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Aussie Candle Brands - Alchemy Produx

Aussie Candle Brand Merges Scent with the Science Lab

If I had a dollar for every time I said I loved candles, I’d have been rolling around in a bed of my own cold, hard cash years ago! But to discover a variety I’ve not laid eyes on before that made my heart skip a beat in a whole new way; that’s a very foreign feeling (and a very welcome one, too).

Such was the case when I discovered Aussie candle brand Alchemy Produx, which merges the wonderful waft of scented wax with the science class nostalgia of glass chemistry beakers – creating a candle range that I’ve gone bonkers for.

Aussie Candle Brands - Alchemy Produx

The brainchild of Melbourne couple Tristan McLelland and Sara Murray, the candle range came about by chance three years ago; a happy accident that’s produced amazing results.

“I was making candles and experimenting with soy wax and pouring into whatever vessel I could find around the house,” Sara explains, “mostly as just a bobbie and for gifts”.

“I came home from the lab one day with a beaker and suggested Sara try it,” Tristan adds. “We haven’t looked back since”.

The couple – who hand-pour all of their soy wax candles – tells me that their creations will work in a variety of interior schemes and I have to agree. Unique shapes are present and there’s a distinctly charming quality to these candles, but the subdued colour palettes means they don’t overwhelm a space.

Aussie Candle Brand - Alchemy Produx Alchemy Produx Candle Make Process

“I think of industrial and minimal spaces with loads of textures such as tiles, concrete, stainless steal and marble,” Sara says of the space she seems them working in. “I also see our candles fitting into rooms such as bathrooms, bedrooms and studies”.

The added bonus of the products made by this Aussie candle brand is that once the wax burns out you have another piece of home decor to play with (think vases, decanters, pot plants, water glasses and more).

“The empty glassware has so many practical and decorative uses,” Tristan says. “Our house if full of lab glassware and looks a bit like a mad scientist house”.

Alchemy Produx is soon to launch its Amber glassware range in early 2015 and has a collaboration in the works with one of their fave Melbourne fashion designers. It’s safe to say there are a lot of exciting things on the way for this local brand!

Connect with Alchemy Produx: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Aussie Candle Brand Alchemy Produx Candles


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