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Mad Men Set - Open Kitchen Display

7 Style Ideas to Steal from the Mad Men Set.

As with most TV shows, Mad Men is memorable for many things that have nothing to do with interiors. But when I watch a show, it’s ALL about the set design. It’s actually where I source a lot of my own home styling ideas. Carrie’s famous New York apartment was where I first fell in love with the vintage black telephone. But enough about SATC. Let’s take a look at the Mad Men set and steal some style!

Mad Men Set - TLC Interiors - Colour Blocking

1. Colour Blocking
Colour blocking is very on-trend right now, which just goes to show that popular interior ideas always come back around. Using primary colours like red, blue and yellow (as above) is a genius combo, but you can colour block with any hues that compliment one another. Soft grey, white and dusty pink would be a killer scheme (very modern feminine).

Mad Men Set - Feature Wall in Office

2. Feature Wallpaper
Gone are the days of the painted feature wall (put that sponge down). Right now, it’s all about dramatic wallpaper (as seen in this week’s House Rules). If your room is large, it can most certainly take a more daring pattern. Keep in mind that a dark feature wall will give the illusion that it’s coming toward you, so if you have a small space, try a more subtle pattern.

3. Rug Zoning
No matter what size your room, zoning your areas using a rug is a great idea to give the space clarity and purpose; making it feel more logical and showing people how to move through it. When looking for a rug, consider your other pieces of furniture carefully. A rug should either be the wow moment in your room or the supporting cast to your couch, for example.

Mad Men Set - Zoning with Rug Mad Men Set - Open Kitchen Display

4. A Show-Stopping Fridge
Who doesn’t dream of a Smeg refrigerator for their pad? They’ve been around for years now and they’re still one of my fantasy items. The one above is in a glorious mint colour (a hue I’ve come around to liking) and is a great illustration of how a fridge can be the focal point in a room while still being completely functional!

5. Open Shelving 
I love the idea of a relaxed kitchen, where anything goes and pieces are mis-matched. An open shelving scheme is a great way to achieve a casual vibe for this home hub. If you’re a fan of keeping things clean, consider shelving that displays more important pieces and put your everyday items behind closed doors. Either way, I think every kitchen could use at least one open shelf!

Mad Men Set - Bedroom Decorating

6. Covered Cupboard Doors
The shot above is so gloriously retro. Look beyond the panelling (I can’t say I’m too keen on that) and you’ll see the concept of decorating your cupboard doors coming to life. Sliding mirror doors on built-ins are very common these days, so why not spice things up a little and choose a radical wallpaper to cover this area? It makes the cupboard a feature and you can change it up when you tire of the design.

7. Fabric Wallpaper
A large space that gets a lot of light is the perfect zone to apply a fabric wallpaper. A matte finish will absorb the light instead of bouncing it around the space, making the room feel cosier. If you have a small space on your hands, avoid this idea – you need gloss finishes to bounce the light about the space.

Want more wallpaper ideas? Check out five fabulous wallpaper designs here.

Mad Men Set - Bedroom Ideas


Images in this post come courtesy of http://www.dmarge.com/


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