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Canvas Art - Urban Road 2015 Collection

Win New Canvas Art from Urban Road’s 2015 Winter Collection

Farwell - Canvas Art from Urban Road

I get a lot of imagery hit my inbox each week…

but nothing has ever been quite as stunning as these shots – from the new Urban Road 2015 winter collection. I still stare at them, marvel at them, drool over them and generally feel overwhelmed by how freakin’ breathtaking they are. And in today’s post I’m showing you some of the best imagery from the just-landed range.

Not only that, my lovely readers, but you’ll also have the chance to get your hands on a piece. I know; it’s almost too much to bare! Hold on tight and let’s take a look at these amazing artworks  – and read on for instructions on how you can win one.

Urban Road - New Online Canvas Art New Canvas Art from Urban Road 2015Urban Road has been a go-to destination for lovers of affordable canvas art for years, but I seriously think this new series, called Sanctuary, kicks things up a notch. The team are taking no prisoners with this winter offering, which Creative Director Suzie Atkin tells me is inspired by the moody, dramatic and passionate colours of a wild winter.

“With the anticipation of the coming spring season,” Suzie elaborates. “Every season we endeavour to expand the variety in our artwork collection and add something new that we haven’t tried before. Using new colours, textures and styles to create wildly beautiful pieces of art”.

There’s definitely a new energy to these pieces that I’m responding to. There’s still loads of colour at play but there’s a depth to them and they’re a bit less playful than previous collections from the brand. I see a lot of colourful art that feels really juvenile, but that’s not happening here. This collection showcases colour in a whole new (and sophisticated) way.

Urban Road - Canvas Art - 2015

Suzie’s fave pieces from the collection are Farewell (at the top of this post) and Meticulous (below). 

New Canvas Art from Urban Road


Canvas Art from Urban Road 2015Art does some incredible things to a space that other pieces of decor just can’t do. Because it takes up so much visual real estate, it’s a great opportunity to get daring by making a wall in your home the focal point.

It’s a wise idea to use art as a starting point in a new space, too – pulling colours from it and using them to dictate pieces of furniture or soft furnishings for the room.

Suzie says that art adds personality to a home and should be approached with fun in mind.

“It is the one thing in your home that really says something about you,” she explains. “Art can be a great focal point in a room, creating drama, warmth or adding character.  Have fun with your decorating; I love walking into a room that makes me smile”.

WIN a piece from the Urban Road Sanctuary Collection

To go in the draw to win a 75cm x 100cm piece of art of your choice:

Click here to visit the Urban Road website
– Comment below naming your fave piece and why

Comp open to Australian residents only
Comp closes 11.59pm Tuesday Feb 24

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Comments (69)

  • Jade

    Oh my. The Rise would look ah-mazing in my lounge. Urban Road art has been on my wish list for years.

  • Karen

    I love ‘Raindrops 1’. The style is bang up to date and the colours would compliment almost every scheme, especially mine!

  • Caitlyn

    I absolutely LOVE the ‘Two Became One’ piece. The vibrant colours are stunning and I love the story behind it, very romantic! This piece would look incredible in our living room at home- it would definitely give our sleek white living room some powerful impact (which it definitely needs)!

  • Kat

    It was a tough choice but my favourite artwork is ‘His and Hers’ it is fun and fresh and would brighten up any naked wall! I love that this piece encapsulates the beginnings of two lives together. To me, this artwork abstractly represents two lives intertwined. Within this amazing piece I can see me and my partner, as we are about to begin our journey together sharing the one home.

  • Liv

    “Side by Side” is my favourite piece.
    It evokes many different emotions; romance, grief, excitement… It literally compliments any mood. A stunning piece, for any room in the home.

  • Kiralie Allan

    Definitely New Horizons. I live near the beach but without the view and this painting captures that moment just before and just after the sun hits the horizon on our lovely coastline so vividly. Im about to start working from home again and could use some colour to brighten up my home office…

  • Beautiful!! I love her Art and style – ‘Angels Whisper’ is my favourite, its really gorgeous and in my favourite colour palette. The softness will create a calming mood in my family room…after a hard days work I love to come home and relax and not have to think too much haha…my home is my sanctuary!

