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House Rules 2014 Reveal 3 - Brooke and Grant

Hooley Dooley: It’s the House Rules Reveal 3 Recap.

The reveal of Adam and Lisa’s home on tonight’s House Rules featured a combination of stunning and shocking design choices by the teams. And while it proved that bathroom’s should never feature an enclosed toilet, it did go to show that you’re never too old to have a stage in your spare room. On with the House Rules reveal 3 recap.

House Rules 2014 Reveal 3 - Bathroom

Disaster Struck in the Loo.
A disaster in the toilet can never be a good thing and this week’s bathroom design from Carole and Russell proved it. While Mel described the enclosed toilet space as a “little smell catcher”, judge Wendy Moore best summed it up with “It’s like a solitary confinement cell”. Needless to say, this week’s scoring reflected the bad design choice.

House Rules 2014 Reveal 3 - Dining Room

It was Battle of the Papers in the Open Lounge-Diner.
While Adam and Lisa did request wow-factor wallpaper as one of the House Rules, the teams did little to ensure the patterns in their rooms even remotely worked together. Carole and Russell went for an eye-catching design that fought against the calming nature of the paper in the living room. Needless to say, their wallpaper lost.

House Rules 2014 Reveal 3 - Main Bedroom

The Main Bedroom got a Dungeon Chic Makeover. 
“I feel like I’ve just walked into a circus tent,” was how Wendy summed up the space. That is, if circuses are this dark and gloomy. Maddi and Lloyd had the best of intentions here, but the dark walls were a bad choice and the curtaining on the roof was way too much for the space to handle.

Things only got worse when they entered the ensuite, where the world could see you “using the facilities” unless you pulled down the bedroom blind. Hello Beryl!

House Rules 2014 Reveal 3 - Ensuite House Rules 2014 Reveal 3 - Guest Bedroom

Team Tassie: Annoyed and Defeated.
What can one say about Brooke and Grant? God love ’em, but they make some very questionable design decisions. The nook that holds that wallpaper makes the space feel smaller, while the colour scheme feels tired. “I could see my Mum in here”, as Lisa exclaimed, is not the first thought you want people to have when they see your design.

House Rules 2014 Reveal 3 - Brooke and Grant

Above: Brooke and Grant with their usual faces. Brooke: annoyed. Grant: defeated.

House Rules Reveal


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