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hyde park home white linen armchair temple and webster

50 Best Armchairs & Accent Chairs for all Budgets

The thing I love most about armchairs and accent chairs is what a wow moment they can create in a space. Your sofa, for example, is always going to be more about practicality. You know; is it comfortable, is it cosy. But when it comes to selecting an occasional chair you can be more adventurous. It can be far more interesting in terms of look and feel.

In today’s post I want to share some of my fave armchairs and accent chairs with you. And I’ve broken them up into style groups. Below you’ll find five key style families and my top 10 chairs from each category. Chances are you already know what design vibe you have going on at home, so finding a chair to work in with it will be a cinch.

And if you’re not sure what your home vibe is, perhaps the below categories will help you identify what your ideal interior design style could be. Perhaps it all starts with the armchair or accent chair and then you build the room from there.

Enjoy scrolling through the list, and let me know if you have any questions in the comments section at the end of the post.

The image above is via Temple & Webster. You can shop the armchair further down.

brosa mila armchair white provincial armchair with rolled arms

Hamptons Provincial Armchairs and Accent Chairs

When it comes to armchairs and accent chairs in this style group, there’s a huge overlap. You can easily work a Provincial chair into a Hamptons home and vice versa. There’s a lot of common ground in these style of chairs, and they’re all packed with charm and sophistication.

The colour palette in the Hamptons and Provincial style is fairly subdued. White plays with cream and linen tones. Soft greys dominate. And soothing dusty blues also feature. You might even see some navy moments here and there, but that’s about as dark as it’s going to get.

If you’re keen to explore the new way to do Hamptons, which strips it of its navy vibe, check out this modern Hamptons style post. And if you love a classic blue and white Hamptons vibe with feminine feels, my recent Camberwell design project is sure to be right up your alley.

As well as subdued colour, Hamptons Provincial armchairs and accent chairs also feature:

  • Beading in the arms and/or legs of the chair, painted gloss or left rustic
  • Piping in the seat and back cushion trims, sometimes contrasting in colour
  • Fluid shapes in the profile of the chair, liked curved arms or a winged back
  • Tufted button backs are prominent, as is stud detailing on the edges of the chair
  • You’ll also notice a fair bit of pattern in some chairs, be it stripes or geometrics

The first armchair and accent chair in the list of 50 is the Mila Armchair from Brosa (pictured above). Below are others in the Hamptons Provincial family, which I know you’ll love.

hamptons armchairs and accent chairs provincial armchairs and accent chairs

Hamptons Provincial Armchairs and Accent Chairs Mood Board

I’ve included all the links to the armchairs and accent chairs below for you. So simply select your fave chair and you’re moments away from shopping it online.

Top Row
Allie Armchair Whitewashed | Amadeus Armchair | Long Island Armchair

Middle Row
Blue Linen Wingback Armchair | Brighton Designer Chair | White Bobbin Armchair

Bottom Row
Alessi Accent Chair | Khadi Armchair | Nottage Armchair

ikea rattan armchair coastal boho interior design

Coastal Bohemian Armchairs and Accent Chairs

The coastal bohemian blend is a design style that has really gained traction in the last few years. That love of an all-white interior has certainly become strong in the local interiors landscape. And so the chairs we bring into these sorts of homes need to be equally stripped back.

That’s not to say they’re boring though. They’re actually anything but. While the colour has been turned down in these chairs, the texture has been turned up. So you get this wonderfully tactile quality in the finish. If you’re looking at the mood board below and it’s making your heart race, you might enjoy my tips on how to create a California Cool vibe at your place. It’s the next big incarnation of this look.

The other great thing about this style of armchairs and accent chairs is the variance in comfort level. Some are just made for a cosy reading nook, whereas others are more for show. They might be less cushy but they’re certainly striking.