  • Emma

    I LOVE Touch the Sky. I can’t scroll past it, keep coming back to it. It has a calming feel to it the colours are amazing and I need it for the entryway to my home.

  • carolyn

    New Horizons, I love the simplicity of this canvas depicting the sky during various seasons. It gives me positive vibes and would suit my home perfectly

  • Sally

    Lots of great choices – I could browse that website for ages! I think my choice is Raindrops 2 – love the colours and how it feels calm and vibrant at the same time. This would work beautifully in my lounge or bedroom.

  • Jacqui

    I absolutely LOVE “The Rise”. No mumbo jumbo reason as to why I love it so much. I’m just drawn to it every time I view their website.

  • Rae Graham

    I love “dancing in the rain” the dark muted tones that come alive with the bright pops of colour,it mesmerises me!

  • Snow and Feathers is lovely! It would fit the colours and style of my house perfectly and add that extra something that I am missing.

  • Joanna

    Wow. They’re all stunning. I can understand why the collection is called Sanctuary as they are all so dreamy and idyllic. But I’d most love to wake up to Touch the Sky.

  • Khalil S. Khouri

    Definitely love ‘Sombre Seas’. It’ll compliment my hallway perfectly with its subtle yet powerful tones.

  • Casey

    I would have to agree with Suzie and sat that Meticulous is my fave piece from the collection…the pastel palette is divine and bang on trend at the moment. I would love to look at it everyday from my sofa!

  • Kelly

    Wow, too many beautiful one’s to choose from! Snow and Feathers would have to be my hands down favourite, great colour tones that would work so well in my master bedroom.

  • I’m in love with the Raindrops 2 piece. I’m trying to put together my nursery without it being to kiddie with baby elephants and owls. Art work like this that I can then accent with pinks if it’s a girl or the green tones if it’s a boy would look gorgeous in the room and far more stylish. I would absolutely love to win this!

  • Mel Champion

    My fav piece from the collection is Bananaberry! I love all of the vibrant colours – it would make any room just pop!! Just looking at it makes me smile and I find it fun! It would be the perfect piece to dress a room around.

  • Amazing collection. My favourite piece is Sombre Seas. Living by the ocean, I love the warm, clear days, but there is something magical about watching s storm roll in over the beautiful ocean.

  • Jackie

    I love Green Lights, the colours are gorgeous

  • anita Ekberg

    Blue Lagoon is so enticing yet soothing…love it

  • Kylie Urquhart

    I am obsessed with all of Urban Rd. I LOVE RAINDROPS ( number 2) as I am currently slowly decorating a room and I am actually using this artwork for my whole colour scheme inspiration. I am obsessed with the charcoals, blush pinks and copper scheme at the moment!
    I want to collect many of these artworks, and decorate each room in my house using an Urban Rd print for each colour scheme for inspiration. My lounge room has ‘Oh Deer’ in it and it makes such a big statement. I can keep the room minimal and let the painting steal the show. That’s why I love Urban Rd and why I would LOVE Raindrops!! 1 or 2!!

  • Mia rundell

    Two become one amazing! And the two shall become one flesh ( genesis 2:24) as this would in my lounge room , it would bring life and love into my room. Love it .

  • Oooh can’t decide between Green Lights or Meticulous. Can see them both in my new home , finally moving in 3 weeks after 10 years wanting a sea change, either would be perfect

  • Estelle Box

    I just LOVE raindrops: it is fresh and peaceful. The colours are vibrant and soothing and when I look at it, I feel so zen! I would so love to win this amazing piece of art!

  • Aja

    I am very much loving ‘Touch the Sky’ – the cool colour palette would offset beautifully the warm wood of the Noblett Sideboard I have just purchased. It reminds me of a storm rolling in – one of my favourite things and what I miss most about living in Sydney!

  • Natasa Vukoman

    My favourite piece is ‘Meticulous’. The soft pastel colours combined with the hard geometric shapes makes for a striking yet soft contrast. I love soft, pretty colours and geometric shapes so this piece stood out for me straight away! It would be a lovely addition to any home… especially mine! 🙂

  • Anne

    My favourite piece is Cool Mint. To be perfectly honest, I love it because it is so pretty and if I won it I would decorate my bedroom around it.

