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ikea navy blue sofa in living room

IKEA Storage Solutions from 3 Real Aussie Homes

As you’ve heard me say a million times on the blog, nobody lives in the magazines. It’s fair to say that the homes you see showcased in your fave publications are styled and then snapped so that they look amazing, but not so they function well. And often the decor you see in the rooms doesn’t even belong to the home owner. I know!

Me, I’m all about real homes, and making the spaces of real people shine. And thankfully, IKEA are on the same page. So we’re kinda two peas in a pod in that respect.

To bring the ‘real solutions’ concept to life, IKEA recently transformed spaces in 10 homes across the country, giving the families that lived there stylish, practical solutions for their everyday design dilemmas.

ikea navy blue sofa with chaise storage and blonde timber side tables

IKEA + YOU: Real Homes, Real People, Real Solutions

From Monash to Calamvale, St Kilda to Stanmore, the mission of the IKEA + YOU campaign was simple: to work with regular Aussies to inspire them to find happiness in, and live a better, everyday life at home.

The best part: each IKEA store across the country features a replica room from one of the homes the team made over, giving you the chance to check out the practical design and amazing IKEA storage solutions in-person at your local store. How good is that?

In today’s post I want to show you three of my fave makeovers from the IKEA + YOU initiative. So scroll on to see the before and after shots. I’m also including links so you can shop all of the products to make your own space a stunner too!

If you want to see all 10 of the room reveals, check them out here.

ikea living room makeover in st kilda
IKEA’s St Kilda Living Room Makeover

For St Kilda couple Jose and Ulises, getting under each others feet was one of their biggest issues. In a multi-purpose living room, they were keen to keep things neat and tidy but still have everything within easy reach. As they say, a place for everything, and everything in its place!

Character was also front-of-mind for the pair. Even before the makeover (above) you’ll notice a lot of unique and eclectic furniture, decor and artwork. They didn’t want to lose that flavour, but needed practical storage solutions that worked in with their existing style.

ikea tribal floor rug in living room with ikea sofa bed ikea sofa bed and bohemian floor rug in st kilda home

IKEA came to the rescue, bringing in a HOLMSUND sofa which is versatile and features tonnes of storage. Over in the office space, a room divider and RASKOG trolley zoned the room and allowed both Jose and Ulises to have their own designated work areas.

The Verdict: “We used to say that our living room was kind of a war zone, and now, happily, it’s a peaceful zone”, Jose says.

Click here to see the full makeover, or check out the shoppable mood board below.

IKEA Richmond

Shop Jose & Ulises’ Living Room

Simply click the links below to shop the IKEA storage solutions and style buys from Jose and Ulises’ home.

ikea living room furniture makeover before

IKEA’s Calamvale Living Room Revamp

Mum and Dad of three, Rob and Marie, were eager to create a living room that promoted hanging out with their kids and having fun (no TV permitted). But as you can see from the before photo, they were in need of some interiors wizardry.

IKEA stepped in to rescue the space, introducing the family to the divine VIMLE sofa. With a huge storage section underneath, the kids can store loads of board games, blankets and other bits and pieces here – keeping the mess out of sight!

ikea white chaise armchair with white laptop table and blue shelving ikea white buffet with blonde timber legs in living room with ikea square frames

Storage outside of the sofa was also important, so loads of it was introduced elsewhere, along with a few rugs overlapping on the floor to create warmth in the space. It also makes family time playing games a little bit softer on the body!

The Verdict: “The space is getting used for the way it should have been used all along. It’s great,” Marie says.

Click here to see Rob and Marie’s full makeover, or check out the shoppable mood board below.

IKEA Logan

Shop Rob and Marie’s Living Room

Simple hit the links below to shop your fave IKEA storage solutions and style buys from the mood board above.

ikea living room makeover before

IKEA’s Werrington Downs Living Room Transformation

Home owners Jacqui and Ken were in dire need of some IKEA storage solutions to tame their ever-growing collection of clutter. After seven years in the home, and with two children to cater to, the family were after practical storage options.

They wanted the room to look as good as it possibly could, of course, but functionality was crucial. The family looked to IKEA to help them zone the room so different pockets could be used for different activities.

light blue ikea armchairs and grey sofa in living room with ikea shag rug ikea home office with ikea trestle table desk and chair on wheels

The end result is an impressive one. The room has areas for chilling, play, watching TV and a place for the kids to hang bags inside the door.

The Verdict: “Everything just works, we’ve got the right seating, the right functionality, the right storage. I don’t whinge about the clutter anymore, I can’t begin to describe how good it is,” Ken says.

Click here to see this family’s full makeover, or check out the shoppable mood board below, which is packed with IKEA storage solutions you’ll love.

IKEA Marsden Park

Shop Jacqui and Ken’s Living Room

Simple hit the links below to shop your fave products from Jacqui and Ken’s divine living room makeover.

ikea white storage unit in living room with grey chaise armchair

No Home is Perfect, Thankfully!

The thing I like most about this whole IKEA + You initiative is that we’re all being encouraged to celebrate how we actually live at home.

This isn’t about creating a filtered, insta-worthy space you don’t use. This is about creating a home that truly caters to all of your individual needs.

IKEA’s head of interior design, Tiffany Buckins, elaborates on this theory for me.

“IKEA + You is about igniting creativity and inspiring people to buck the trend and rather than create a perfect space, create homes that suit them and their family down to a tee,” she tells me. “It’s about designing a space that looks the way you want it to, works the way you need it to and is a space that you love.”

To find out more about the IKEA + You initiative, check out their website here.

light blue ikea armchair in living room with floating ikea tv unit

What’s your Room in Dire Need of?

Are you in need of some magical IKEA storage solutions in your space? Drop me a comment below and let me know what you plan on buying.

After seeing how divine the rooms look above, I’m feeling inspired to get my own living room looking more organised. Time to hit IKEA Richmond and check out Jose and Ulises’ living room in-the-flesh.

Happy decorating!

This post was produced in partnership with IKEA.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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