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A Boy Named Aaron - Interview

The Man Behind Aussie Homewares brand A Boy Named Aaron

Tribal Homewares from A Boy Named Aaron

I’m a bit obsessed with homewares brand A Boy Named Aaron. I first spotted their anchors pop up on Instagram last year and since then I’ve enjoyed seeing the evolution of this local biz. At the helm of it, as the name suggests, is Aaron Darcy; a 34-year-old mixed media artists from the Gold Coast.

With a background in graphic design, photography and decorating, Aaron’s brand is an outlet he can most confidently pour his energy and passion into – and the results are nothing short of stunning (I’m losing my mind over the blue and white colour story in the photo above!).

“Dependant on the piece, the process involved from start­ to ­finish will differ,” Aaron tells me, when I ask him how long his gorgeous, tribal-inspired homewares take to complete. A process of carving, sanding, undercoat, painting, embellishments and more, this is a handmade endeavour with a lot of heart.

“Completed works can take anywhere from a few days up to weeks, even months to finish,” he explains.

Tribal Anchor by A Boy Named Aaron Homewares from A Boy Named Aaron

Using specialty paints from Spain and embellishments he sources from all over the globe, Aaron admits that his designs have evolved over time – and that travel has played a major part in inspiring the collections.

“Having the opportunity to travel to a string of locations from Asia, America, the east and our very own country has opened my eyes to culture, colour and design on a completely different level,” Aaron says.

It’s the growing creative community on the Gold Coast – where he’s lived with his partner for 14 years – that Aaron finds most inspiring, though.

“There’s a growing diversity of creative people on the Coast now, with indie art and music events, showings and exhibitions. This inspires me knowing there is a network of creative hubs to connect with. I’ve set up a small creative workshop/studio space which too will evolve… so watch this space, it’s a canvas just beginning to come to life!”.

>>> Are you loving these tribal designs from A Boy Named Aaron? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Aaron Darcy from A Boy Named Aaron


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