The main elements that dictate a Coastal Bohemian armchair and accent chair are:

  • A stripped-back colour palette: white, beige and brown are the heroes here
  • A tactile quality in the materials; you can’t help but want to touch them
  • Materials like wicker, rattan, timber and linen are used throughout
  • Many of the chairs are low to the ground and feel rather informal
  • A lot of the armchairs in this style feel handmade, at least in part

The gorgeous armchair pictured above is the first from the Coastal Bohemian category. It’s the BUSKBO rattan armchair from IKEA. The other nine are below in the mood board for you to peruse.


coastal boho armchairs and accent chairs mood board

Coastal Bohemian Armchairs and Accent Chairs Mood Board

I’ve included all the links to the armchairs and accent chairs below for you. So simply select your fave chair and you’re moments away from shopping it online.

Top Row
Gronadal Rocking Chair | Linen Slipcover Armchair | Bermuda Designer Chair

Middle Row
Newport Armchair | Malawi Style Club Chair | Esther Rattan Lounger

Bottom Row
Baha Sofa Lounge Chair | Palm Springs Chair | Stockholm Armchair

adairs portland armchair burnet orange velvet armchair in pink bedroom

Contemporary Luxe Armchairs and Accent Chairs

The armchairs and accent chairs in this style category are all rather bold. That’s what’s so wonderful about the contemporary luxe vibe; you have an opportunity to create a focal point with furniture. While the Hamptons Provincial and Coastal Boho chairs aren’t considered dominant players in a space, the chairs below certainly do capture your attention.

There’s also a wonderful array of colours in these sorts of armchairs and accent chairs. Everything from minimal shades like white and grey, through to dusty pink and moody burnt orange, and then vibrant jewel tones.

It’s safe to say a tonne of us have this style of furniture in our homes. It’s certainly a style a lot of my design clients ask for. These chairs reflect an interior aesthetic that feels rich, intriguing and sophisticated, and yet somewhat relaxed at the same time.

Contemporary Luxe armchairs and accent chairs have a few features in common:

  • Velvet is a prominent material used in these chairs and evokes a sense of luxury
  • Jewel tones are commonly seen; think emerald, ruby, sapphire and so on
  • Metallic arms and legs also feature heavily in this look; gold and copper especially
  • There’s always interesting details like stitching, quilting, ruching and more
  • Backs are low, and often the rear of the chair looks just as good as the front

The first chair to show you in this contemporary luxe category is the one above, the Portland Velvet Chair from Adairs. The other nine are below, and good Lord are they gorgeous.

contemporary luxe armchairs and accent chairs velvet chairs

Contemporary Luxe Armchairs and Accent Chairs Mood Board

I’ve included all the links to the armchairs and accent chairs below for you. So simply select your fave chair and you’re moments away from shopping it online.

Top Row
Coco Velvet Lounge Chair | Rex Velvet Armchair | Lisette Armchair

Middle Row
Gus Margot Armchair | Miami Onyx Chair | Alva Velvet Armchair

Bottom Row
Adele Armchair | Caspar Armchair | Delilah Armchair

kmart 2020 home small living room with marble coffee table and marble side table

Scandinavian Mid-Century Armchairs and Accent Chairs

Who doesn’t love a bit of Scandi style? Before the Coastal Boho trend laded a few years ago, everyone was mad for Scandinavian interiors. Thankfully many of us still are. I love the way this style, and its Mid-Century neighbour, blend the hard and the soft. It’s done so well in both living spaces and bedrooms. And the armchairs and accent chairs in this style category reflect that approach too.

There’s actually a really nice crossover between Scandi and Mid-Century styles. I like to think that chairs in this style make a room feel interesting, because you get that sense of old and new in the design.

There’s also real attention to detail in these chairs, and the craftsmanship is obvious. These are the sorts of chairs you invest in and have for decades. And because both these styles aren’t fleeting, the chairs will just get better with age.

I find the replica market is huge for this style of chair as well. Now, we all have our personal opinion on the world of replica furniture. But it’s worth pointing out that you can get the knock-offs really affordably, or invest and support the original designer. So choose your own adventure there!

