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How to Style and Snap Perfect Vignettes

Vignettes seems to be a design buzzword showing no signs of going away. Used to describe a brief scene – predominantly featuring homewares or decor – it’s become something we all like to take part in creating. I gave vignette queen Yvette Wilson of The Stylist Splash a holler and asked her to share her tips on styling and snapping the perfect vignette. On with the dreamy scenery!

All of the shots in this post are from Yvette’s Instagram account and are my faves from her abundant collection. Once you gaze over them, you’ll understand why I call her the queen of vignettes; she really has en eye for creating stunning mini moments. 

Here’s how Yvette styles and snaps her perfect vignettes…

 The Stylist Splash on Creating Vignettes

1. Lighting

“Lighting is very important,” Yvette says. “The brighter the better. I wait for the perfect light, around lunch time and snap my shots. A dull day create shadows and for my shots I like them to be light and bright”.

How to Create a Vignette with The Stylist Splash

2. Prop Selection

“I like my vignettes to carry some sort of theme, whether it be a collection of coloured items or items from my desk. That way the vignette will tell a story”.

The Stylist Splash - Vignette Styling

3. Camera Angles

“Flat lay shots are my favourite; this is where the angle is taken from above,” Yvette explains. “It’s a great way to showcase a selection of your favourite items. I also like taking my shots directly from the front; this works better if you have tall objects like lamps and flowers in your vignette”.

Vignette Styling - The Stylist Splash

4. Colour choices

“I like to keep to the colour palette similar. This makes it more appealing to the eye and creates a visually appealing photo.  Maybe including one item in a different colour to add a pop of interest is fun too”.

Vignettes with The Stylist Splash
5. Work in Odd Numbers

“Generally speaking, working with an odd number of objects works better. It is more appealing to the eye. At the end of day, you can create of collection of things anyway you like, just have fun!”.

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Vignette styling


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