Pink feature wall

6 Spaces that Prove Pink isn’t just for Girls Rooms

Having studied both design and interior styling, one of the concepts that still intrigues me is the idea of pink being a girly colour or that it belongs only in girls rooms.

One of the most interesting things about colour psychology, actually, was realising that we as a society have come to accept certain colour ‘truths’. A prime example of this, of course, is the way we’ve written pink off as a colour strictly for girls.

But when it comes to design, I don’t see things that way; I don’t think you can give a colour a gender. For me, every colour has its place and using it in a room is all about balance and proportion.

There are ways to rock pink at home without it feeling overtly feminine – and I’ve got imagery and ideas to prove it!

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below on whether you use pink in your home – and how it makes you feel.

6 Spaces that Prove Pink isn’t just for Girls Rooms

Pink and yellow interior design ideas Pink feature wall

Explore the Tonal Scale

The room above might be described as light and airy, but I don’t consider it a girly. By utilising different shades of pink and bringing in complementary yellow and blue tones, the room feels crisp and playful.

There’s a very contemporary feel to it as well thanks to the lighting, side tables and grid bedding, which also give the space visual punch. Without these accessories, that soft pink wall would be a dominant moment in the space.

The lesson; If you have a pink wall and want to take the focus off of it, bring in other vibrant colours and explore their tones, too.

Muddy Pink feature wall with dark wood side table

Muddy down your Pink

The most recent incarnation of pink in homes comes through the muddying down of the hue. Flip through mags or take a look at paint forecasts; a lot of the major brands are rocking a muddy pink feature wall.

Again, I don’t see the above image being one of femininity, nor is it girly. There’s a great sense of balance here that we can all learn something from. The best way to balance out pink in a space is to pair it with deep wood tones. Add ceramic and glassware in dark shades and the entire room starts to feel moody.

There’s a gorgeous sense of depth here, don’t you think?

Pink Kitchen Wall with Green and Teal TLC Interiors Blog

Luxe it up with Green and Gold

If you like a look that feels a little more high-end or luxurious, then opting for a light salmon pink is the way to go. This particular shade plays really well with deep emerald and teal tones – and as you can see above – it works wonderfully in a kitchen (I’d love to see this colour scheme in an office or entryway, too).

Add a further sense of luxe to the look by introducing gold or brass elements. It’ll elevate the sense of sophistication in the room, so it would be great to stage a formal dinner setting in the above colour palette.

Pink Bedroom wall with soft teal and bluer tones from Habitat

Tie it together with Shape + Pattern

This is one of the more visually punchy looks of the lot, but I would still argue that it doesn’t feel like a girls room to me.

Shape and pattern are a great way to distract the eye from a bright pink tone like the one above if you’re finding it a little overbearing. The mid-Century furniture also helps in this space and makes the room feel intentionally retro.

If you are rocking a pink feature wall, do tie it in with the rest of the room somehow; the best way to do this is through your bedding – even if it’s as small as a throw cushion pattern.

Pink Feature all in Outdoor Space Courtyard Ideas TLC Interiors blog

Take it Outdoors

Oh to have an outdoor area I could deck out in hot pink like this. If you have a zone like the one above at your place, it’s time to get gutsy with it this summer!

Hot pink on a wall can be made less intense by pairing it with dark grey, black and deep blue tones. Throw in some pops of white and some necessary greenery and the look will feel rather well-rounded.

The brightness of this pink is ideal for summer – and would pop at night with warm fairy lights against it.

Pink and Grey Interior Design Ideas Pink Cushions on Grey Sofa

Pair it with Soft Grey

This is the tamest of the lot, and I’d still argue that this space isn’t at all feminine. It is missing a cool colour like a deep emerald green or cobalt blue to tie it all together, but that’s the fun of this image; figuring out how you’d finish off the space!

In a bright room with tall ceilings like this, colour pops are your friend. A living area of this size can certainly handle a bit of drama. Keep things from going too crazy by ensuring you utilise wood tones and soft greys.

>>> How do you use pink in your home – and how it makes you feel?

Image credits in chronological order: Tonal | Muddy | Green | Shape | Outdoor | Grey


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