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gold rhino animal statue from white moose

Meet and Win Your Very Own Cute Animal Statue from White Moose

The cute animal statues I’m introducing you to today are going to inject some much-needed fun back into your interior.

Homes have become so boring, don’t you think? Don’t get me wrong; you gotta do you. Everyone needs to create a space at home that feels like uniquely theirs. But interiors have become a competitor sport of late, with everyone trying to replicate each other. And it’s resulting in homes that look exactly the same.

What I find is missing in a lot of these stunning homes is that final layer of personality. Of you. Of something that showcases the bomb diggity individual who lives there. Today I want to change all that by introducing you to White Moose.

These guys share my passion for quirky decor and they celebrate the irreverent when it comes to design. Not only do I want to showcase some of their amazing products in this post, but the team have also been kind enough to give some of their cute animal statues away. The deets for the competition are further down, but let’s find out more about White Moose before we get to that.

black resin dog statue from white moose

White Moose is Making Homes Fun Again

Founder of White Moose, Colin Hutson, shares my interest in breaking homes out of their cookie cutter mould. And quite frankly the country needs more people who are willing to embrace the odd and unusual.

I’ve been fearing that home decorating is getting a little too serious the past few years, as more and more publications push us toward what’s trending or what ‘experts’ tell us is cool and desirable.

The good news is this though: a change is coming. Colin tells me that despite what you might see in the mags and online, there’s a move toward people celebrating the unusual and avoiding the mainstream.

“We’re loving the shift people are making with their home decor,” Colin admits. “People are creating their own sense of style. From monkey bowls and money box bears to dinosaur bookends and roaring hippos, our customers are making their homes fun again”.

gold crab ornament from white moose

You can easily mix quirk pieces in with the existing design scheme you have going on. It’s as simple as finding the right spot to showcase something left-of-centre. And there are ways to ease into it if need be”.

pink pig statue from white moose

Adding Irreverence to your Home is Easier Than you Think

So people are displaying what they love; this is music to my ears. And the even better part is that adding irreverence and personality to your home is easier than you think.

“Quirk can be injected into the home in so many ways depending on how subtle or eccentric your style is,” Colin explains. “You can paint doors bright colours, use eccentric rugs, have a banana bowl for fruit or have a giant rhino commanding the lounge room”.

These wow-factor moments in your home pave the way for you to bring in some smaller, left-of-centre decor. And don’t worry if you’re not sure how to add something odd to what might be a currently mainstream home. I got your back.

You can easily mix quirk pieces in with the existing design scheme you have going on in your space. It’s as simple as finding the right spot to showcase something left-of-centre. And Colin explains that you can ease into the process if need be.

toby the sleeping cat statue in black from white moose

Mixing the Wacky with the Sensible; it’s Easy!

“Those who are a little nervous with branching out from the conventional could start with something a little less outrageous and slowly evolve their style as their confidence grows,” he advises. “A product like the ADE Slump vase or our quirky salt and pepper shakers are a great place to dip your toes in”.

Fortune favours the brave, so my advice is to embrace your desire to display something wacky. What you’ll probably find is that these quirky decor finds end up being the focal point in the room; a moment of fun and something that becomes a point of banter when people come over.

“The best kinds of quirk, we think, are the ones that create micro moments of surprise or conversation with your guests,” Colin tells me. “This could be a sleeping Frenchie to greet them at the door, or a sneaky little snail as they admire your indoor plants”.

large gold hippo statue from white moose

“If you love reading and discussions on your favourite literature, displaying your books between some attention grabbing bookends will spark a conversation. How could a set of whale or dinosaur bookends not grab someone’s attention?”

french bulldog statue in rose godl from white moose

Supporting Local gives you Warm & Fuzzies

One of the impressive things about the White Moose journey is their support of the local design community. Since the brand’s birth in 2014, the team has continued to play an active role in the Melbourne creative scene.

It makes sense considering the brand began as a one man show; Colin selling his handmade designs at local markets. And now that he’s grown the business into a well-known online emporium, he finds ways to give back to the community.

