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black and grey minimal living room ideas featuring Vittoria Lewis sofa from Globewest

4 Steps to nailing Minimalism without the Empty Feeling

In this post I detailed why I believe the concept of minimalism is utter BS. But what I do believe is that you can take your home in a more minimal direction without completely removing everything.

If you’re in a similar boat (and want to strip your space back a little without losing the heart and soul) than today’s post has you covered. It’s all about pulling off minimalistic interior design without your home feeling cold and baron. And I’m using some gorgeous new imagery from Globewest to prove my point. So let’s jump into showing you how it’s done.

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How to Get Minimalistic Interior Design Right

grey and white dining room ideas with the livorno dining table from globewest

Every Piece is a Design Moment

One of the key things to keep in mind if you want to rock minimalistic interior design is that every piece you bring into the space has to feel like a design moment in its own right. Nothing is there as ‘filler’. The sofa will feature interesting details. The artwork will feel unique and unexpected. The coffee table will be bold and daring in its design approach. And even cushions will feature a pipe detail or something similar.

There’s not a lot of fuss overall, but each piece stands alone as interesting. And because each piece feels so well designed, you don’t need a lot of them in the room. The Livorno Dining table above is a perfect example of a dining table that does all the work in making the space feel dynamic.

livorno dining table from globewest black outdoor dining table ideas

Turn Down the Colour Palette

The easiest way to make a space feel minimal and not overworked is to make the colour palette fairly simple and subdued. That means exploring black, white, grey and beige (and all the variations of those tones, too). That’s not to say that you can’t do minimalistic interior design in a colourful way, but it’s harder to get right.

By keeping the base colour palette monochromatic, you can bring in a bolder tone to add some interest and it won’t feel too overwhelming. Just ensure you keep the size of the colourful moment reasonably small. A cushion or vase is a good idea here.

minimalist living room ideas with the vittoria olive sofa from globewest

Let Surfaces add the Interest

You don’t need a crazy artwork or bold rug in a minimalist room. In fact, these things detract from the natural and inherent beauty in the space. When it comes to minimalistic interior design, it’s all about allowing the surfaces to add interest. That means weathered floorboards, the marble vein in a coffee table, or the beautiful woven upholstery in a sofa.

Check out the Vittoria Olive sofa above. It is the showstopper in the space and needs not much else around it to make it shine. If your room features large-scale textures like this that feel rich and visually interesting, there will be no need to throw in decorative bells and whistles.

black and grey minimal living room ideas featuring Vittoria Lewis sofa from Globewest

Banish Smaller Vignettes

Minimalist rooms don’t have a lot of smaller decorative moments. A beautiful dining table that is a work of art in its own right doesn’t need distraction. So forget about the usual ‘rule of three‘ when it comes to vignettes. Instead, choose larger vases, sculptures or bowls in interesting shapes. Not a lot of pattern is needed, but definitely let shape do the work.

Any decorative pieces in a minimalistic interior always have room to breath, too. Ensure you leave a fair bit of space between each item if you’re showcasing more than one.

Are you a fan of minimal design at home? Drop me a comment below and let me know, or explore some more articles from the blog below. 

mimimal dining room with round concrete table and grey upholstered chairs from globewest

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    Excellent post. I discovered your site recently and I’ve been going through the archives getting lots of helpful tips to think about. I moved into a larger home this year and I’m currently trying to find the balance between simple and tidy, but still cozy with “soul.” Keep up the good work!

    16 June, 2018

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