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First Elimination - Adam and Lisa - House Rules 2014

House Rules Recap: The First Elimination.

Tears, triumphs and a twist in the judging room made this episode of House Rules one of the most memorable yet. Let’s take a look at some of the good, bad and ugly elements of Bomber and Mel’s house reveal!

Bomber and Mel's Bedroom - House Rules 2014 Bomber and Mel's Bedside Table - House Rules 2014

The Good
Adam and Lisa are the ones to watch in this competition and did a pretty good job in Bomber and Mel’s bedroom. I have to say, though, that the wall was a little too much for the space – and would have looked better on a smaller scale. Those suitcase bedside tables, however, were an absolute standout and I loved every bit of them.

I was also going bananas over the weathered and rustic doors in the hallway. They are the stuff dreams are made of. I must have me a set of those in my home ASAP!

Bomber and Mel's Hall - House Rules 2014 Bomber and Mel's Laundry - House Rules 2014

The Bad
Despite what the judges said, I thought the pulley system in the laundry was gimmicky and something that won’t ever be utilised in the real world. Please correct me in the comments below if I’m wrong, but who would go to the trouble of pulling them back up all the time?

Below, Brooke and Grant once again proved why they’re on the bottom of the leaderboard with the Lewis Carroll quote sprawled across on the wall of the toilet. Because if it’s one thing I always look for in a toilet, it’s inspiration!?

Bomber and Mel's Toilet - House Rules 2014 Bomber and Mel's Kitchen - House Rules 2014

The Ugly
Now I do love Maddi and Lloyd, but what on Earth were they thinking with the splashback in Bomber and Mel’s kitchen? (click here to check out some real spashback inspiration). And this is coming from someone who adores street art and graffiti, too. They really missed the mark with this one, but I do give them props for that dining table. Totally not my style but what a clever idea!

First Elimination - Carole and Russell - House Rules 2014 First Elimination - Adam and Lisa - House Rules 2014

The Twist
After Brooke and Grant were finally send packing, Griggsy revealed that the teams will be doing over whole houses each. What the!? I can’t wait to see how this unravels. Needless to say, the contestants did their best gasps to date (Carole’s was my fave).



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