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House Rules 2014 - Candy and Ryan

House Rules Recap: Brooke and Grant’s Reveal

Tonight’s House Rules reveal showcased some amazing design ideas and a few that left a lot to be desired. The walk-through from Brooke and Grant did illustrate that there actually are moments in time when Brooke seems genuinely happy. It’s just that they don’t last long. On with the House Rules recap!House Rules 2014 - Laundry Tile

“It’s Floral, it’s green, it’s ugly – Brooke will love it”. 
Truer words were never spoken during Adam and Lisa’s shopping adventure for the tiles in Brooke and Grant’s laundry. The end result (as much as it pains me to admit this) was actually rather lovely – and did look every bit the quaint, country laundry it was intended to be!

House Rules 2014 - Graffiti Wall

Predictably, Brooke hated the graffiti and I loved every bit of it.
It’s no secret that I’m smitten with street art, but even I was concerned that the graffiti wall in the boys’ bedroom was going to be overkill. The end result was an amazing one though, with white furniture that allowed the wall to be the main player in the space. A real wow moment indeed.

House Rules 2014 - Bedroom Bunks

“Never mix sharp cords and sharp edges with sleeping”.
I’m no electrician and I don’t have any children of my own, but the lamp and shelving idea in the boys’ bedrooms was never going to work. Bags not being the kids that have to sleep in those beds. Move in the middle of the night and you will get cut. I feel sad that the original plan for this room didn’t work out though. A jungle gym sounded like fun!

House Rules 2014 - Kids Bedroom

“It’s just a bit of plywood with some things stuck on it”.
The judges were right to point out the obvious failings in Mel and Bomber’s designs this week. The half climbing wall, half animal cemetery needed to be completely scrapped, while the wall colour and horror-movie scooter hanging from the roof where perhaps my greatest concerns in this space. Of course, Brooke loved this room the most.

House Rules 2014 - Master Bedroom

Was it ‘go easy on Carole and Russell’ week?
I don’t meant to say that the main bedroom was completely wrong, but there were some obvious failings here. The chair in-between those monster cupboards was complete off-scale, as were the bedside tables. The room felt rather snoozy to me (and terribly green), but I will give them kudos for those bedside lights. Truly stunning!

House Rules 2014 - Brooke Smiling

A moment of genuine happiness.
After pointing out their likes and dislikes, Brooke and Grant had an embrace at the end of the house reveal. It was a rare moment that, if I had not captured it in still, you might not believe had happened!

House Rules 2014 - Candy and Ryan

The smiles didn’t last long.
Candy was right to point out that strategy was coming into play at this stage of the game, after Brooke and Grant scored their designs a 5 out of 10. After having received great scores from Joe and Wendy, this was a real slap in the face – and Candy and Ryan weren’t afraid to show it!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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12 Responses

  1. Brooke is overwhelmingly the nastiest piece of work on the show, Grant doesn’t endear himself either, their marks for Adam and Lisa and Candy and Ryan were vindictive, I hope when I finish catching up that they are evicted, they don’t deserve the love and happiness the others put in to make their house a home

  2. Isn’t it funny how the so called experts get it wrong each week. Their expertise is driven by a text book and not in the real world.
    Didn’t like the main bedroom – it looked like a cheap motel room. Sorry Russell as we see how hard you work ( whilst Carol simply watches and yells)
    Kitchen and dinning room was great
    Bedrooms all good except for the flaws mentioned. The climbing wall was a great idea that simply didn’t work because of the restriction. Should have been scrapped.

  3. I loved that blue colour that Bomber and Mel used, LOVED it! The master bedroom was mostly lovely, but the wardrobes were a bit big and ugly I thought.

  4. I just think Brooke has the worst taste. She didn’t like that meatsafe, for a start, and Bomber and Mel’s bedroom was awful.

  5. Really disappointed with Mel & Bombers fantasy bedroom, had some great ideas but just ended up looking like overkill and a mess !
    Lisa did an awesome job decorating the laundry as per Brooke’s requests.
    Loved the graffiti bedroom, think they should have scored way higher !!!
    And the meat locker, I’m in love !!! how could Brooke not have liked it let alone love it ! Totally NUTS !!!!

    1. I am with you Jayne! Loved the meat locker and was really surprised at how good the laundry turned out. Not at all my style but they nailed it.

  6. I was totally underwhelmed by the girls bedroom. It was ham-fisted and VERY amateur even for this show. The wall mural was not great. The only piece I liked was the artwork above the bed.

    The master bedroom looked naked; it was completely undressed. Where was the artwork above the bed or the small personal items on the bedside tables? Agree the chair was not right either.

    Bomber and Mel’s bedroom = oh dear. Agree with you totally. Bed heads were awkward and rusty – not good for a sleep environment at all.

    I did like the vanity in the master bathroom but the fixtures weren’t right for the style of the home.

    1. I pretty much agree with everything you’ve highlighted Tania! 🙂
      The main definitely looked unfinished and the ornate mirror in the bathroom was a little too high as well!

  7. I don’t quite know what to say about that climbing wall idea. Talk about a failure of planning!

    1. I know – once they realised it couldn’t be a climbing wall it needed to be scrapped completely.

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