  • Vanessa

    I loooooooove green lights!! Please please please we have a beautiful new home with so many bare walls to fill! Would love to show this piece off!!

  • Alicia Parish

    Violets and Sunflowers . I love that so much that even if I don’t win I will purchase that . I have been looking for a piece that is a splash of bright colours and now I have found it . THANK YOU !!

  • Kylie

    Raindrops 2, it’s got all the colours I love & it would be the centre for my living room revamp. Dark & moody with a hint of sunshine.

  • Chris lLawson

    So Many beautiful works but Green Lights is the 1 for me. The colours are so beautiful.

  • Tess Thomson

    I love ‘Touch the Sky’ it would be the perfect finishing touch to what I want to achieve as a feature on my bedroom wall: a collection of blue based pieces that equally contrast and compliment one another. It would go with an art deco piece my Mum made and Picasso print I have of ‘Boy with Dove’.

  • Felicia Wilton

    Green Lights is absolutely breathtaking. The depth and vibrancy of the colours has me transfixed. When I look at the picture I feel like I am watching something wild, something ethereal.

  • Rebecca

    Touch The Sky – it’s stunning – subtle, moody, beautiful!

  • Felicia Thompson

    Green Lights is absolutely breathtaking. I love the depth and vibrancy of the colours, they are mesmerising. It makes me feel like I am looking at something wild, something ethereal.

  • Ricki McKeon

    Suzie knows her stuff. Meticulous is beautiful, and would be an asset to any home. The fresh colours are used amazingly.

  • aly

    Love love love green lights. Just bought ur Bondi print & green lights would b perfect accent in our living room. Bold, bright & gorgeous!

  • Jen O'Neill

    Raindrops 2! Simply stunning- relaxing & soothing.

  • Kristy Taylor

    Well that was a hard decision!.. So many beautiful colours and feels.. But I have to choose ‘Two Becomes One’ Just perfect for my bedroom.

  • Elyce

    Green Lights.
    It reminds me of a dream, a dream that is spent underwater in the soothing current of the sea.

  • Rachel

    I love ‘Violets and Sunflowers’ it would look great in my currently bare loungeroom!

  • Rebecca Borradale

    I love Bananaberry. Even though these two ingredients should never be put together in a smoothie for me

  • Touch the sky! I love anything that reminds me of the beach – I find it really relaxing and think this would look perfect in my lounge room where I have driftwood in a grey-blue vase (Reis and I collected it on the beach the day before he went away for four months – so its really special) and a few other beach inspired pieces.

  • How did I not know about this website?!! So difficult to find art I love and here it’s hard to choose. Forced to, it has to be Sombre Seas. The most beautiful thing about Sydney is the light on the water- harbour or ocean- and the changes in the colour from sparkly blue to charcoal grey. I’m always taking photos and my favourite days are the ones where it’s overcast and the waves are crashing, reminding me of the power of the ocean and how vast it is and how small I am. I can’t help but think of the brave souls that cross the oceans, whether adventurers, explorers or asylum seekers and I’m reminded how lucky I am. Sombre Seas is for the days I don’t see the ocean and forget to be grateful.

  • Narelle

    “Farewell” as it is both feminine and masculine, serene and calming yet bold. It is the perfect statement for our master bedroom. It appeals to my husband and I and compliments our linen and cushions in our room. Having this in our space would complete the boudoir 🙂

  • Belinda

    Dancing in the rain is absolutely beautiful with lots of amazing tones and colors, it looks so relaxing and calm and would remind me everyday of my mum who is my angel that raindrops always brings lots of color and dancing.

  • Collaroy

    The hauntingly beautiful Sombre Seas is definitely my pick.Tantalizing me,asking the question- Am I facing the eerily quiet beginning of the storm?Or am I in the eye of the storm?Perhaps I’m drifting,battered and bruised out of the storm.I need to spend more time with Sombre Seas.I need answers!

  • Alison

    It was a difficult decision, but “Green lights” wouldn’t leave my mind. It has colour in it that my partner and I love and I think it would look beautiful in our bedroom. It would match the colour palate perfectly. It reminds me of Kiama harbour when the surrounding lights are reflected in the water at night.

