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oz design angled sofa in urban interior design style living room dark floors white walls

How to Pull Off the Chic Urban Interior Design Style at Yours

The urban interior design style has to be one of my modern-day faves. I’ve done so many different aesthetics in client homes (and admittedly, my own) over the years, and the urban vibe is undoubtedly on the rise.

There’s a lot to love about this look, and it’s definitely one I plan on rolling out in my new apartment once all of this Covid-19 craziness is over. The good news for you and I is that we can shop this entire vibe at OZ Design. The urban interior design style It’s one of 10 trends from their winter essentials drop. It absolutely has my heart.

The even better news: as part of my April giveaway you can win a $500 OZ Design gift card. Simply scroll to the end of this post to enter the competition.

And if you want to execute a look like this in your own home, I’m going to take you through how to pull it all off: here are the 9 essential inclusions for the urban interior design style.

oz design small round marble dining table in urban dining room dark floors white walls

1. A Chic Base Palette

There’s a high contrast black and white palette going on in the base of this look. If you have dark floors and white walls, this style is a cinch to achieve. But you can also rock it if your floors are a lighter tone. You just want that chic black-on-white moment somewhere in the room, and you can do it with furniture and decor if you need.

oz design angled sofa in urban interior design style living room dark floors white walls

2. Moody Accent Tones

Think less ruby and emerald accents for the urban interior design style. We’ve done those a lot in the luxe trend of the past. This isn’t a glossy or glitzy situation, it’s far moodier. I love the current move toward accent tones like burnt orange, tan, mustard and navy. Include those atop a white, black and grey base and you have urban nailed.

oz design tatum brown leather sofa with piping in urban living room

3. Lashings of Leather

My fave – leather! You can do it en masse with a large leather sofa in a gorgeous tan colour, or opt for something less dominant in the space. I love me a leather armchair in a living room. And who doesn’t adore a leather cushion? I used some in my Bentleigh project and they were the bomb against a grey sofa. Isn’t the option above pure heaven?

oz design vienna buffet tall rattan cabinet in living room with navy velvet sofa

4. Velvet Moments

I know so many of you are already showcasing velvet in your home through things like armchairs, ottomans and cushions. So you’re already onto a good thing there. In this chic interpretation of the urban interior design style, the velvet goes a bit darker though. A navy velvet sofa, a burnt orange ottoman, or a mustard cushion are right at home here.

oz design abby dining chairs in chic dining room with leather banquette seating

5. Statement Lighting

You can’t achieve an urban look and feel through a basic floor lamp. What I love so much about this style is the wow-factor lights you can introduce into any number of rooms. As a starting point, think outside the box; unique shapes, metallic moments, multi-bulb pendants. There’s actually a nod to the mid Century aesthetic here which I love. Have a play, be adventurous!

oz design grey velvet sofa with piping trim

6. Structured Sofas

Sofas in the urban interior design style and quite structured. There’s a sleek, clean-line element to them. They feel strong but not overwhelming. There’s a sophistication to them. Details like piped trim and thin tapered legs give them a high-end appeal. You’ll also see from the photos here that they’re super cosy, but not puffy. It’s contemporary design at its best.

round marble dining table black bentwood chairs chic dining room

7. Mix in Marble

One thing I notice always finds its way into my design projects is marble. Usually a marble coffee table and often a marble side table. I just can’t help myself – I love the stuff! The good news for those of you in the same boat as me is that marble works wonderfully when pulling off the urban interior design style. With all the moodiness going on elsewhere a pop of marble in a table is just enough to create a magical sense of balance.

wicker drinks cabinet oz design black buffet urban interior design

8. Organic Materials

People often struggle with this part but it’s possibly the most important. The urban interior design style needs some unexpected materials. If it’s all marble and velvet and metallic, it goes too chic, luxe and blingy. You need furniture made from things like wicker and rattan. It feels unexpected, it’s more organic and it grounds the look. 

green coloured glass vases with black vessel oz design

9. Fluid Shapes

The decor you put on table tops, mantles and sideboards is so crucial. It’s crucial for any style, come to think of it. But when you’re approaching urban design you need fluid shapes. A straight up and down vase simply won’t do. Look to pieces that feel more organic and handmade. A bulb shape in a vessel, sculptures that don’t adhere to a basic form, and showcase coloured glass too. Busts (ceramic heads) are a huge decor trend at the moment and would be right at home in the urban design vibe too.

white ceramic head stone bust mens head white oz design statue

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The gang at OZ Design have been kind enough to take part in my April giveaway, which could see you score a $500 gift card. Simply follow the prompts below to enter, and the prize could be yours!

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Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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217 Responses

  1. The Rita cabinet is my choice, the texture, quality and the fact it is customisable is everything I love about oz design

  2. Organic materials and fluid shapes. They just go together so well, the natural and beautiful shapes, reminding me of beautiful Asian furniture and decoration.

  3. I LOVE the post on Coffee Table Trays and styling-I have been experimenting with this while in lockdown, but having the perfect base with a stylish tray is clearly an important design element. I haven’t decided which tray I like best but would probably get a few and have a delightful time, fiddling about with styling-will keep me out of mischief while I have time on my hands!

  4. The TATUM 3 SEATER is a lockdown pleaser!
    Easy care leather, designed to weather
    messy family and friends (when this all ends)
    for some sofa time TLC, it’s as comfy as can be
    stylish design, I need this in my life!

  5. Her name was LOLA, she was a showgirl…
    An entertaining showpiece for my living room for sure!
    Love LOLA’s luxe, sumptuous look- elegant ottoman of my dreams!!
    Velvet for the win!!

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