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floral art by arti studio close up of white flower bud

New Floral Art has Dropped from 3 Top Aussie Brands

Last week I showed you some of the best Aussie abstract artists that could easily rival Athena X. If you’re not watching The Real Housewives of Sydney, you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about. Nevertheless, if you’re keen to see that post (and get your hands on amazing pieces) click here to jump over to it. Otherwise, strap yourself in as I unveil some of the hottest floral art that’s just landed from three amazing Aussie brands.

Now, there’s something I find particularly captivating about floral art. Not the bright, in-your-face variety, but the darker and more emotive versions that are on the market right now. It’s fair to say that floral art was considered quite a feminine purchase in years gone by, but I don’t agree with that assessment anymore. The ones below are so moody and mysterious that they feel completely unisex to me.

Why do I tell you this? So if your partner tries to stop you from buying the floral art below because under the claim that it’s too girly, you can tell them that it’s 100% not. I got your back, don’t worry! 😉  You know I’m always going to tell you: life’s short… buy the damn shoes!

artistudio floral art in blue and green tones

1. Floral Art by Artistudio

I am captivated – truly captivated – by the depth and colour in these new releases from Artistudio. The brand is run by artist Arti Shah and each piece is inspired by one of two surrounds; her childhood in the idyllic Blue Mountains or her more recent home of Palm Beach NSW.

Arti has a background in graphic design and painting, and fuses both talents to create the floral masterpieces you see above. My favourite in the collection is the piece you see in the bottom left of the grid above. It’s called awake and it sells for $600. The one directly beside it is also divine, and I love the marble vein that runs through it.

To explore more floral art pieces in Arti’s wonderful online emporium, click here.

art club concept meraki art range floral art in pink and black tones

2. Floral Art from Art Club Concept

You’re surely no stranger to one of my fave Aussie brands, Art Club Concept. I’ve featured them on the blog before and am head over heels for their new collection of art. There are three different vibes in their Meraki range, which is a mysterious, nostalgic and romantic release from the team.

Exploring the notion of hidden beauty in nature, the floral art finds in this collection feature pops of pink, purple and blush, with a heavy dose of black appearing also. It’s the classic Art Club Concept colour palette and it’s a winning one.

I’ve actually secured Midnight Light for my own home (top right of the grid above), and I can’t wait to show it to you once I put it up on my wall at home.

To explore more of ACC’s new collection, click here.

urban road illusion range of floral art in soft pink tones

3. Floral Art from Urban Road

I always get a little bit excited when Urban Road releases new artworks. It’s fair to say that when I laid eyes on their new Urban Road Illusion AW 2017 collection my heart skipped a beat.

It’s actually quite a varied collection, not one just full of floral art. The imagery and motifs include jewels, botanicals, landscapes, female forms and loads more. But of course, it’s the softness and fragility of the floral pieces that I’m most attracted to.

If you’d like to take a look at Urban Road’s new collection, click here to hit their website.

Have you discovered some amazing floral art I haven’t included here? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Drop your fave art brands below so we can all check them out!

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