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Andrew Winter - Inside Selling Houses Australia

Andrew Winter talks Inside Selling Houses Aus.

Property guru Andrew Winter let the cameras and the country into his home last night on part one of Inside Selling Houses Australia. In this interview, I chat with him about his home, taking style and garden advice from Shaynna and Charlie and what it’s like to look back on those old episodes of Selling Houses!

Andrew Winter - Inside Selling Houses Australia
You invite the cameras (and the country) into your home on Inside Selling Houses Australia. How much tidying up was required?

“Three kids, a wife who works and two dogs; a display home all the time it is not! I panic continually unless the house is immaculate. I always have – well before TV days! So yes, much preparation”.

As a real estate guru yourself, what do you think the first impressions of your own home would be for sale?

“Fantastic of course! We have a block 9 metre wide at the back but 26 metres at the front. It is all about street presence and then the house wraps around the pool. I designed it, so it’s good, haha!”.

Did Shaynna and Charlie try to give you any styling or garden tips when they saw your place?

“They had already when we were building back in 2010 (I even embraced some of it!).

Viewers are often surprised to discover that you all really do the hard work on the show. Does that surprise you?

“I don’t mind as long as people still watch the show. I do have the job from heaven”.

Lifestyle Channel has been showing the original series of Selling Houses. What’s it like to look back on that era (where it all began)?

“No problem. It’s the UK ones from 2001/2002 that make me cringe – and Foxtel keep showing them to the delight of SH fans, who love to point out how old I must look now and what was I wearing (and the hair do!)”. 

SHA is coming back for another season. Why do you think it’s so successful?

“Maybe because we all love what we do, never take ourselves too seriously and really do ‘sell houses’ – no fake drama here!”.

Inside Selling Houses Australia - Shaynna Blaze and Charlie Albone

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Cast photo in this post comes courtesy of insideoutcolouranddesign.com

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  • I love SHA and yes even the old ones on Foxtel can’t get enough!

    26 June, 2014
  • Barbara


    Please show again Inside SHA the special series shown earlier this year. I’m an avid watcher of the show, used to watch all the English ones years ago. Completely missed the ones shown in early June/July had a sick patient at home and never saw hardly any TV. Would love to see them repeated for people like me that missed them first time around.

    19 November, 2014

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