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Spring colours from Dulux 2016 colour forecase pink walls in bedroom

Bedroom Paint Colours: 7 Shades that’ll Transform your Space Entirely

Bedroom paint colours can dramatically transform the entire mood in your space, but picking the right one needs a bit of careful consideration. Here are 7 examples of stunning bedroom paint colours you can use in your boudoir, and how they’ll impact the room for the better.

Bedroom paint colours have come and gone into fashion over the years, but I tend to think that any colour can be timeless as long as you execute it properly and decorate around it accordingly.

One concept I must tell you is definitely off-trend is the dreaded coloured feature wall. I was discussing this as recently as the weekend, actually, at a friends place. I was over for a barbecue and a design consult, and one of the things they were desperate to change were the deep purple feature walls that were in each of the bedrooms (left from the previous owners).

Painting one dark feature wall in an otherwise light space was quite big in the late 90s and early 2000s, but we’ve definitely moved toward a gutsier, all-or-nothing mentality when it comes to the wall colour. You can either go the whole hog and splash all of the walls in a room with dramatic hue, or opt for a feature wall covered in an interesting wallpaper design (get inspiration on that here).

So, now that we’re on board with covering all of our bedroom walls in paint, let’s explore some colours you can rock at home that are all nothing short of extraordinary.

7 Bedroom Paint Colours that Rock

White painted brick wall white bedroom walls bedroom paint colours TLC Interiors


White is a no brainer and will make a room feel bright and airy, but it’s important to note that there are literally endless shades of white you can choose. To make it as simplistic as possible, it’s safe to say that there are both cool whites and warm whites you can choose from.

Cool whites are great for spaces that get a lot of sunlight. They have a blue or black base and can offset some of the heat in a sun-drenched room. Warm whites have a red, brown or yellow base and will make a room feel cosier.

As a rule, I like to apply a crisp, cool white to a more contemporary space and those buttery, warmer whites in a more traditional room. That said, it’s all about the white you’re drawn to and thinking about what other colours you’re going to put into the room.

I love the bright blues and lavender tones against the cool white wall above; very fresh.

sky blue bedroom walls painted feature wall blonde timber furniture TLC Interiors

Sky Blue

I love a sky blue colour palette. I think it is a really nice hue to play with if you’re feeling wary of bringing colour onto your walls and don’t want to go too extreme. It brings a nice sense of relaxed sophistication to a room and it plays off an array of colours and textures nicely.

A cool blue, like the one you see above, pairs well with timbers in mid to chocolate tones, though I’d warn you not to combine a cool blue wall with bright white furniture. It can make the room feel exceptionally cold. A winning room is all about balance, so ensure that if you go with a cool blue paint, you bring in some warm decor, colours and textures.

Pink feature wall pink bedroom walls soft pink walls TLC Interiors Bedroom paint colours

Dusty Pink

I know you might recoil in horror at the thought of bringing pink onto your walls, but hear me out. It can actually look phenomenal and you don’t necessarily have to take it in an overtly feminine direction.

Sure, the inspiration photo I’ve given you above it rather turned up in terms of colour volume (and it’s distinctly fem), but you can butch it up with some darker metallics and mid-brown timbers to bring about a nice sense of balance.

If you’re not keen on bringing this into your own bedroom, consider it for a child or teen bedroom. I’d also be particularly fond of this in a guest bedroom.

soft grey walls bedroom paint colours TLC Interiors Pink and grey bedding

Soft Grey

This is probably the hue I beg people to go with most if they’re tiring of white walls and are looking to dip their toe in the water.

A soft grey like this on your walls is completely unisex, doesn’t overpower the eye and plays so nicely with an array of decor colours and textures. I love to match soft grey up with dusty pink bedding (as you see above), gorgeous sky blues and even rich red tones like maroon. It’s a very versatile colour and it’ll get lighter and darker and different times of the day.

If you’re a fan of metallics, it’ll pair very nicely with those too, and it’s made for a monochromatic colour scheme of bold blacks and crisp whites.

I implore you to give soft grey a go!

dark blue bedroom walls bedroom paint colours TLC Interiors feature wall ideas

Deep Blue

I love a good deep blue, and if you’re a fan of a traditional coastal scheme, a classic Hamptons interior or even something a little industrial, you need to give deep blue a go. There’s a nice sense of traditional at play in a deep blue wall, and if you bring in a combination of browns, creams, whites and beiges it can still feel incredibly serene and easy on the eye.

A blue wall like this allows you to bring in so many colour options in your decor. Think mustard yellows, deep reds, zesty oranges, chocolates – the list goes on!

deep emerald green feature wall green bedroom walls TLC Interiors.jpg

Deep Green

It’s not something you see very often, is it; but a deep green wall in a bedroom is, as the photo above shows, pretty flamin’ stellar! I love it as a new alternative to the black walls everyone has been doing lately.

Not that black isn’t amazing, but what a nice change it is to see a dark green being rocked with such gusto. I love the way yellow and gold tones come to life against such a dark palette. Bring in some lighter green tones and a pop of deep teal and you have a stunning bedroom that oozes moody luxury. I want it all and I want it now.

This is quite a dominant colour, so I would apply it in a larger room, just so there’s some more space to bring in contrasting colours and some texture.

Bedroom paint colours black bedroom wall above bed TLC Interiors


Black is an oldie but a goody, although I’d still argue that very few of us have had the courage to actually get it up on our walls. We’ve seen a lot of it in mags and online; especially in kitchens and other spaces.

The black chalkboard wall certainly had its 15 minutes of fame too. But I still think a rich, black bedroom is a gorgeous way to bring mood and soul to a room.

I like the relaxed vibe its brought to the space above. Paired with white and brown, it doesn’t feel at all visually jarring or overpowering, does it?

When it comes to bedroom paint colours, which hues are you dying to play with on your walls at home? Drop me a comment below and let me know.

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