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Amelia Anderson bird photography cupcake pinkie pink cockatoo art TLC Interiors

Must-See: Amelia Anderson’s Bird Photography is Utterly Amazing

I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with birds. In decor, at least. The real things spook me out a little. But when they’re captured on camera and transformed into stunning bird photography, they make my heart race for all the right reasons. My current bird obsession is taking place via Aussie artist Amelia Anderson, whose phenomenal bird photography is absolutely second-to-none.

Bird photography by Amelia Anderson on TLC Interiors

Amelia Anderson’s Bird Photography

Growing up on a hobby farm in Torquay, and now living with her husband Will and two children, it’a fair to say that Amelia is a nature lover who draws inspiration from what’s around her on her one-acre property in Bellbrae.

“We have chooks, ducks, two dogs, a cat, budgies and our newest addition – a quaker parrot,” Amelia tells me of life with her family.

“We all love the outdoors and having pets, but I think I’m the main reason why we have so many. I’m like a big kid with animals, I can’t help it! I’ve always been an animal lover”.

When I ask Amelia how she captures the amazing wildlife that dominates her work, she jokes, “I download them from stock photography sites. Ha! Just kidding. I just take my camera along with me everywhere we go. Most of the photos have been taken either in the wild, at wildlife parks or at my house”.

Amelia goes on to explain that she likes to spend a bit of time with the animals before she photograph them; a way of building trust with her subject and observing their personalities.  And when you see her work, you do get a sense of that personality coming through (her Barn Owls, below, is a perfect example of this, and I love the moment she’s captured here).

 I love the textural impact my bird photos can make to a living space,” Amelia tells me. “Their feathers add another dimension and depth to a room. They can instantly make a sterile room feel cosier. I like to think the artworks ‘bring the outside in’.”

bird photography by Amelia Anderson barn owls TLC Interiors

“Through photographing these birds I came to appreciate their sense of self and their carefree nature. These were things I had personally struggled with, so being around these birds was so uplifting at such a low point in my life”.

Black betty black cockatoo bird photography by Amelia Anderson on TLC Interiors

The Public Can’t Get Enough Bird Photography

 Thankfully for those of us eager to get our hands on Amelia’s bird photography, she finally unleashed it on retailers and trades at a Melbourne trade show last year – and the feedback on her bird photography, in particular, was overwhelmingly positive.

“And after that I would have been silly not to continue taking photos of birds. Since then I have photographed ‘Black Betty’ the red-tailed black cockatoo and ‘Cupcake Pinkie’ the galah, which have both been huge successes. I am currently working on some more artworks that I will be releasing in August at the next trade show”.

Amelia tells me that her passion for photography started early and that her penchant for getting up to no good as a teen, and consequently being sent to boarding school in year nine, was actually what got her on the creative path she’s on now.

“My parents thought that sending me to boarding school would get me back on track,” Amelia explains. “And right they were. During that year they introduced us to film cameras, and it was always so exciting to get our photos back that we had taken on our hiking trips. That year was a massive turning point for me. Ever since then I had a passion for photographing nature”.

Amelia Anderson bird photography cupcake pinkie pink cockatoo art TLC Interiors Crane bird photography by Amelia Anderson on TLC Interiors

What Inspires Amelia Anderson’s Bird Photography?

I always wonder what inspires people, especially creative types like Amelia. I mean, what makes someone want to go and photograph birds, or work with them and take the time to explore their personality enough to get the perfect shot that makes it onto the walls of people’s homes?

Amelia tells me that it’s less about people and more about nature when it comes to where she draws inspiration from.

Nature is an obvious inspiration,” she tells me. “And one that has been constant throughout my journey as a photographer. Through photographing these birds I came to appreciate their sense of self and their carefree nature. These were things I had personally struggled with, so being around these birds was so uplifting at such a low point in my life”.

If you’re loving Amelia’s work as much as I am, why not enter the competition below? Amelia has been kind enough to offer up one of her unframed A3 bird prints for a lucky reader to win. Good luck!

Mexican Mother photo by Amelia Anderson TLC Interiors

Amelia Anderson’s Favourite Photo

“In 2006 I took a series of photos in Mexico that focused on people living in poverty. The women wore dresses they had made themselves and it was so incredible to see how proud they were of their work. The majority of their homes were just shacks with dirt floors and were basically empty, yet they took so much pride in the way they kept them neat and tidy.

It sounds cliché, but it really made me appreciate how lucky I am and not to take what I have for granted. I will never forget a photo I took of one of the women standing in her doorway with her hand on her hip. Her pride and confidence were incredibly inspiring”.  

Win bird art by Amelia Anderson TLC Interiors


** Please note that this competition has now closed. The winner was Simone Allan **

To go in the draw to win an unframed A3 print from Amelia:

– Click here to visit Amelia’s website

– Drop a comment below naming your fave print and why

Competition open to Australian readers only. Comp closes 11.59pm, Thursday May 26.

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Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  1. I love the Kookaburra on a Steel Beam because it reminds me of my mum, her mother said “every time a kookaburra laughs I know you’ve done something cheeky” so we still say that to her to this day. So I’d love to hang it in the room so everyone can see the beautiful photo and also think of mum xo

  2. That Crane Herron has me magnetised.. I love the names.. Black Betty has me thinking of my Mum and Cupcake Pinkie just sounds like a bird I need to be friends with!..
    Stunning images.. what a talent!

  3. All truly magnificent! It’s impossible to choose one over the other, so Macaw feathers it is as it symbolises the one unifying beautiful feature of them all, feathers.

  4. Wow these are divine – she really has captured some stunning images. I love the Macaw Feathers – the colour works perfectly for me as I have decided on that vibrant blue as my “pop” of colour for my lounge room.

  5. I love them all but my favourite would be the Crane Herron – Stand Tall. The colour palette is very calming and it would work perfectly in my monochrome living room.

  6. I love the Crane Heron Stand Tall as they say art should speak to you and when I saw this I felt instantly at peace and calm it’s such a beautiful work of art.
    Thank you for hosting such an awesome comp!

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