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8 Cheap Ways to give your Laundry Room New Life

Nothing excited me more when I moved into my new home (apart from the mortgage!), than realising I had my very own laundry room. In my previous rental home, the laundry was more of a cupboard hidden under the stairs; a dark and dreary hole in the wall with little opportunity to style. And if you know me, you know I like to style every pocket of my home within an inch of its life.

Once I secured my new combined washer dryer for the space (see it here), the time came to start pondering what I might do with the laundry room design. I’d actually never even considered making the laundry room a design destination before, but who says it can’t be?

As you might suspect, I don’t have the budget to do anything major like retiling, wallpapering, or plumbing. So all of the ideas I’m going to share with you below are really budget friendly. Hopefully you can get some inspo to make your own laundry room amazing too. Because who wants to be washing dirty undies in a room that looks like a dog’s dinner? Not me!

8 Cheap ways to give your laundry room new life

laundry room with light turquoise walls and white window shutters

1. A Splash of Paint

I know, this seems obvious, and every magazine suggests paint as a cheap way to revamp a room. The reason I say to do it in the laundry room, though, is because this isn’t a zone everyone is going to see. It’s also usually the smallest room in your home. So why not get adventurous in the laundry room first? If you love it you can try it in a larger room in your home.

And if you paint your laundry and hate the result, repainting it won’t cost too much or take up too much time. So it’s a reasonably low-risk experiment.

This post will help if you want to get adventurous with paint and apply it in a new and interesting way.

white tile laundry room with blue and white striped runner on floor

2. Rug or Runner

I honestly never thought of putting down a stylish rug in a laundry room, but what a stunner of an idea. Laundries can often feel so cold and sterile; a forgotten zone you just dump clothes in. But by putting down a rug or runner, you take the first step in warming up this zone and making it feel inviting. Which, in winter, is very much required!

I think this is the best idea of the lot and it’s so simple and affordable. Let me hunt down some killer rug or runner options for you and pop up a post on the blog next week.

white and beige laundry room with building in storage and stacks of towles and cushions

3. Designer Shelving

I say designer, but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Laundries are notoriously short on shelving and storage, so I love the idea of supporting some local designers and makers, and using their eye-catching shelves to display laundry essentials, instead of going to major retailers.

Locally here in Aus, I love H&G Designs’ shelves (like these) and I also adore Hammered Leatherworks; they produce sublime shelving too (see some of them here).

Pop one of these up on your wall and then get creative; styling them up with usable Vignettes (more on this below).

laundry room with marble benchtop and abstract art on light grey wall

4. Stylish Art

Another idea you don’t normally think of when it comes to the laundry; displaying art. But I love this one.

I also think it’s nice to veery away from those tongue-in-cheek artworks that are obviously made for a laundry. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with prints that give a nod to washing, or rinsing, or the fact that you’re in a laundry. But I love the idea of putting some unique and individual art up in the laundry room and making it – as I said above – a design destination!

If you’re after some Aussie art that makes a statement, check this post out.

grey and white laundry with wire baskets held onto wall using 3m hooks

5. No-hole Hooks

If your laundry is like mine, it has one cupboard in it and everything tends to get crammed in there. The way around this; clever storage! Besides a shelf, which can house all of your need-to-reach items, stylish wall hooks are another awesome way to hang things like brooms, mops and dusters.

This is also a great idea for renters, because you can use Command hooks, for example, which won’t leave marks or holes in your walls (and they can hold a fair bit of weight too).

laundry room with hamptons style cabinetry and jute rug on floor and zebra print towels

6. New cabinet handles

If you’ve been in your home a while, perhaps a cheap cupboard door handle refresh is in order. Or, if like me, you’re just not fond of the handles that came with the home, you can change them up too.

Sometimes replacing something as small as a cupboard handle can make a huge difference. Especially if you’re removing a fairly boring or basic handle and replacing it with a handle in a particular style (like industrial or French Provincial). If can actually be the element that starts changing the overall design style you have for the space.

Sidenote: I do love the idea of a farmhouse-style industrial laundry. So dreamy.

Capra Designs Marble Indoor Plant pot on The Life Creative

7. Laundry Room Greenery

It goes without saying that indoor plants are the bomb. I usually kill all of mine, so if you’re in the same boat, this post will show you six almost unkillable varieties. And if you think fake plants and flowers were a daggy, thing-of-the-past, this post will change your mind!

In wet spaces like kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, I love the sense of nature plants and flowers can bring to a room. Feature one show-stopping plant in the corner of the room, or opt for a smaller cluster on a shelf or bench. Either way, it’ll bring some life (literally) to the room and give you something to smile at when you’re in there!

blonde timber laundry cabinets with white subway tiles laundry room with pull across sheer curtain

8. Window treatments

My laundry currently sports a pretty ordinary roller blind. I am DYING to get my hands on some sheer curtains to further bring a sense of warmth to the laundry room. I love sheers, and the good news is that they’re not too expensive either.

I’m going to write a whole post on sheers in the coming weeks, because they’re my favourite type of window treatment and they seriously rock. But if sheers aren’t your thing, even some patterned light curtains could make the laundry room feel less cold and more welcoming.

laundry room vignette with wicker tray and thank you hand wash and glass jar holding wooden pegs

9. Usable Vignettes

Not sure what a vignette is or how to make one work? This post will sort you out. But let me assure you, creating your own little decorating clusters is such fun in a laundry room. The reason is because you can actually use most of the items you’re staging in there, so it’s the perfect marriage of form and function.

Towels, glass jars containing detergent, dishes holding gorgeous wooden pegs; these are all items you use daily, but they also look phenomenal from a decorative perspective too. I also love stylish spray bottles with good-looking labels (surely I’m not alone, here!) and lose my mind over a cute scrubbing brush.

budget laundry room design ideas mint and white laundry colour scheme with industrial elements

How’s your Laundry Room going?

So there you have it: cheap as chips ways to make your laundry room design feel brand new again. No major works, no construction, and no forking out big bucks.

I’d love to know what you’re planning to do in your laundry, or what stylish things you’ve already carried out. Drop me a comment below and let me know what’s working for you!

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