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Pink Floral Wallpaper Design from Kingdom Home

Do you have the Guts to Rock these New Wallpaper Designs?

I’m not gonna lie; it requires a lot of guts to slap dramatic wallpaper on your walls. But let me tell you something… if I owned my own home, I swear at least half the house would be decked out in the stuff (I could just see the potential disagreements now as my partners asks me “do you really need to wallpaper a toilet?”. Yes, yes you do).

There are far too many colourful wallpaper designs on the market these days not to give it a go. And they’re nothing like the older varieties you’ve seen at Nanna’s house in years gone by. Actually, scrap that; there are some wallpapers that do give a nod to all things Grandma-chic, but even those are stunning and feel wonderfully vintage, don’t you think?

New Designs from Kingdom Home Wallpaper

Banana Leaf Wallpaper design from Kingdom Home
Green Wallpaper Design from Kingdom Home
Pineapple wallpaper design from Kingdom Home

The wallpaper designs I’m showcasing today walk a wonderfully fine line between nostalgic and modern. They’re from Kingdom Home Wallpaper and the images you see here are my faves from their new Botanica Collection. The range is inspired by an exploration of exotic locations, capturing the spirit of lush, floral designs in a variety of layered patterns.

There’s a definite sense of glamour and escape in this collection that really appeals to me (sidenote: I’m not sure why the designs are shot in an abandoned house, but it’s a lucky set of squatters who get to see these walls every day!).

I think designs from this collection would be ideal on multiple walls in a larger space, or kept to one feature wall in a cosier room. That’s the beauty of wallpaper; you can ease into it and see how much you want to apply as you go.

Pink Floral Wallpaper Design from Kingdom Home

What’s your Fave?

My fave from the collection is the stunning Garden Bloom design above. It comes in five different colourways and is a real winner in my eyes; bold, elegant and in-your-face.

Sure, it might be considered feminine, but if you mixed it with some heavy, grounding furniture and kept the rest of the room quite dark and moody I think you could create a great sense of balance in the space (like a living room, for example). What do you reckon?

What’s your fave Kingdom Home wallpaper here? Drop me a comment below and let me know!

To find out more about these designs, click here to visit the Kingdom Home website.

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  • Charmaine Campbell

    I could not live with any of those wallpapers in my house, which we do own, well the bank does. Our 1950s house was covered in wallpaper from the probably the 1980s, the first thing we did was rip it all down and paint. I do like a little wallpaper, but I’d have to get a pro to put it up.


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