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10 Unique Bed Ideas and Outta-the-Box Headboards

Today I want to share some of my favourite unique bed ideas with you. There’s a few headboards in the mix too, for those of you with ensemble beds. So I think I have all the bases covered.

The longer I spend in the interior design industry, making over homes for clients, the more adventurous I get. Each project I find myself trying to push the limits a bit (if the home warrants it, of course). Beds are one of the areas I find myself trying to go a little left-of-centre with. That’s if the client lets me, which isn’t always the case.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep your bed frame or headboard sleek and simple. But I do like to expose you to a few options that might get you out of your comfort zone. It’s my job, after all. I want your bedroom to have a bit of gasp-worthy wow-factor. And I reckon these 10 unique bed ideas and headboard finds will get you there.

If you’re already on the unique bed bandwagon, I’d love to know where you got yours from if it’s not in the list here. Drop me a comment below, or come join my Decorating Junkies Facebook Group and post a photo.

On a related note, here’s my list of best beds with storage underneath if you need it.

ikea platsa bed frame with built in storage and shelving

1. Platsa Bed from IKEA

Let’s start my unique bed ideas roundup with the most affordable of the lot, the Platsa Bed from IKEA.

What I love about this bed is how customisable it is. There are so many ways to make it your own. Not only do you get to carve out your preferred look and feel, but take a look at the storage involved.

Have shelving underneath, drawers underneath, a tall boy built into the end, or the headboard. You can even do one with a clothes horse built in at the end.

This unique bed is a no-brainer option for a teens room, and ideal if you live in a rental share house that’s short on space.

Trying to decorate a teen space? See my tips and inspo on Teenage Boys Rooms here and Teenage Girls Rooms here.

avery arch bedhead from globewest curved boho cane headboard

2. Avery Arch Bedhead from Globewest

Now I know woven rattan bedheads are nothing new, but I wanted to include one in the list because I know so many of you adore that coastal-boho vibe. It’s a very popular look and it’s going nowhere anytime soon.

This Avery Arch Bedhead from Globewest is a really nice way to bring nature inside as well. And who doesn’t love blurring the lines between indoors and out?

I rather like the styling here with some other bedroom furniture pieces from the Globewest collection. It makes for a really interesting look and feel.

This bedhead also comes in three colours: the natural one you see here, as well as a black option and a white version.

brosa scott queen bed grey headboard with attached cushions ans straps

3. Scott Bed from Brosa

I’ve been getting more and more client wanting a chic, contemporary hotel-style feel in their bedrooms lately. I put it down to so many of us working from home now. We really want our bedrooms to feel like an escape.

Enter the Scott Bed from Brosa. Given that you can’t go to an actual hotel at the moment, I reckon this is the next best thing.

I really love the look of this one. Those attached headrests scream comfort and luxury. And the feel here is a little mid-Century, but with a modern twist.

The light grey upholstered headboard paired with the darker timber base gives this bed a moody, sophisticated vibe as well – perfect for a master bedroom you can retreat to.

snooze lotus bed frame with mustard yello fabric headboard and timber legs

4. Lotus Bed from Snooze

When it comes to unique bed ideas you can’t go past the retro feel of this beauty, the Lotus Bed from Snooze.

The frame is made from Tasmanian oak, which gives it a mature feel. But the rounded construction of that glorious mustard headboard keeps it fun and interesting.

What makes this one so special is that you can change both the timber stain and the fabric colour. A bed frame that you can completely customise so it feels uniquely yours; I’m sold.

You can see the other colours on the website when you click through. Definitely a front-runner if you ask me.

atelier 2 can king bed from trit house in neutral bedroom

5. Aterlier 2+ Cane Bed from Trit House

Part of the brand new collection at Trit House, the Cane King Bed pictured here reminds me of a bed from a hotel I stayed at in Paris. It feels distinctly international, don’t you think? Pass me the cheese and wine immediately.

Bring a little French feel to your bedroom with this beauty. It’s clean, organic design style makes it right at home in a modern boudoir. Combining black ash wood and woven rattan, it has wonderfully natural elements without it going in too rustic a direction.

You can pair it with loads of other rattan furniture pieces from the same collection, like the bedsides you see here, which are all available via Trit as well.

create estate and kimmy hogan bed with floral upholstery curve headboard

6. Gathered IV Bedhead from Create Estate

There’s so much to love about this limited edition Gathered IV Bed from Create Estate.

First of all, can we talk about the dazzling floral fabric? Out of all the unique bed ideas in this post, I reckon this has gotta be the most unapologetically flamboyant. That fabric is just divine.

The digital illustration on this curved bedhead is a recreation of one of artist Kimmy Hogan’s most popular pieces. It’s printed on premium, soft fibre fabric with washable durability, making it a work of art in its own right.

Each bedhead also comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and edition number, so you know it’s the real deal.

sophia four poster bed from house of orange in deanne jolly master bedroom

7. Sophia Bed from House of Orange

Be still my beating heart. This stunning Sophia Four-Poster Bed from House of Orange is my ultimate design dream.

I discovered this one online while specifying bunks beds for my Mount Martha design project. House of Orange do these adorable custom-made bunks for kids, but as you can see above their skills clearly translate into adult spaces perfectly.

This captivating four-poster bed is made in Melbourne and available in five different finishes. Here it’s seen in the bedroom of The Block’s Deanne Jolly.

I actually toured Deanne’s home and you can too by clicking here.

heatherly design bedhead louis bedhead gingham grey fabric headboard

8. Louis Bedhead from Heatherly Design

Inspired by London’s Savile Row and the art of bespoke tailoring, the Louis Bedhead from Heatherly Design is undeniably the most dapper in the list. It that takes its inspiration from a high-end men’s atelier, featuring a statement woollen plaid with contrast vegan leather piping.

I was so close to specifying this bedhead for a client of mine in Williamstown, but it just wasn’t quite right for the brief the client had given me. But good Lord do I want to feature it in a room soon. It is everything. I want it in my own home ASAP if not sooner. It feels wonderfully old-world.

It’s not just the fabric I find so appealing, it’s the subtle curve. I’m also really fond of the bedding too. I want the entire look.

wing bed upholstered grey bedhead with curved edges in bedroom with timber panelling

9. Wind Bed from Sovereign Interiors

There’s something very appealing about a bed that feels like it’s hugging you. That’s what the Wind Bed from Sovereign Interiors looks like to me; the kinda bed that cradles you to sleep.

It’s also incredibly chic. The leather upholstery isn’t your typical leather; it feels more high-end and less run-of-the-mill.

And here’s the added bonus: the Wind Bed features a special device that allows you to open the side flaps and position them accordingly to your taste. So you get all the luxe feels but with your own flavour injected into the mix.

This one comes in queen and king size, with a number of upholstery options available.


10. Oxford Bed from BoConcept

Last but certainly not least on my list of unique bed ideas is this stunner: the Oxford Bed from BoConcept.

Now let’s not lie here, this bed just screams luxury. It looks expensive, it looks indulgent, it looks a little left-of-centre, but still retains a sense of restraint in its design.

OK, I change my mind. Further up I said the House of Orange four-poster bed was my fave, but I can’t go past the Oxford. It comes in so many fabric options, which is amazing, but I think I’ll take it exactly as it’s pictured here.

As I said in this recent post on warm tones dominating interiors, rich burgundy’s like this are incredibly on-trend. So I say you dive right in and grab this bad boy.

Well, there we have it: my 10 favourite unique bed ideas, with some headboards thrown in for good measure. Which one are you lusting after? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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