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Maya corner shelf in white and blonde timber in corner of room

11 Ideas for Decorating Awkward Corners at Home

It’s time to tackle the eternal dilemma of decorating awkward corners at home. You know, those pockets in a living room, dining room or bedroom that aren’t big enough for furniture but have to be filled with something.

Personally, I’ve always struggled with leaving negative space in a room. My partner is always telling me to enjoy the ‘roominess’ in these areas. But when it comes to awkward corners, those little buggers need to be filled (you know it’s true!). Leaving them bare send me into fits of anxiety and decor depression. The corner is there and it simply must be utilised.

So that’s what this post is all about; giving you tonnes of ideas on decorating awkward corners in a room to make it feel complete! Let’s do this.

The hero image above is from Mocka and features their stunning Maya Corner Shelf. Images below sourced from Pinterest.

Ideas for Decorating Awkward Corners at Home

gallery wall in corner of living room wrapping around wall

Gallery Wall

Placing art in an awkward corner can be tough because you’re often faced with the issue of which wall to place the artwork on. The better approach is to place numerous pieces on both walls, to create a gallery wall. You can even choose to wrap art or photos around the wall, taking away the visual sharpness of the corner itself.

If you need ideas on making gallery walls work for you, this post has your back!

fiddle leaf fig in wicker pot in corner of room

Large Plants

Not only does an indoor plant bring some life to a space, but it can also take away the feeling of a corner altogether. By using a large plant with leaves that are spread out, you introduce fluid lines to the space. If you put the plant in a round decorative pot and this pocket becomes a little work of art in its own right.

If you want to see some cute ways to display plants at home, this post is your go-to.

diy standing mirror in corner of bedroom with succulent beside it

Tall Mirror

This is a great concept for any size space, but an even better one if the room is small because it’ll bounce light around. Leaning a tall mirror in a corner takes the sharpness out of this zone too. And if you choose an interesting frame, it allows you to give the zone some real visual interest.

Brown corner shelf against chocolate brown painted wall awkward corner

Corner Bookcase

There’s no solution greater for a corner than a bookcase that’s specifically made with corners in mind. You don’t see them as often as you used to, which is a bit sad, but there are stores still making them. Fantastic Furniture has this one which is super cheap and great for small spaces.

coat rack in corner of living room with vintage shoe box

Coat Rack / Hat Stand

Call them whatever you like, but a coat rack or hat stand is not only a great way to decorate an awkward corner, but they’re super-useful too. You’ll hang your coats and jackets here all the time in winter, helping your home to look lived in but stylish at the same time!

blonde timber floor lamp with round fabric shade in corner of living room

Floor Lamps

One of the easiest and most affordably options available to you is a nice floor lamp. Choose one with a large, round, linen shade and you can’t go wrong. Circular shapes are always great in corners of a room, and it’ll also cast a nice light over the zone of a night. Win-win!

vintage door and window shutter leaning against wall in corner of living room


You don’t need to go to an art gallery to collect an expensive sculpture for your awkward corner. Think outside the box and go in a DIY direction, or hit your local op shop. You can find all sorts of unique things to lean in the corner of the room, like the image above. Those doors are awesome, don’t you think?

trio of industrial pendants hanging in corber of living room with white exposed brick wall

Pendant Cluster

You don’t have to place anything on the floor when it comes to decorating an awkward corner. Go up and consider hanging a few pendant lights in this area. Drape three at different levels and create your own artistic light installation. An exposed bulb is a nice idea here too.

awkward corner styling white floating shelves in corner of living room

Floating Shelves

I hate negative space as you already know, so I love the idea of installing a floating shelf because it gives you even more room to display your treasured vignettes. I’d recommend you install a few, one above the other, to really fill the zone and have the shelving make an impression.

small round home office table in corner of living room

Small Round Table

As already mentioned, round shapes in square corners are awesome because they break up the hardness and structure. If your space allows, squeeze in a small round table here. You can pop a dining chair at it and use it as a laptop zone to pay bills. Or alternatively, place a vase of flowers on it and make it a floral display pocket.

black wall living room with home office nook in corner of the room

Home Office

Lucky last on the list is a home office. Decorating awkward corners can be really functional if you put your mind to it, and a home office nook proves it. You can install a floating corner desk if room allows, or simply pop in a small desk like the one above. Too easy.

In this post I show you how to make a home office work in your living room or bedroom if you need help.

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