“One of our recent collaborations with a young graphic artist, Danielle Leedie-Gray, enabled her to develop a line of indigenous artworks featuring her contemporary connection to her heritage,” Colin explains. “We loved providing her the opportunity to have her works made available at over 500 retailers across Australia and New Zealand”.

If this post hasn’t got you revved up to get quirky with your decorative choices, I’m not sure we can be friends. But if it has, and you want to take the next step, check out the competition below!

white whale book ends from white moose

Win your Choice of Signature Animal from White Moose

Please note the competition is now closed. Winners were Natasha Andrews, Kelly Arnold and Bree Pawlasty.

To go in the draw to win your choice of signature animal from White Moose, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click here to hit the White Moose website
  2. Have a look through the signature animal range
  3. Come back here and drop a comment below naming your fave animal and why

Comp open to Australian residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Friday June 8. Winners will be announced in this post and contacted via email. 

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

Comments (63)

  • Tammy

    i love the Rhino animal it reminds me of Africa and it brings back lots of memories my trend for my house is Africa modern this will look stunning 🙂

    • julie cunniffe

      oooh all of them! heehee – would have to go for the whale book ends – my partner’s business names all their computer systems after various whale species – this would be fabulous!!! love your work!

    • Christine Mitson

      Definitely the gracefully posed sleeping cat, just like our much admired real life felines, its always wonderful and calming to see a comfortable cat.

  • Melissa Jelinic

    So many are adorable, but I think my favourite is “Sleeping frenchie – black” because is just too cute!

  • Chantell

    I love the pieces in my home to tell the story of our family memories. We always try to collect pieces from places we’ve been or that remind us of happy memories. With that in mind I would love the kangaroo, we recently spent 8 weeks travelling the east coast of Australia in our caravan with a 1 year old and 3 year old. We saw our fair share of roos along the way and they never failed to enthral our kiddos

  • Natasha

    Giant rhino gold, such a statement peice!

  • Patrick Lafferty

    Roo the kangaroo black, living in the inner city the only time I have seen a kangaroo near my home is Skippy on television.

  • Zoe Marshall

    I have two guidelines when it comes to my space 1. is it functional and 2. does it make you happy/smile. Everything I buy to fill my apartment has to do one or both of these things, it’s for both these reasons I love the flying pig, because it honestly does make me smile and there’s an underlying message of anything’s possible…mostly because of guideline 2 though!

  • Chantelle

    I love the pieces in my home to tell the story of our family memories. We always try to collect pieces from places we’ve been or that remind us of happy memories. With that in mind I would love the kangaroo, we recently spent 8 weeks travelling the east coast of Australia in our caravan with a 1 year old and 3 year old. We saw our fair share of roos along the way and they never failed to enthral our kiddos

  • Anna Cashmore

    Cheeky Monkeys from White Moose are my favourite as when I saw them they made me immediately smile, feeling warm and fuzzy, as they remind me of my impish grand children!

  • Kelly Arnold

    The ‘David the Dinosaur Doorstop’ is a winner for me on so many levels!
    My dino-obsessed son would adore this cute addition to his bedroom – and David would save me much angst with doors being flung open and slammed shut mid-play!
    Aesthetically pleasing AND functional – my idea of design heaven.. bravo White Moose.

  • Erin

    For sure the adorable hippo planter! I love them all but that guy makes me smile. Plus I can change the plants to change the style. He would be super cool at my front door!

  • Lara

    When I was a little girl, I used to play with small plastic animals for hours in the garden. Now I’m a ‘grown up’ I’m still drawn, just like that little girl was to nature, to animals and that feeling of playfulness in my home. Living in the city, I can’t have countless animals roaming my garden, but all these creations make me feel just like that little girl again. I love the sleeping frenchie in Black. Such a delightful peice of art that reflects that feeling of coming home after playing in the garden! Just lovely!

  • Suzie Mc

    Pigs can fly so a flying golden winged pig to remind my family, I and friends that we can indeed put our mind to anything and fly shining bright

  • Kelly Allan

    I ❤ the metal crab in gold –
    he’s super quirky. The only time I’d be happy to get crabs

  • Kelly

    I ❤ the gold metal crab – he’s super quirky. The only time I’d be happy to get crabs

  • Jade Lindsay

    Hands down, the gold sleeping frenchie. Adorable. Quirky. Fun.
    I’d feel like I’m nailing design with him in my home.

