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Style and Shop the Black, Red & Blush Interiors Trend

Black, red and blush is so hot right now it almost hurts.

But it wasn’t always that way, let’s be honest. In fact, red in interior design, a few years back, was positively ICK. If you asked me which colour I hated using the most in homes, red would be it.

Then Pantone released Marsala as its colour of the year. Remember that? Even then, I turned my nose up at it. Still ICK. But over time, everyone started using maroons in photo shoots, and rich reds and plums started becoming hot to trot (as seen here). Sough after, if you will.

It’s funny how tastes change over time, don’t you think? Now I can’t get enough of romantic reds. Especially when paired with blush and black. It just goes to show that you can never say never. Unless we’re talking about oysters. Those I will never warm to!

blush sideboard with black oendant light and red and white abstract artwork on wall

Rocking the Black, Red & Blush Interiors Trend

The great thing about this colour trend is that it’s not style-specific. It’s not specifically industrial, or coastal, or Scandinavian, or so on. The beauty of the black, red and blush colour palette is that you can let your fave tone dominate and let the other two colours be the supporting players.

As you can see in the hero shot of this post (from Klaylife, which is seriously amazing), darker tones are the ones that feature most. Whereas directly above, it’s all about blush, with red and black showcased in really small amounts. It’s a true choose-your-own-adventure story, and I can’t get enough of it.

You can even bring in other colours like creamy whites or moody charcoals if you like. But do ensure you don’t go crazy with other colours. It really is about the black, red and blush tones having the ultimate threesome.

black red and blush interior design moodboard on the life creative

Shop the Black, Red and Blush Mood Board

Above I’ve curated some of my favourite pieces in the black, red and blush colour story. Below, I’ll pop all of the supplier links for you, so you can shop up a storm if you’re as smitten with this look as I am. Enjoy!

  • Harper Cushion Cover in blush from Lorraine Lea – Click to Shop
  • Normann Copenhagen Line Cushion in Red – Click to Shop
  • Imperial Zen Wall Art from Urban Road – Click to Shop
  • Cancun Ali Three-Seater Sofa from Globewest – Click to Shop
  • Aquila Armchair in Red from Zanui – Click to Shop
  • Brita Sweden Florens Rug from Habitat Home – Click to Shop
  • Powder Coated Arko Letterbox from Arko – Click to Shop
  • Manhattan Cube Side Table from OZ Design – Click to Shop
  • SODERHAMN Corner Section Sofa in Light Pink from IKEA – Click to Shop
  • Lalique Black Vase from Jade + Amber – Click to Shop


What’s your Take?

What are you thinking about the black, red and blush interiors trend? Do you think you’d rock this colour combo at home? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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