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lorrain lea villa quilt cover set tropical bedding trends 2021

Three Big Summer Bedding Trends for 2021 Have Just Landed

The sun is shining, we’re finally out of lockdown, and I’ve gotta admit it: I’m ready to spend some cash! If you’re in the same boat then the summer bedding trends I’m unveiling today are going to excite you to no end.

Is it just me, or have you found yourself coming out of lockdown with a little more disposable income? I thought it was going to be the opposite. I was so cautious to spend anything when Covid first hit that I squirrelled away every penny. Thankfully TLC Interiors wasn’t negatively impacted (quite the opposite), and it’s meant that I’ve emerged from a four-month cocoon wanting to make every room in my home look amazing.

Thankfully the summer bedding trends I’m showing you today aren’t going to blow the budget. So if you’ve come out of the Coronavirus crisis feeling a little financially worse for wear, you’ll be pleased to know that you can revamp your bedroom affordably. Below I’ll talk you through three big bedroom trends that are landing now. And they’re looks for your master, guest and kids bedrooms too!

This post is produced in partnership with Lorraine Lea.

Summer Bedding Trend 1: Tropical, 3 Ways! 

lorraine lea vila tropical green and white quilt cover set

The Crisp Green & White Look

One of the interior design trends I’ve forecasted to be big in 2021 is Earthy Organic. The reason it’s so popular is because we’ve become so desperate to connect with nature again. Modern life is jam-packed with technology; we’re inundated with it at every turn. To counteract all this gadgetry, we want to embrace a sense of greenery and nature inside our homes.

The tropical summer bedding trend taps into this lust for nature perfectly, and the good news is there are three ways you can rock it. All three looks are glorious, of course, they just have different amounts of colour and pattern in them. So whether you’re into crisp, bold or moody, there’s a tropical quilt cover set that’ll work wonderfully in your space.

The crisp green and white botanical print you see above is definitely the go-to for those of you who love that largely all-white boho vibe, but want to inject a little colour into the mix. It’ll also work perfectly with black as well, so if you have dark tones in your room don’t be afraid to embrace the high-contrast approach. It’s a relaxed but elegant vibe no matter which direction you take it in.

See more of the Vila Quilt Cover Set here.

leilani tropical green and pink quilt cover set lorraine lea

A Lusher, Bolder Bedding Approach

The other two looks from the tropical summer bedding trend take the palette in a bolder and richer direction. And what I love about the images above and below is that you can see how the bedding can go in a softer feminine direction or a darker, moodier one. Both will give you that feeling of being connected to nature, but each one has something distinctly special about it.

Above you’ll see the glorious Leilani Quilt Cover Set which is ready to transport you to a tropical island. And hey, given that we can’t travel overseas just yet I’m absolutely down with imagining I’m there instead! This vibrant design features luscious florals and a mixture of leaves and foliage to deliver a quilt cover set that screams summer.

Feel free to pair Leilani with the accompanying fringed Euros pillow cases to inject some tactility into your bedscape. Or, opt to turn up the pink tones by adding in Leilani cushion cover which you can see on the bed above. 

See more of the Leilani Quilt Cover Set and matching cushions here.

lorraine lea alexandra summer bedspread and quilt cover set

A Moodier Take on the Tropical Trend

Last but not least in the tropical summer bedding trends is the moodiest of the lot. I quite enjoy this take on the tropics because it really does evoke a sense of luxury and grandeur. It’s not often you think of a tropical print as being high-end or refined, but this one absolutely is, and I’m enjoying the element of surprise.

This is a velvet printed design, which just further proves my point about the feeling of luxury. It also sports a much darker backdrop, but it still adorned with a print made up of soft pink and blue florals, as well as a lush leafy motif. 

I like the way the team have styled this quilt cover set too. Pairing it with gold side tables and glassware keeps the scene feeling quite luxe, but then they’ve added in a more casual, rustic headboard along with a concrete pendant. It’s such a nice balance of textures and materials.

See more of the Alexandra Quilt Cover Set here.

Summer Bedding Trend 2: Warm Tones

lorraine lea edmonton orange quilt cover set summer bedding

A Quilted Take on Terracotta

It’s such a common (and somewhat outdated) approach to style bedrooms for summer in cooler tones like navy, turquoise or green. That’s not to say it can’t be done (there are stunning examples of it in this post) but you’d be mad to ignore the current trend of warm tones in homes. They’ve been dominating the interiors landscape for at least the last year, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

So it’s a case of… if you’ve been thinking about embracing warmer colours, now is the time to do it! 

Terracotta is the tone I’ve seen the most of this year and it’s going to continue into 2021. The good thing about that sense of permanency is that the trend will extend well beyond summer. Also, the quilted design above in the Edmonton bedding is genius because you can use it no matter the season.

In summer, I tend to take quilts out of the covers and sleep with just the cover on the bed, as opposed to embracing a coverlet. It’s just easier. And then as Autumn hits you can pop a light quilt back in the cover and you’re covered when the comes in. Also notice how good the terracotta plays with rust and yellow tones; that is some monochromatic magic right there!

See more of the Edmonton Quilt Cover Set here.

mimosa lorraine lea yellow quilt cover set summer bedding

Say Hello to Zesty Yellow

OK, this one has me very excited. I feel yellow in the bedroom in this particular tone has been a long time coming. We’ve seen mustard and darker tones in the colder months, but nothing quite as bold as this has landed in bedrooms for a while. And seriously, is there anything that screams summer more than a bright yellow colour like this one?

