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It seems there’s no such thing as a Stylish Office Chair

The hunt for a stylish office chair has proved more difficult that you’d expect, leaving this interior stylist at a loss for words (and seating).

I’m in the midst of an interesting conundrum at the moment. My forever home is due to be ready in about a month, and I’m narrowing down my furniture choices.

In this post, I detailed how I wanted everything in my new home to be, well, new. Fresh furniture, art, decor – you name it. And in the tough negotiations with my partner, I kinda won. We will indeed be sourcing a tonne of new stuff for the house. And you know how excited that makes me.

The conundrum I’m currently facing – and trust me, the frown lines are deepening over it – is an inability to find an attractive office chair for my partner.


Can I have this office please?

A chair you can sit in for hours

You see, my partner Gavin is the ultimate game geek. He openly admits this, and I love him for it, so geek is by no means an insult. But along with this obsession for video games (and the hours spent playing them while I watch reality TV), comes the need for a comfortable, ergonomic office chair he can sit in for hours on end.

The only issue is: the comfortable ones are hideous. And the gorgeous ones aren’t ergonomic.

If I was more entrepreneurial, I’d realise that this gap in the market is an amazing opportunity to make some money. But a life of office chair design; I just don’t see it in my future.

I’ve seen so many styled images of divine office spaces over the years writing this blog. And the chairs that feature in them are always beautiful (how good is the one above from Design Sponge?).

But those are not the sort of chairs that are built for long-term use. They also don’t recline, for the most part, and they’re just not built for OH&S-approved office activity.

When Gavin requested my help to find a great office chair for the new home, I presented a few of my fave options. As you’d expect, though, the styles I found aesthetically palatable (not truly hideous), were met with a few objections. Mostly issues like a lack of wheels, a lack of back support, fabric that wasn’t leather, and more.

The very notion that the chair has to be leather already has me experiencing nightmares over potential buys like this one:


I don’t know who made this but I want them to stop

The hunt continues…

So we’re at a bit of a checkmate at the moment when it comes to finding a stylish office chair.

I’m also in dire need of one myself, but hell will freeze over before I plant my behind on one of those puffy, leathery, 80s executive flashbacks. I’d actually rather a nice-looking chair that is less comfortable.

I don’t mind if I need major spinal manipulation every two weeks for the rest of my life. At least the home office will look amazing. Gavin is not on-board with this approach and for some crazy reason insists on being comfortable while he plays his computer games.

And so the hunt for two stellar, sexy, yet comfortable and ergonomic office chairs continues.

Blocktagon Master Bedroom Reveals Andrew and Whitney Study Nook

Care to share some ideas?

Are any of you reading this post from the comfort of your own sublimely sexy office chair? Is there one in your home that you adore?

I’m in dire need of your tips on where to get a stylish office chair that merges form and function. And one that’ll address Gavin’s need for comfort and my need for it to look breathtaking.

Drop a comment below and share your ideas.

(The image at the top of this post comes via Target. Image above via Channel 9).

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  • Jus

    I had this EXACT same problem with my ex. Luckily work had just given me a workplace assessment and sent me off to their commercial office chair supplier who also happened to sell to the public. We got a shape that fit him and then I got to choose the fabric and colour from their range. Then they made it up. I didn’t mind that it looked a bit “officey” because that is the theme of a home office!

  • Cee

    Not sure what your budget is Chris, but the Herman Miller Sayl chair can be had for about $750, its a proper ergonomic office chair but looks pretty great. We have them in brown (yuck) in my office, but they come in white with various coloured seat fabrics.

  • Chris taught me a great negotiating tactic which I’m using against him now. I said yes to replacing pretty much everything in the house, and now I demand a chair which prioritises comfort over style. He can’t very well say I’m being unreasonable with all the consessions I’ve made. Muhahahha!


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