  • Natasha Williams

    Um, these are awesome! I’m a fan of a bunch of them, but if I had to pick I’d go with the giant rhino in gold. He’s totally adorable but kind of attention commanding at the same time. I love him!

  • Ally Stephens

    I ❤ the black pug peeing. I have 3 pugs and they are constantly doing this…outside and sometimes inside.

  • Natasha andrews

    I’m in love with the snails they are so quirky and cool – I just can’t decide between gold and white – both are pretty special! I am an indoor plant fan so a large snail would be the perfect addition to my indoor jungle

  • Jayne Cummins

    Dug the peeing pug is a winner for me. My mother is always buying dog statues for my dad when all she wants is a real dog. Dug the peeing Pug would make her day and a wonderful talking piece, I’d love to
    win him and gift it to my parents.

  • Sarah

    Dug the peeing pug, this would keep my dog entertained for hours!

  • Katja

    The flying pig caught my eye right away.
    I love the white and gold and it’s magical and whimsical. Perfect for a toddlers (*cough cough* my daughter’s) room.

  • Rose

    Definitely the cheeky monkeys. Everything about them are my two sons, so playful, lovable and fun!

  • Yasemin

    Dug the Peeing Pug – Black! My mum would love this! it would give her a laugh every time she walked past it. 🙂

  • Felicity Kendall

    Like my favourite emoji series, has to be the Cheeky Monkeys! It could be both decoration and a reminder not to be (or to be) naughty!

  • Kristy

    That giant gold rhino – ahhh! He would look perfect sitting next to my couch. Not only a great and super good looking companion, but I reckon he could look after my coffee cup too.

  • Amy Louise

    I love the white Resin Bear Head!!! I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with our first bub. I have no idea where it came from but hubby and I have called her ‘baby bear’ from very early on. This would be PERFECT addition to her nusery and a beautiful little reminder of my pregnancy. 🙂

  • Samantha Chandler

    Gold shark head because it suits where I live and is a highly debated topic at the moment and I think it’s cool. Would look great in a bathroom.

  • Darren Collins

    Love the sleeping cat. What a great add to liven up a shelf.

  • Shae Pryke

    I absolutely love the black standing Cobra! It would match perfectly in my home. I also think they should add penguins to their collection!

  • Sonya Cerny

    Sleeping cat in white is gorgeous!

  • Nicole

    What a fun range! Thanks for sharing Chris. Hard to choose between the shark and the triceratops. Either would be very cool. I have a friend who has one of their wall hanging heads and repaints it throughout the year and decorates with baubles at Christmas. A really fun and versatile range of housewares. I’m thinking the shark for something different!

  • Kerri Hendricks

    Living in a rental property and not being allowed to have pets, I think that “Sleeping Frenchie – Black” would add a special little piece of comfort to my lounge room that only a dog can add! Now that winter has hit, a Sleeping Frenchie placed on a rug in front of the fire is my idea of just a little bit of heaven.

  • For me, its gotta be Darryl the Doberman – how wonderful would he look sitting at my front door, waiting eagerly for a pat everytime i come home!

  • Kerry

    Love the alpaca -it’s llamazing!

  • Suzanne Everett

    Can’t go past the Diplodocus Bookends!! Would be so awesome to display my sons dinosour books I actually love the Triceratops for my lounge room over my fireplace! Great talking piece instead of the classic deer I think I’d have to fight my kids for it though. Wait . . . Did you say choose one? Ok – the Triceratops for me

  • Niki

    I’m torn! Would love the gold crab or the wonderful whale bookends. But also the gorgeous flying pig is calling me! All fun and fabulous.

  • Julie Herczeg

    Such whimsical decor. In love with ‘Sleeping Shelf Cat – Black’. It reminds me of my childhood best friend, ‘Sophie’ – a slinky black cat with serious attitude.

  • Kerri Hendricks

    Hi Shae, they actually used to sell penguins – I actually just ordered a white one on sale the other day for my penguin obsessed 9 year old from one of their online stockists. Not sure if I can add a link here but if you type in “Resin penguin Whitemoose” into Google the first listing after Whitemoose’s own website is where I purchased from.

