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luxe feminine living room with teal velvet sofa from oz design and bird art

Style and Shop the New Luxe Living Interiors Trend

Luxe living has come a long way.

In years gone by, the word ‘luxury’ had seriously hideous connotations for me. I found that the people who cited it as their favourite aesthetic loved bling on bling. Think chandeliers, spiral staircases and mirrored furniture. That’s what the word meant to me, anyway. Perhaps I’m completely alone here, but I think that luxe interiors now have a completely different reputation.

Luxe homes are packed with subtle sophistication nowadays and I’m rather smitten with them. Gone are all of those over-the-top, gaudy design inclusions. And they’ve made way for a whole tone of divine decorator pieces. In today’s post, I want to show you what I believe luxe living means in a modern world. And hopefully you’ll find it just as appealing.

The photo above is via OZ Design and is a perfect examine of the new feminine direction the luxe living look has gone in. Aint it a winner?


Luxe Living is all about Colour and Texture

The new way to rock luxe living involves merging the right combination of colour and texture.

In terms of the colour palette, things are less over the top and far moodier. Think dark jewel tones like emerald (green), ruby (red) and sapphire (blue). Other tones like amethyst (purple) and topaz (yellow) also make an appearance, though I prefer those in smaller doses.

In fact, as you can see in the image at the top of this post, using emerald as a major colour in the space can be balanced beautifully with hints of teal and dusty pink. That’s the secret to getting the luxe living look right: let one jewel tone be your dominant and bring in some non-jewel tones as supporting players.

The image directly above from Heatherly Design is a perfect example of how the vibe can go in a darker, more masculine direction. I love both it and the softer look from OZ Design. Which is your fave?

When it comes to texture, think more opulent materials. Marble, brass, velvet, leather, suede and faux fur will all intermingle beautifully in this look. And if you ever fear that the overall design is looking a bit crazy, you can ground the entire scene with charcoal and black tones.

luxe living room with jewel tones and gold accessories

Shop the Luxe Living Trend

Above I’ve curated some of my favourite pieces that fit into the luxe living trend. And below I’ve popped all of the links to the stores, so you can shop up a storm if you so desire.

  • Timber Lotus Pendant Light, $209.99 from Adairs – Shop it here
  • Lux Hurrican Lamp, $9 from Kmart – Shop it here
  • Huckle Apple Wall Art, $770 from Greenhouse Interiors – Shop it here
  • Spectre 3-Seater Sofa, $2024 from OZ Design – Shop it here
  • Armada Square Cushion, $49 from Urban Road – Shop it here
  • Rebecca Marble Hex Side Table, $995 from Urban Couture – Shop it here
  • Astral Circle Cushion, $49 from Urban Road – Shop it here
  • Mongolian Lambswool Cushion Cover, $99 from Temple & Webster – Shop it here
  • Tanner Polished Black Armchair, $699 from Barnaby Lane – Shop it here
  • Douglas Industrial Metal Pipe Floor Lamp, $89 from Living Styles – Shop it here

What’s your fave luxe living piece here? Are you on board with this new take on luxury interiors? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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