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Lamb and Stine Linen Bedding in Soft Grey Winter Bedding Brands

15 Bedding Brands you Need to Know About this Winter

On the hunt for new winter bedding? Look no further than this collection of bright, bold, subdued and dreamy bedding brands

There’s no better time than winter to take a long hard look at your bedding; to consider whether it’s time to update a few pieces or give the entire space and overhaul. Call me materialistic and wasteful, but I love to give my rooms overhauls every second week. It’s the true mark of a decorating addict and I can’t apologise for it. I am who I am!

In today’s post I’ve hunted out 15 fabulous bedding brands you might not have heard of before, along with some of the big names in the biz who’ve released bedding newness for winter. There’s just about every colour and style in this curation, so I hope you find something you like.

Drop me a comment below if there are bedding brands you love and want to share with readers!

15 Bedding Brands you Need to Know About

Kip and Co Deep Lake Velvet Quilt Cover and Tassel Throw Winter Bedding Brands

Kip & Co

Many of you will already know this Aussie favourite. But you might not have seen the gorgeous things they’re doing with velvet and tassels this winter. The colour combinations in this collection blow my mind, and will make any bedroom feel luxurious without going too high-end. On a sidenote, how Dirty Dancing is that above model? Nobody puts baby in the corner!
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I really like the way the soft blue in this bedding contrasts so wonderfully against the zesty pops of coral and pink in the throw and accent cushions. It makes the setting feel really well balanced. I’m also very fond of the subtle pattern details in those Euro pillow cases. The whole thing is working for me on many levels.
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Lamb and Stine Linen Bedding in Soft Grey Winter Bedding Brands

Lamb & Stine

Linen bedding is all the rage right now and with good reason; it’s soft, it’s subtle and it’s so easy to make it look great on your bed in a messy, I-woke-up-like-this kinda way. The collection you see above, in gorgeous soft grey tones, is the work of new Aussie brand on the scene, Lamb & Stine. I see big things on the horizon for them!
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Barefoot Gypsy Moroccan Pom Pom Blankets in Striped Pattern Winter bedding Brands

Barefoot Gypsy

Last week on the blog I showed you these Moroccan rugs and towels. So if you were keen on those, you’re going to lose your mind over this collection of adorable pom pom blankets from Barefoot Gypsy. I love the colours, I love the stripes, and the fluffy embellishments bring such a sense of warmth and whimsy to a space. I’ll take one in every colour thanks.
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Lorraine Lea Dakota Throw with Bear Cushion and Wolf Cushion winter bedding brands

Lorraine Lea

Call me obsessed with Game of Thrones, but I definitely see a John Snow inspiration in the cushions and throw you see above from the team at Lorraine Lea. They’re wonderfully frosty but bring with them a plush sense of comfort you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. The throw is named Dakota and it’s just begging to be thrown on the end of a bed haphazardly, like this.
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Bloom Series Bedding from Eadie Lifestyle Grey and Coral Bedding

Eadie Lifestyle

Winter is cold, obviously, so it’s wise to consider bringing in some warm tones on top of your bed. These gorgeous cushions, which are part of the Bloom collection from Eadie lifestyle, bring in warmth without taking the look in too fiery a direction. I love the softness of the peach tones paired with the striking black moments; a colour match made in heaven if you ask me.
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Aura Home Cinq Quilt Cover in Grey and Mint Bedroom Walls

Aura Home

When it comes to bedding brands, you can’t beat Aura Home. Of all the gems in their collection, I’m particularly drawn to the exploration of shapes, colours and patterns in this Cinq quilt cover and pillow set. It’s quite a strong, striking pattern, but can easily be given some softness through the introduction of plush throws and accent cushions.
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Colourful Bedding by Squeak Design on TLC Interiors

Squeak Design

I’ve featured this awesome brand on the blog numerous times, so if you’re yet to discover them… you haven’t been visiting enough ;). What I love most about Squeak is their use of bold colour. As a lover of bright hue I’m drawn straight to the pink and blue bedding sets they’ve created, but if you like it more monochromatic at home, there’s a black option you’ll adore too.
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Miss Bettina Quilt Cover from Down That Little Lane Floral Bedding

Down That Little Lane

This website is a treasure chest of amazing finds for the home (and beyond), but the bedding set I found above was a definite standout because it’s so unapologetically feminine. That said, it also feels edgy and modern, with bold stripes that keep it from feeling too traditional. I love everything about the styling here too; it’s all on-point!
Click here to see more.

Castle and Things Multi Spot Bedding from Cranmore Home Polka Dot Bedding

Castle and Things

Be still my polka-dot adoring heart! I am so in love with this bedding set, it hurts. It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s cheerful; everything you want and need in winter when you’re freezing your butt off and need something to make you smile. Pair it with some equally-impressive art and you’re good to go. It’s a winner from all angles.

Sage and Clare Varty Linen Embroided Blanket in Navy Blue Winter Bedding Brands

Sage and Clare

I have a special place in my heart for Sage and Clare, because I’ve met the brand’s leading lady, Phoebe, numerous times – and styled photoshoots in her Melbourne Studio. The bedding and other accessories this local biz delivers are so unique and interesting, with a global and bohemian vibe that’s bold and beautiful. Each pieces feels quite special, and you’ll cherish it for years.
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Feliz Polka Gold Polka Dot Summer Bedding Winter bedding Brands


There’s something about the crispness of white bedding that speaks to me. It just feels so fresh and clean. Add some dynamic polka dots and other interesting patterns and the look is instantly elevated. I love the patten clash in this set, actually, and I am really enjoying the colours intermingling wonderfully too. It’s definitely bringing a smile to my dial.
Click here to see more.

Icelandic Sheepskin by Society of Wanderers Greenhouse Interiors on TLC Interiors

Society of Wanderers

There is honestly nothing better for the end of your bed (or your floor, sofa or armchair) than an Icelandic sheepskin. The one above is so rich and vibrant, and helps ground the femininity of the bedding its strewn across. This is my fave colour in the collection, but Society of Wanderers stock them in an array of shades, so you’re sure to find one you love.
Click here to see more.

IKEA Linblomma quilt cover set white bedding white bedroom ideas


If you’re after bedding on a budget, there’s no easier place to get it than IKEA (just ensure you prepare for your journey prior to leaving the house). This Swedish powerhouse is always releasing new bedding you can get for a steal, and the new all-white Linblomma set above is pretty divine, don’t you think?
Click here to see more.

Sanctuary Boutique Linens Winter Solstice bedding

Sanctuary Studio (Win this Set!)

I’ve saved the best for last, because I’m actually giving away the bedding set above on the blog this week. So now that you’ve taken in all 15 bedding brands, you can enter to win this set if it takes your fancy. I love the soft and subdued nature of this bedding, so if you do too, click here to enter the competition.

Are there any other bedding brands you’re loving at the moment? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.



Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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