    I tried desperately to find a black one but could only find the white one and this supplier seemed to be the last one to have them in stock online. It hasn’t arrived yet but if its as cute in real life as the pic online it will be absolutely gorgeous!

    Hope this helps

  • Steph Segel

    The Gold Rhino
    OMG- Love it- Its so fantastic!

  • bree pawlasty

    The little pink piggy he is so adoreable 🙂

  • Marilyn Rau

    I would love the French Bulldog as my daughter has two and treats them like children. She would absolutely treasure it and display it prominently in her new house.

  • Jessie Chibber

    “Roo” the Kangaroo – Black. Living out in Country Victoria, there are roos everywhere, but you can never get close enough to truly look at them. I would love to own Roo and have a piece of our backyard, inside.

  • ‘Sleeping shelf cat’ is my fave
    Quirky Homewares are all the rave
    ‘White Moose’ has it all goin’ down
    & TLC he wears the crown

  • Meredyth

    I’m afraid my 17-year-old black cat, Banjo, will soon be sleeping forever (particularly if the rest of winter is as cold as today…), a sleeping black cat (shelf or beautifully curled up) would be a wonderful permanent tribute to my fur baby.

  • Rene Mckee

    The giant rhino gold would look lovely in my backyard full of animals he’d be the king standing out amongst all his new friends

  • Susan

    I LOVE them ALL [well except for the insect & bug ones]
    I wonder what my Cat will think of the Black Sleeping Frenchie who is adorable.
    Great idea and very reasonable prices and best of all no animals were harmed making them.

  • Richard

    I would love the gold Rhino. My wife pressured me into writing this. She loves all animals but as she is form South Africa, Rhino’s are special to her. Would love to give it her as a surprise.

  • May

    I love the white whale bookends – just so I can say “Have a Whale of a time!”

  • Kieren Miller

    The Giant Gold Rhino represents the strengthim determined to find this year.

  • Claire

    The giant gold rhino is such a majestic animal – so good to see him safe from poachers with his horn intact

  • Penny Wiltshire

    I love the Rhino. A majestic animal that is to be admired.

  • Anne-Maree

    I love Dug the Peeing Pug a close friend has Pugs and they are aways so quirky and fun.

  • Angela Zotos

    “DARRYL THE DOBERMAN’ is my absolute favorite. I love that he has a name! He just commands your attention and makes me smile. He would bring a warm and whimsical element to any home. Placed just in the front door he would be the talking piece as people enter, not to mention doubling up as a guard dog too! Keep up with the lovely ideas!

  • Tornquist Marie-Therese

    The Gold Metal Crab. I need him to watch over my coffee table books

  • Bronte Johnston

    Wow! So many cool designs that would look amazing in my home; the cow head for me, triceratops head for my son, but I think the gold crab would be perfect for our whole family! A constant reminder of when I introduced the family to crabbing (having grown up with it as a child) and my husband got nipped and his fingernail split in two – our 3 sons will never let him live it down! *ah memories* haha

  • Ann Paterson

    Love the peeing Frenchie, we are dog people and have had fosters that actually do exactly that, although never a Foster Frenchie. We dont do it anymore because we own too many dogs to foster anymore but we loved our time doing it and that peeing Frenchie is just so quirkie and irreverant… Love it!

  • Kim Deas

    Darryl The Doberman because I have always wanted to own one but my partner wasn’t keen to so this would be the next best thing to having a real one – he would take prime place in my hallway showing how handsome he is to all of my guests.

  • Derek Lee

    I’ve always wanted a frenchie, but being in an apartment restricts that and the sleeping frenchie in black would be the best substitute to have in the bedroom!

  • Jenny Kulbicki

    I’d love the Gold Sleeping Frenchie….soooo cute!

  • C Snoyman

    It has to be the big gold rhino! Reminds me of the great time we had years ago in a game park in South Africa-wonderful memeories1

  • Kelly

    I love the metal crab in gold. He is so super quirky! This would be the only time I’d be happy to get crabs


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