I also like the way you can mix in other colours here. I mean, of course we have white, which is a no-brainer tone to pair this yellow bedding with. It’ll form a nice crisp base and let the yellow be the star of the show. But I also enjoy the complementary purple tones you see in some of the accessories here. It’s such a nice balance of colours. And how charming does the soft pink throw look? I’m sold.

This particular set has a really soft feel to it, so it’s wonderfully light for the warmer months. But then you have the textured detail to it as well, which makes it feel rather interesting and inviting. 

See more of the Mimosa Quilt Cover Set here.

lorraine lea austin quilt cover set pink stitch bedding summer quilt covers

Perhaps you Prefer Punchy Pink

I say punchy pink, but to be fair this is no trip in the Barbie campervan. The hot pink tones we’ve seen executed before in bedding is nowhere to be seen here. Instead, we’re embracing a much softer tone for summer 2021, in an attempt to feel calmer in our bedroom without things heading in too boring a direction.

The stonewash look in the Austin bedding you see above is a nice added feature; it keeps the scene feeling rather casual. Some of the bedding trends you see in this post evoke luxury, but I like to think of this one as your easy-breezy friend. It’s soft and scrumply (I just made that word up) and feels delicious against the skin.

I’m also enjoying how it plays with white and grey. It’s no secret that so many of you adore the trio of soft pink, crisp white and dusty grey in your homes. So this one is a winner if that’s your colour approach. And can we appreciate the diamond detail as well? Love that.

See more of the Austin Quilt Cover Set here.

Summer Bedding Trend 3: Standout Shapes

lorraine lea pia black and white polka dot quilt cover set

Stripes and Dots

If you’re thinking… thanks Chris, but I find pattern a bit overwhelming for my bedroom, don’t scroll on just yet! Because this trend is the perfect one to move into guest bedrooms or kids spaces.

I often have clients who want a more muted look in their master, which we do in a plain white like Elayna. But I always encourage them to do a bolder version of that muted look in their guest bedroom. So if we use white and black in their master, I take the same colours and put them in the guest room, but on a much more vibrant scale.

That vibrancy can be in texture (like a quilted pattern or embroidery) or it can be in a louder pattern, like in the polka-dot-meet-stripes look you see above. This approach keeps the bedrooms in your home feeling connected and cohesive, but they don’t feel exactly the same. The rooms should be sisters, not twins.

The added bonus in the Pia Quilt Cover set above is the yellow polka dot pattern on the reverse side. Two bedding looks for the price of one. Yes thank you!

See more of the Pia Quilt Cover Set here.

lorraine lea lena white and turquoise quilt cover set summer bedding trends

Retro Geometric

There’s something wonderfully retro about the summer bedding trend above. The combination of intricate stripes and checks overlapping and intertwining feels somewhat eighties in inspiration to me, and I’m loving every minute of it.

There’s a bit resurgence of eighties influence in music this year and beyond, and as always happens this trend will filter into both fashion and homewares. I do love when a classic look comes back around again and a whole new generation gets to enjoy it. And for those of us who were around in the eighties (that’s me!), we get to embrace it twice.

I’m also fond of the array of blues showcased in this set. There’s a marvellous medley of turquoise, navy and aqua at play. You even get a little purple thrown in for good measure, and a splash of white to keep the look feeling distinctly summery.

See more of the Lena Quilt Cover Set here.

lorraine lea axel summer quilt cover set aztec bedspread

Aztec Fantasy

As I said with the first stripes and dots look, this might not be a quilt cover set you instantly think of for your master, and that’s absolutely fine. But I wouldn’t overlook this for a guest room, teen or kids space. I can actually see it working in a modern share house bedroom too. There’s something very relaxed about it and I enjoy the playful vibe.

Featuring coloured zig zag stripes against a dark charcoal background, the Axel Quilt Cover Set is finished with a fern green piping which gives it a distinct point of difference. There are also some great Euro pillow cases and cushion covers you can get to play alongside the quilt cover to complete your set. 

When it comes to accessorising with this summer bedding trend, simply look to the main colours of the stripes and then bring in accompanying decor in those tones (think yellow, pink, red and blue).

See more of the Axel Quilt Cover Set here.

What’s your fave summer bedding trend from all of the looks above? I’d love to know which one you have your eye on for this season!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  1. Hi Chris,
    I have a small bedroom with a single bed. The room would be bigger except for the fact that I have a staircase at one side. I would love to get a coverlet in a color that would stand out but not make the room
    seem smaller. I want new curtains too so It is a blank canvas. Can you help me?

    Thank you


  2. Hi Chris just a question regarding doona sizes.

    For some reason can’t seem to get it right. I have a high mattress.

    The queen size barely covers the sides (on all sides) and a king is way too long on the sides yet comes up short on the end of the bed, so you don’t get that lush look. (Yes I have tried turning the doona around – the sides are short and the end looks lush.

    Why doesn’t my bed look like the photos 🙂

    1. Hey Annie,

      King is your best bet on a queen in my opinion. If there’s not enough draping at the end you probably have the doona pulled up too high. In terms of it covering the sides, that’s a look I usually like. Depending on the bed frame though you might want to try a tidier look with the doona tucked into the frame.

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