  • Kasey Zendler

    Gasp!!!! I love Green Lights – the colours are electric, I could stare at it all day. Reminds me of diving in the reeds at cuttlefish spawning time – sounds strange but the cuttlefish put on an incredible display to attract the females with iridescent lighting running up and down their bodies as they change shape and texture!! Spectacular!

  • Melinda

    Wow so many to choose from but if I must choose one it would have to be Meticulous. I love the pastel and simplicity of this painting yet somehow still managed to make such a statement. Would make a LOVELY addition to my lounge room! 🙂

  • AmberB

    Winter Nights. The colours are so gorgeous. I especially love the crystal like effect in this painting which reminds me of snowflakes and icicles.

  • Kim

    Violets and sunflowers! It’s like winter and spring combined. Beautiful colours that make me feel happy and bright – great for those cold winter’s days!!

  • Jena M.

    Raindrops – moody yet oh so romantic with a beautiful pop of yellow and salmon pink. I love the different shades of navy and purple to evoke a sense of luxury heading into winter.
    This gorgeous artwork makes me appreciate the bright days of long-gone summer and the moody winter nights just around the corner. Raindrops would be the perfect addition to our family living room – a constant reminder that there is beauty in all!

  • Michaela Bini

    I absolutely adore black beauty and snow and feathers. I find both pieces to be stunning and unique.
    I could go for ages describing the detail, emotions and colour palette for both paintings but when it comes down to it I just really would love one for my new, first home 🙂 art completes a design/style/room and that’s what i am hoping to do with one of these, so please pick me to help create the final touch in my sitting room.

  • Callie

    I am absolutely drawn to the Bananaberry piece ! The colors are so cheery and positive. Im making a move to Colorado within the week and this painting would be the perfect addition and starting point for my apartments color scheme !

  • Bronte Johnston

    ‘touch the sky’ is my favourite piece from this collection – though there are many runners ups! It reminds me of my home town (900+km away) and how I used to visit absolutely beautiful beaches with it’s tranquil tones and fluid movement. Would look absolutely amazing in our bedroom – a peaceful retreat after looking after our 3 boisterous boys all day 🙂

  • Michelle dolan

    There are so many nice ones to choose from but I really like raindrops 2 because it’s colourful but a touch moody, just how I like things!

  • I love Green Lights. I get a deep and sudden sense of calm when I look at it. I imagine myself underwater. Almost a drowning sensation.

  • meagan porter

    My absolute favourite piece in this new collection, is definitely ‘Black Beauty’. On a small or extra large scale, I love the sophisticated energy this piece would give your home. So elegant and timeless. Definitely a “must have”!

  • Jessica

    I have loved “spring rain” for so long now!! I’ve wanted a canvas of that print for my bedroom for what feels like over a year now. I love its soothing colours and warmth that it would bring to a room with out being overstated.

  • Jessica Karlovic

    I love Two Become One, I’ve swooned over it ever since I saw the image of the two artworks paired with one upside down. I never would have thought to style an artwork like that but it looks brilliant and striking.
    I also love the colour cobalt and how wonderful it looks in this artwork with splashes of fuchsia. My house is literally a big white blank canvas at the moment so I’d love to add an amazing piece of art and the start of a styling colour palette to begin decorating this winter.

  • Lahne

    ‘Bananaberry’ and ‘violets and sunshine’ ( I’d have to put them together)
    I love the bright colours the energy the the vibe they give off! Perfect for a happy, bubbly and carefree touch in my house! 😉

  • Laura MacLeod

    I NEED the Meticulous in my life. In particular, in my study. I think it will make me work meticulously.

  • Natasha Andrews

    Wow – such a heavenly collection. I am redecorating our guest room with a monochrome palate and I think the Black Valentine and the Lots of Spots prints are both ideally suited to the space. It is a touch call but I think I love the Black Valentine the most – so stunning!

  • ladyjacq

    ‘New Hotizons’ is really resonating with me as I have just made a big move from country to city, plus the colours are beautiful. All the pieces are insprational!

  • Jane

    My absolute favourite is “Green Lights”. How gorgeous are the colours in this! I would just love this in my family room. Fingers and toes are crossed!!


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