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The death of the European Pillow; Why you Need to Ditch Yours Now

The European pillow is dead. You heard it here first.

I do hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it must be reported that the Euro is destined for pillow heaven, joining other outdated bed-top essentials like the Boomerang pillow and the more amusing Boyfriend pillow (I would love to hear if any of you own the latter, by the way).

Now, I don’t preach this news from my high horse. I too own European pillows. I bought two of them a year or so ago when I did a bedroom makeover for the blog, and in my old apartment in Sydney they were thrown on and off the bed daily. They were actually far more annoying than they were stylish, but I persevered with them because they looked good at the time.

Now, not so much.

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In my new apartment I strategically place my two European pillows against the outside of my bedroom door of a night. I do this because my oldest cat, Mim, would scratch at the door constantly. The noise it makes reminds me of a cross between a horror film and fingernails down the chalkboard. So to prevent this nightly terror, the Euro pillows sit outside my door and she scratches those instead. What a glamorous life I lead!

Every morning they get thrown on the bed, and each night, back off the bed. It’s an endless cycle of daily pillow tossing and I’d argue that it’s hardly worth the trouble.

To ensure it wasn’t just me who thought Euro pillows were over and out, I took to the internet and scrawled through some of my fave bedroom styling shots of late. I soon came to realise that the brands I loved weren’t using Euro pillows in their shoots either, which only confirmed my suspicions that a shift in bedding trends was occurring.

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I think modern bedrooms are all about the bedhead. I have the Eden bed from Incy Interiors and its metallic frame is to be celebrated. Covering it up with large pillows seems a bit pointless – and the same goes for beautifully upholstered bedheads. Why buy a stunning bed and then cover it up with oodles of redundant pillows?

Even if you have an ensemble bed, the modern way to make the most of it is to pile up some regular pillows against the wall and hang a gorgeous piece of art above the bed. That way, the canvas or frame will act as your bedhead, visually speaking.

So I’m calling it right here, right now: the Euro is over – in the bedroom, anyway. Why not consider using it on the floor in your living room instead? Then you can pile a few up and watch TV in complete comfort. Like a modern-day beanbag.

Take a look at the shots in this post and you’ll have to agree; beds with loads of layers, a few plush pillows and a tonne of colour and texture look the most amazing. You don’t need jumbo pillows taking up unnecessary space on top of your bed.

>>> Do you agree that the European pillow is over? I’d love to get your take on this in the comments below.

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Comments (11)

  • I never really understood the European pillow – too big to sleep on and/or a gigantic cushion!? When a really nice quilt set is sold out – what is always left… the EUROPEAN pillowslips 🙂

  • Justine

    I think Euros only look good on king beds a la House of Cards style. I have a king. Never got around to buying euros, although I meant to do it in the future… like the future where I have a massive bed box to throw them in or some spare, empty shelves in the wardrobe (because goodness knows I would trip over them during a nightly loo visit if they were to live on the floor overnight)… but somehow I never have that room because shoes and handbags beckon me to use the space. And quite frankly, who would pick pillows over shoes? And also, in House of Cards, they only show Euros when the characters walk past. If the character starts pulling pillows off the bed to get in, there is nary a euro in sight. That has to tell us something, right?!

  • Totally agree, mine have migrated to the media room and the kids use them as floor cushions when watching TV. They are nicely hidden behind the sofa when not in use – win win…

  • iAllure

    Never owned nor understand the hype behind the Euro pillow. I certainly won’t miss it when it’s gone (if ever!)

  • Chon

    Oh no I have euro pillows! And I have a gorgeous bed head and I must admit of late thinking they were blocking the view. I’m due for a new bed spread so maybe mine could migrate to the living room floor. I just need a practical cover for them there that doesn’t look like I’ve thrown bed pillows on the floor…

  • Emily

    I use a euro for a floor cushion but have never had them on my bed although I still really like them. What do you think of the current trend of mismatched pillow cases and bedlinen? The matching doona and pillows seems to be a thing of the past…

  • Hey Chris,
    Totes agree, Euros are out and King Pillows are in!! That’s why I created The Pillowslip Store. Thanks for the tip on this blog post. Would you mind if I shared your sentiments on our socials?

  • modflowers

    What even is a European pillow?! I’m from Europe and have no idea!

  • Robert Paulson

    Well it’s now 4yrs later and European Pillows are still popular in the bedroom scene.


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