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inside the queer eye apartment black kitchen counter and leather stools

Inside the Queer Eye Apartment: A Mid Century-Modern Design Dream

Like everyone else on the planet, I’ve become utterly obsessed with the Queer Eye reboot. So it’s only natural that I take you inside the Queer Eye apartment in today’s post. Because boy is it packed with a tonne of design goodness.

I’m talking the kinda design goodness that’s finally gotten my partner Gavin and I on the same page about what our combined design style is. Who knew?!

You see, he’s very vintage-warehouse-apartment-meets-industrial vibe. He loves a pre-loved piece of decor that tells a story. He loves things not matching. He’s fully into quirky retro moments. And then I’m probably into a more polished, contemporary-luxe look. Not luxe as in gold and bling, but clean lines and a refined, upmarket style. I love a bit of concrete and leather.

So when we saw snaps of the stuff inside the Queer Eye apartment we both gasped. It was as though the place brought together all of our fave design styles and moments. It’s the perfect blend of new and old. It’s mid-Century modern with luxe moments. There are nods to industrial style without it going too rustic.

And my fave part: it feels high-end but with some whimsy. I do love me some whimsy. Give me a dash of Jonathan Adler goodness any day of the week. I am there!

Let’s scroll through and take a look inside the Queer Eye loft and drool over what makes it so amazing. The kitchen above, for example, I can’t even with it. That whole scene is so good I want to buy everything, have it bagged up, and deliver it to my home ASAP.

inside the queer eye apartment west elm living room furniture inside the queer eye apartment timber side table from west elm inside the queer eye apartment black feature wall in warehouse living room

The West Elm Living Room is Killing Me

I love me a rug with a somewhat muted tribal pattern on it. The one in the living room above is doing wonders in injecting some global charm into the space. It underneath that divine West Elm coffee table is just kinda everything. I saw that coffee table in-store the other day when I was decor shopping for a client and it’s phenomenal. Both Gavin and I like it, so it must be ours!

I’m also finding the coffee and side table styling rather delightful. Across the entire inside of the Queer Eye apartment there’s sublime book stacks and moments showcasing flowers and plants. I’m really enjoying the lamps on the side table as well. It’s a sense of luxury in a small moment but it has a huge impact.

A lot of this stuff is from West Elm, btw. The images in this post are courtesy of their blog, Front + Maine, which I’m a huge fan of. West Elm is my go-to store for smaller decorative items for client projects. It’s often so hard to find pieces that are new but retain a story, a sense of character, and feel quirky. West Elm has that nailed, so give them a try if you haven’t done so yet.

Lastly, I desperately need some dark timber panelling across a wall in my home. How good does it look in the living room above?

inside the queer eye apartment neon sign on red brick wall

inside the queer eye loft velvet blue armchair from west elm

The Moments of Whimsy: I’m all for it

The neon sign in the Queer Eye dining room that reads “Style, Taste, Class” is perfection. That’s the level of fun and irreverence I’m talking about when I say that I like to inject some whimsy in a space. It’s not some over-the-top random moment. Nor is it crass or juvenile. It’s fun, but it’s cool.

The neon sign also provides a nice balance to the luxe vibes that are in the space, through moments like the velvet grey dining chairs and blue armchairs. It goes a long way in keeping the room from taking itself too seriously.

If you love a velvet armchair, I did a post recently on the best places to get velvet chairs from. Check that out next if you’re keen.

The industrial warehouse moments have not been lost on me either. Exposed brick walls I am all for. Polished concrete flooring; I live for it. And exposed timber beams running across the roof; where do I sign up? This is my dream apartment, no joke. I have to find a way to create this for myself somewhere in Melbourne.

The hanging plant herb garden below is next level, don’t you think? I also spot a tan leather stool that has my weak at the knees.

inside the queer eye apartment indoor plants exposed brick wall

inside the queer eye apartment large indoor plants in concrete pots

Oversized Indoor Plants for the Win

Now, you know me. I’ve confessed numerous times on this blog that I am terrible at keeping plants alive. Except my fiddle leaf fig. I did crack the case on keeping that lil bugger thriving if you want to read about that.

But that doesn’t stop me appreciating the oversized plant moments inside the Queer Eye apartment. Gavin is pretty good with plant upkeep and maintenance, so that could be his domain. Although you know how big a fan I am of a fake plant, so I could totally rock those in large pots like the ones above. I have a few great suppliers for huge fake indoor plants so I would hit them up and recreate the scene above. Too easy!

Did you see my budget indoor plant wall using a $49 Kmart shelf? You gotta take a look. Sure, all the plants are fake (and I love it), but you could pull it off just as easily with real greenery.

I do know this for a fact: the Mother-in-Laws-Tongue above is actually super low-maintenance if you need a plant that won’t die on you. I have one on my desk and it thrives on neglect.

inside the queer eye apartment warehouse dining room furniture west elm

Could you Live Inside the Queer Eye Apartment?

Have you been watching the show and found yourself equally obsessed with the boys’ loft? I want everything in it.

I’d love to know if you have any of the West Elm pieces that are in this post, and what you’ve thought of them at your place?

Drop me a comment below and share your thoughts.

Happy decorating gang,


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Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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5 Responses

  1. I love Queer Eye and I love their loft! I also love what they do with the homes they renovate. I am so addicted to watching that feel good program. They are such lovely guys and the difference they make in those people’s lives is amazing and beautiful!
    Love your style too!

  2. Welcome Back Chris – yes we missed you!! I recall meeting you at a paper workshop in the city many moons ago and still love seeing your newsletter/blog! Also my daughter and I love Love Love Queer Eye – so much so we even watched it in Bali via our Netflix account whilst on holidays recently! (Also just bought tickets to see Jonathon Van Ness in the Ropad to Shanghai ) can’t wait!!!

  3. Love queer eye. I always press pause when they show the room makeovers. Bobby is a genius and I love the way he uses black to such good effect. Great to have you back though Chris!

  4. I love every show of Queer Eye, I get really addicted. The styling is amazing.it drives ny husband crazy when he sees me watching the show. My 2 dearest friends are gay guys and they love that I watch the show. Although Johnathon drives me nuts.

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