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black organic coffee table coco republic white boucle sofa luxe living room

Move Over Marble! 25 Organic Coffee & Side Tables that’ll Dominate the Year Ahead

Remember five years ago up until about, well, right now: living rooms were alllll about the marble coffee table. Well, times are a changin’, my friends, because organic coffee tables, and their side table sisters, are set to dominate 2021.

I know many of you went bananas when I covered off this year’s hottest design trend, California Cool, on the blog recently. And your love for that style is what’s going to make these organic furniture finds so popular. So if you’re looking for a whole-room Cali-Cool overhaul, this post is a good place to start.

If you’re wanting to make a smaller update, some of the organic side tables below might take your fancy. I always say that your coffee and side tables shouldn’t match anyway, so don’t feel that your existing coffee table can’t be married up with one of these newbies. You could also pop an organic side table beside the bath for ultimate day spa vibes. Pass me a champers!

coco republic marais burnt teak coffee table in black organic coffee tables

12 Organic Coffee Tables You Can Buy Online

I have to start with my fave of the lot, which is in both photos above. I’ll link to it in the mood board below, but let’s take a moment to appreciate it in all its glory first.

This bad boy is the Marais Burnt Teak from Coco Republic. I ordered it for a client’s living room late last year and am going to see it in their space in the coming weeks. Isn’t it absolute organic coffee table goals?

What I love about a coffee table like this, in dark form, is that it bridges the gap between two styles. Yes, it’s organic and taps into a laidback coastal-boho vibe. But at the same time it feels incredibly luxe and chic. There are very few coffee tables that do this much work in a space. I’m even trying to convince my partner to approve one for my own living room (wish me luck).

The added bonus is that every single Marais coffee table is one-of-a-kind. No two are the same. They’re hand-crafted from a solid slab of suar wood, so you don’t know which exact shape is going to arrive when you order it. It’s like a gender reveal party without the cake or balloons.

Below is the first mood board which contains 12 glorious organic coffee tables for your living room. I love that some are luxe, some are coastal, and some are both. They’re really the best of both worlds. Enjoy.

organic coffee tables online driftwood teak and elm coffee tables

1. Paloma Coffee Table | 2. Nobu Burnt Flower Wood Coffee Table | 3. Woodland Drum Coffee Table | 4. Jimboran Coffee Table with Glass | 5. Takke Coffee Table in Natural | 6. Log Coffee Table | 7. Marais Burnt Teak Coffee Table | 8. Genuine Teak Coffee Table | 9. Nahoon Beach Coffee Table | 10. Tembisa Coffee Table | 11. Coffee Table in Teak | 12. Charcoal Tudor Stained Teak Coffee Table.         

coco republic organic side table stool beside bath

12 Organic Side Tables You Can Buy Online

A side table, in any form, usually has me clicking ‘add to cart’ because they’re so freakin’ versatile that you can use them just about anywhere. A side table in your neutral living room beside the sofa: of course! A side table beside the bath to rest a drink on: yes please! And a side table like the organic ones here acting as a bedside in your master or guest room: genius move.

Honestly, I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with side tables for that very reason. And the organic nature of the ones below (and their coffee table sisters above) is just a feast for the senses.

When I say ‘organic’ I mean that the finish feels rustic. It’s inspired by nature. It feels handmade. There’s a perfection in the imperfection. Even if the coffee or side table is mass-produced, it still has a handmade feel to it. I like a split in the timber. I enjoy a visible wood grain. And I love a fluid shape that feels a little rebellious and less orderly.

I’ve got my eye on number two in the mood board below as it ticks all of the organic boxes I just listed out. I’m sure you’ll find one that makes you swoon too. FYI the ones above are from Coco Republic too. The one on the right is linked below.  

organic side tables online elm teak rustic log side tables

1. Trunk Orlo Side Table | 2. Zig Zag Side Table | 3. Filippo Side Table in Black | 4. Rustic Wood Stool in Natural | 5. Ribbed Paulownia Wood Stool | 6. Natural Hourglass Eggcup Replica Side Table | 7. Watson Wooden Side Table/Stool | 8. Jayd Side Table | 9. Hakon Side Table | 10. Keva Stool | 11. Semerang Glass Side Table with Teak Branch Base | 12. Abode Spoke Side Table

california cool living room with organic coffee table and organic side table

News Just In: Your Coffee & Side Table Shouldn’t Match

I’ll dedicate an entire blog post to this soon with loads of product pairings so you get a better idea of what I mean. But I think it’s worth addressing here in brief for you before you make a purchase.

I never match my coffee tables and side tables when designing rooms for my clients. It can be done in some instances, but it’s generally a practice I like to avoid.

Matching your organic coffee table and side table (or any style of table for that matter) creates a too-intentional, matchy-matchy look in your space. It makes the room feel predictable and safe. And one thing design should never be is safe.

Above is this advice in practice for a client of mine, the one I was telling you about earlier. They’ve approved the concept with that stunning organic coffee table from Coco Republic and I can’t wait to lay eyes on it when I visit them in the coming weeks.

Notice though, that the two tables in this front lounge are different. They’re sisters, not twins. They’re similar in vibe (they both feel organic in nature) but they’re not from the same collection. They’re not even from the same store. This is the approach I’d encourage you to go with when decorating your space too. It’s fun to mix and match!

nako salvage coffee table organic driftwood table with glass top

One More Table for the Road

I promised 25 organic coffee tables and side tables in this post, so I’ll end things on a stunning note with another fave option of mine that you might want to bag for yourself.

This beauty, above, is the Nako Salvage Coffee Table. I snapped this from my client’s home in Plenty after I completed the project. The sofas are being replaced with a sectional shortly, but get a load of that coffee table in the middle of the room. Stunning right?

The timber that looks to be floating underneath the glass top is made from mixed hardwoods sourced from old fishing vessels in North Java (I know right!). Each hull section is unique and differs in colour and shape, so each coffee table is a one-of-a-kind. You just can’t get tables like that in a run-of-the-mill retail store.

Which of these organic coffee and side tables are you loving the look of? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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