Here’s how you can spot Scandinavian and Mid-Century armchairs and accent chairs:

  • A beautiful timber finish is often present on the arms and legs of the chair
  • The chairs blend hard and soft; timber arms and legs meet upholstered cushioning
  • Legs of these chairs are usually tapered, and the timber is usually light
  • There are minimal embellishments as it’s all about the simplicity of the design
  • The backs are often architectural; beautiful detail to look at from all angles

The first Scandinavian Mid-Century chair from this style category is the bargain Upholstered Timber Chair from Kmart. The other nine are in the mood board below. Enjoy!


scandinavian and mid century armchairs and accent chairs mood board

Scandinavian Mid-Century Armchairs and Accent Chairs Mood Board

I’ve included all the links to the armchairs and accent chairs below for you. So simply select your fave chair and you’re moments away from shopping it online.

Top Row
Sketch Ingrid Sofa Chair | Braddon Fabric Armchair | Sketch Nysse Occasional Chair

Middle Row
Max Designer Chair | Maddox Armchair | Morten Armchair

Bottom Row
Hugo De Ruiter Collar Lounge Chair | Poang Rocking Chair | Ekenaset Armchair

coco republic armchairs and accent chairs in dark living room black feature wall

Urban Industrial Armchairs and Accent Chairs

We’ve come to the last style family in my round of top armchairs and accent chairs. And it’s gotta be my fave style of the lot. Urban Industrial is the vibe I’m currently working to bring into my own apartment, so I’m rather excited about this one.

People think industrial design is all rusted metal and exposed brick. Sure, it can be, but it can also take on a much sleeker and chicer feel. You can have metal but it can be smooth. You can have a little brick, or a little concrete, but then balance it out with soft moments in rugs and furniture.

In fact, if you want to see exactly how to pull off this look, check out my post on the new urban industrial style. If shows you how to inject this vibe into the pockets of your home. And the images in that post will prove to you that you can really have more urban influence, and have it feel rather luxurious and high-end.

The armchairs and accent chairs in this style have a few things in common:

  • Leather is prominent, in both lighter tan tones, black, and darker chocolate shades
  • Soft black and charcoal fabrics are also used in a lot of the chairs
  • There’s a masculine vibe to a lot of these chairs, they’re moodier and rich
  • There’s a blend of hard and soft: timber meets leather, fabric meets metal
  • Many of the chairs feel quite structured, even a little formal (not something cushy)

The chairs above are some of my faves from this style category. They’re the Anders Occasional Chairs from Coco Republic. The metal arms on them are just everything. Check out the other chairs in the mood board below.

urban industrial armchairs and accent chairs mood board leather armchairs

Urban Industrial Armchairs and Accent Chairs Mood Board

I’ve included all the links to the armchairs and accent chairs below for you. So simply select your fave chair and you’re moments away from shopping it online.

Top Row
Blake Armchair | Stefan Occasional Chair | Silkie Sling Occasional Chair

Middle Row
Hugo Designer Chair | Studio Wire Lounge Chair | Soho Cotton Canvas Lounge Chair

Bottom Row
Hug Leather Lounge Chair | Leather Butterfly Chair | Leather Sling Chair

Which is your top choice from the armchairs and accent chairs roundup? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Drop me your thoughts!


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  1. I really appreciate this article Chris. We need to replace our arm chairs at our beach house, they need to be comfortable and durable, and look good. This is a great starting point for me to pick ones I like the look of and then get my girlfriend to start sitting in and make sure she finds them comfy! Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much for the post Chris. I’ve been pondering armchairs for months now and can’t decide!! Some great ideas here though xx

  3. I would have liked to have seen some ready-made armchairs with prints on the fabric, like I have found, for example, in a patchwork design

  4. I’m a Physical Therapist by trade however trying to find my way through different styles I like for my new home.
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