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Handmade capiz servingware from Lucky Ocean Club Tableware on TLC Interiors

11 Tableware Brands that’ll help you Entertain in Style

I don’t want to put it down to age, but my increasing love for beautiful tableware has intensified the past few years.

While I never gave much thought to what I was eating off in my late 20s, I now feel an overwhelming urge to invest in quality tableware to make my dinner parties more stylish as I move toward my mid-thirties.

Of course, I don’t throw dinner parties often, and I eat my dinner on the couch in front of the tele most nights, but the urge to entertain in style has become overwhelmingly present.

I want to invite my friends around all the time now, to literally gorge on gigantic wheels of cheese, drink monstrous goblets of red wine and consume more crackers than my recommended daily intake of carbs allows.

Tableware brands on TLC Interiors suite one studio cheese boards


Maybe it is an age thing (I turned 35 this year), but whatever the reason – I’m loving this new era of stylish consumption. That’s what I’m going to term it, in fact, so that when my partner asks, “Do you really need that 6th wheel of Bree?” I can respond with nothing but “stylish consumption!!!”.

Which brings me to today’s post, Creatives. I’ve hunted out 11 divine tableware brands that are making, producing and selling some extraordinary pieces for your tabletop. Each one is uniquely different from the next, and I’m certain you’ll find one that’ll help you enjoy your own stylish consumption 😉

11 Tableware Brands that’ll help you Entertain in Style

Dapper Animal Plates from West Elm Tableware on TLC Interiors

West Elm:

I love these eclectic Dapper Animal plates like I do my own mother. They inject such fun into a table setting and they’re only $14 each. I also love that you’d not need to store these away; they’re little works of art in their own right. Click here to shop this tableware.

Handmade Tapas Plates from Etsy geometric tableware design TLC Interiors

Susan Simonini:

Serve me up some tapas in these bad boys and pass me a sangria. I love the intricate designs in these ceramic plate sets. And the fact that they’re made to order just makes the whole experience so much more charming if you ask me. Click here to shop this tableware.

Handmade capiz servingware from Lucky Ocean Club Tableware on TLC Interiors

Jones and Co:

Good good Miss Molly. I love a geometric pattern and go mad for polka dots, so I adore the idea of teaming the two together for a sensory overload on your tabletop. This is tableware with serious visual impact, but it can be easily calmed with the addition of some white plates. Click here to shop this tableware.

suite one studio lace cheeseboards tableware brands on TLC Interiors

Suite One Studio:

It doesn’t get softer, delicate or more feminine than these divine lace cheeseboards, which come in a variety of colours and are packed with loads of charm. All handmade, I love the muted colour story here; it really allows the pattern and texture to shine.

Flax Ceramic Dishes Tableware from White and Co on TLC Interiors

White & Co:

I know, I know, it’s not all about colour! Some of the best tableware on the market is dripping in soft, subtle tones. And this gorgeous Flax Oval Platter is a perfect example. It’s wonderfully glossy, dishwasher proof, and part of a larger range, so you can collect the whole set!

marimekko karuselli tray colourful tableware and trays on TLC Interiors


Nobody does colour and pattern better than the clever cookies at Marimekko. I love the florals that are at play in this Karuselli collection, and I love that you can easily mix and match them with existing pieces on your tabletop to create a vibrant colour-clash. Click here to shop this tableware.

Nel Lusso Art of Science plates Gold Trim Tableware TLC Interiors


Be still my beating heart! I’m going gaga over the sense of sophistication in these Art of Science plates. Made from fine bone china and gold-rimmed, they are as luxurious as they are captivating to look at. Forget using them for food, actually, I’d like to pop them up on the wall. Click here to shop this tableware.

Davis & Waddell Liberty collection Tableware on TLC Interiors

David and Waddell:

I’m all for the sunny, morning vibe that this Liberty range of dinnerware brings to a setting. I wouldn’t mind waking up to this collection, which is splashed with glossy blue and turquoise tones, interesting shapes and dynamic pattern. Click here to shop this tableware.

Eliot Rectangular Board with Iron Handle from Academy Home Goods Tableware on TLC Interiors

Academy Home Goods:

There’s nothing more hearty and inviting than a rustic kitchen or tabletop. If this is your kind of theme at home, then the entire product range from Academy Home Goods will rock your world. My fave piece is the Elliot Rectangular Boards. Click here to shop this tableware.

Elsie dinnerware set from Pottery Barn blue and white tableware on TLC Interiors

Pottery Barn:

I like the folky pattern in this white and cobalt dinnerware from Pottery Barn. It feels classic and timeless, bringing with it a sense of relaxed sophistication. The pieces in the Elsie collection can be purchased separately, so you can create your own visual story. Click here to shop this tableware.

Sliced Dinner Setting from KMart - Pastel Tableware on TLC Interiors


I couldn’t let this post go live without including a budget buy. So here it is in all its pastel glory. This Spliced Dinner Setting is packed with subtle hues and milky whites, all glazed and starting from as little as $2 each. The grey is my fave colour – how about you? Click here to shop this tableware.

What’s your fave tableware brand at the moment? I’d love to get your recommendations in the comments below!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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9 Responses

  1. I need a bigger kitchen before I buy anymore kitchenware! I have had the same dinner setting since I moved out of home 12+ years ago, but I just can’t seem to part with it even though it’s chipped and not a complete set anymore – I guess in classic white you can’t go wrong!

    1. Hey Ben. I’ve not heard of Lavallier before but I’ll definitely be checking them out now. Are they a UK-based brand? I am a bit obsessed with gold at the moment, so I’m sure I’ll love these!

  2. Love everything in the Academy Home Goods! Such beautiful rustic pieces. Though for those on a budget you can’t go past the stylish value for money Kmart dinner setting which we’ve already discovered, it looks great in my son’s new kitchen!

    1. How good is Academy Home Goods?! Love their stuff too Tracey. I reckon you could deck out most of your sons apartment with Kmart decor though – super affordable!

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