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Michell and Steve - House Rules

Michelle Ball’s Advice for House Rules Season 2 Contestants

Before the new season of House Rules begins, I thought it timely that I catch up with last year’s most-loved contestant (and runner up), Michelle Ball, to chat about life after the show, how she survived the chaos of renovating, her thoughts on the series and her advice for season two contestants.

Michelle and Steve from House Rules

Now that the dust has settled since last year’s House Rules, do you look back on the experience with fond memories?

“We will be forever grateful to Channel 7 and the producers for picking us to go on House Rules. We look back with memories of fun (and hard work). Just after the show, we found it difficult not winning and facing the challenges of being runners up, but after a while, we realised we are winners; we have a beautiful home, something we could never ever have afforded”.

What were some of the biggest challenges for you guys on the show and did it test your relationship?

“Where do I start? Grief after just losing my dad six weeks prior to filming, lack of sleep, trying to come up with ideas in an instant, dealing with the critique of the judges, knowing that if you had more time to prepare you would have done so  much better. Our relationship has been through so many challenges in the 30 years we have been together. I can honestly say that being on House Rules together 24/7 for six months was the best thing that happened to us”.

Michelle House Rules with Chris from TLC Interiors

Above: Michelle and I at TheHome Easter charity event last week.

What have you been doing since the show?

“I have been styling homes for re-sale and helping people pick furniture for their homes. I am also working as a sales rep for Escape to Paradise. We are also in the process of finishing the downstairs laundry as it was not done – thanks to Beaumont tiles – who have been so kind in helping us with the tiles. The house was so challenging and I just don’t think they had time”.

A new season is set to hit our screens. What advice would you give to the new contestants?

“Fight long and hard, don’t be mean to each other. You are there as a loving couple not enemies! And remember to laugh and be grateful; there are thousands of people that would kill to be in your position, no matter how hard it gets (and believe me it does)”.

Michelle and Steve - House Rules

Above: Michelle says she and Steve keep in contact with fellow contestants Carly and Leighton.

What’s something viewers might be surprised to hear about the show?

“We are still very close to Carly and Leighton and love them dearly. Steve and Carly used to send pictures to each other with the best hot chips to eat all over Australia. The winner was Rydes Melbourne. They are so funny those two”.

What exciting things are on the horizon for you and Steve?

“Steve and I are back to normal. We are doing an add for Ubank. They have been amazing to us helping us refinance after the show. I really want to start a blog – and we are saving to go to Hawaii next year with the kids. One of our dreams if we won was to take all our special family and friends to Hawaii with us – our shout. I have learnt being on House Rules, if plan A does not work, go to plan B. It will sort out in the long run”.

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Chris Carroll

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  1. True battlers, I’m glad the were choose to be part of the show and life is now on the up for them- good luck to you both as you deserve a good future

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