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kate moss black and white fashion art photography

The Best Fashion Art Prints to Chic up your Walls

I believe it was international supermodel Kate Moss who famously coined the phrase, “do not photograph me while I’m snorting coke”.

OK, so that was a joke. She never said that. Kate’s people; please do not come after me. I don’t have the money to make the lawsuit worthwhile.

Truth be told, I was struggling with a way to start this blog post other than to say… isn’t fashion art amazing? I’m by no means heavily into the world of fashion (if you could see the pyjamas I’m wearing as I write this!), but I do love fashion art, photography and illustration. There’s a real sense of attitude in these sorts of works, and I really appreciate that chic sense of rebellion that fashion art can bring to a room.

Here in Australia, we have a few famous fashion art illustrators. The Hess sisters I’m sure you’ll already know (read my interview with Megan here), as well as Birdy & Me and a handful of other talented creatives. Outside of illustrations though, there’s still a lot to love. Famous photographs of Miss Moss herself have been around for decades and are still completely relevant. And I do love a fashion quote, too, don’t you?

This post is packed with 12 fabulous fashion art choices for your walls, and I do hope you adore them as much as I do.

living room with aztec cushion and throw and gigi hadid artwork on wall

12 of the best Fashion Art Prints and Illustrations

The good news is that many of these fashion art prints and illustrations are available locally (Norsu Interiors, for example, are great for fashion art), and they’re not too expensive, either.

I’ll also include all the hyperlinks below, because you know I love it when you buy things. Living vicariously through your purchases is my idea of a good time. Minimalism, as I wrote about here, is utter BS and not the kind of life I wish to lead. So shop up a storm and enjoy the spend!

collection of fashion art prints featuring kate moss and megan hess

Top Row:
Kate Moss Print, $59 – Click to Shop.
Zoe Galleria Print, $199.95 – Click to Shop

Bottom Row:
Fashion Doors Prada Print, $295 – Click to Shop
Amelia Millard A2 Print, $39 – Click to Shop

fashion art photography and illustrations featuring kerrie hess

Top Row:
Kerrie Hell Bell Couture, $275 – Click to Shop
Be Slowly Print, $15.30 – Click to Shop

Bottom Row:
Pose Premium Art Print, $24.50 – Click to Shop
Too Glam Quote Print, $8.74 – Click to Shop

fashion art illustrations and photography in black and white feauring gigi hadid

Top Row:
Limited Edition LA Girl Print, $39.95 – Click to Shop
Via Martine Shout Print, $49 – Click to Shop

Bottom Row:
Candy Moss Print, $41.80 – Click to Shop
Cruella Limited Edition Fine Art Print, $100 – Click to Shop

Found any Fashion Art? Share it below!

Have you found any phenomenal fashion art, quotes or illustrations from brands that haven’t been included here? It would be practically criminal not to share them in the comments below. I’d love to know what you’ve secured!

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