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Greg Natale The Tailored Interior - Coffee Table

Home Style Tips from Greg Natale’s The Tailored Interior

“Greg Natale definitely has it,” Jonathan Adler declares in the forward of Greg’s new book, The Tailored Interior. “His rooms are designed with such sureness that they look as if they were always meant to be”.

That pretty much sums up how I’ve always felt about Greg’s spaces. They’re sophisticated, sublime and always with a hint of the unexpected, making them an endless source of inspiration for anyone who’s smitten with interiors.

I’ve been immersed in The Tailored Interior the past few weeks and am sharing some of Greg’s pearls of wisdom in today’s post (along with some dreamy imagery, too). Greg’s eye for design is second to none, so I’m sure you’ll find these concepts very useful indeed!

Greg Natale The Tailored Interior - Cushions

1. Achieving cohesion at home

“The main reason houses don’t come together properly is because people tend to look at things in isolation when they’re purchasing pieces and styling rooms,” Greg explains, adding that you need to look at every element in the room as part of one huge collage, each piece playing a role. Greg says it’s also important that the pieces in your space share a relationship with each other.

Above, Greg points out that the chocolate tones in the sofa and armchair provide a sense of balance against the turquoise artwork. The white pieces brighten the living room.

Greg Natale The Tailored Interior - Kitchen

2. Nailing balance in your space

“Balance is one of those nebulous factors that’s hard to explain and even harder to quantify… governed by emotion and a general feeling of whether something feels right or not,” Greg says. He goes on to explain that nailing balance in your home is about ensuring you have an ideal mix of angles and curves, neutrals and colour, plain surfaces and detailed ones.

In the kitchen above, Greg explains that the blue splashback tiles keep the expanse of white in the room from appearing too bland, with the hexagonal shape mirrored in the door coverings of the fridge and freezer.

Greg Natale The Tailored Interior - Shelving

3. Creating rooms with humour

“One of the inspiring things about interior design is that it allows you to bring some humour to a space. The addition of wallpaper that light-heartedly references a room’s purpose offers a bit of fun as well as function”.

In the space above, Greg says that in this Croydon home, two inspirations came together. The client wanted a library and they’d just purchased four mid-century William Haines chairs, which fit perfectly in the space.

Greg Natale The Tailored Interior - Coffee Table

4. Styling your coffee table

Greg says that he gets asked for advice on how to style coffee tables all the time and that it deserves attention as it’s a key piece of furniture in your home.

“I think you need a mix of metallics, ceramics, books and flowers, possibly introducing a box or bowl for balance,” Greg explains. “Too much of one object just doesn’t look right”.

Greg says that books make for a great base. Add an object on top of them, with a ceramic piece beside it, maybe with a box featuring a metallic finish or detail.

“A beautiful box with a lid is also a great place to hide those necessary but unsightly remote controls”.

Greg Natale The Tailored Interior - Neutrals

5. Bringing white to life

“White is the most classic, stylish and versatile of hues,” Greg says. “With a dazzling ability to transform the mood of a space depending on which colour it’s partnered with.

Greg advises, if you want to add some luxe into your home with ease, to consider gold and yellow tones.

“Gold and yellow, for example, add warmth and glamour”.

Greg Natale’s The Tailored Interior is out now. 
All quotes, images, paraphrasing and excerpts come courtesy of the book.


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Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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    1. Thanks so much Leslyn. And yes – so helpful! I found Greg’s book was a very practical one, with real concepts you could implement at home.

    1. Oh no worries at all Wendy. Thanks for reading and commenting. I’d love to hear how the client visit went. Always eager to hear about stuff like that, so let me know 🙂

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