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House Rules Reveal 5 Recap: Hessian Horror!

It was a House Rules reveal full of tears, triumphs and perfect tens this week, as the teams transformed Maddi and Lloyd’s Queensland home. It was also the week everyone but Brooke and Grant knew that the hessian was an epic fail idea for the roof of the master bedroom (resulting in some hilarious reactions caught on camera).

House Rules 2014 - Hessian Roof House Rules 2014 - Johanna Griggs House Rules 2014 - Jo and Wendy - Judges House Rules 2014 - Maddi Reveal

What do you do to cool down a space in an already hot Queensland home? You cover the roof in hessian, of course! The gorgeous Griggsy was the first person whose hilarious reaction was caught on camera, as Grant proudly declared to her that the hessian was a genius idea. But when Joe and Wendy did their walk through, the space was best summed up by Wendy’s reaction, “It feels like it’s from a camp site”. Those words above the bed also left a lot to be desired.

Needless to say, when Maddi and Lloyd laid eyes upon the hessian, their usual perkiness was not present – and their scores reflected it in the judging room.

House Rules 2014 - Adam and Lisa House Rules 2014 - Maddi and Lloyd Guest Room House Rules 2014 - Brooke and Grant

In the judging room, Adam and Lisa were given a round of perfect ten’s, though I have to say that their guest bedroom was undeserving of the score. The kitchen was all sorts of amazing, of course, but the guest room was lacklustre and a little snoozy. It was great to see Lisa mood-boarding, though, as I’ve always said this is the best way to plan out your space.

I also loved the living room and the bathroom. I want to live in that tub forever!

The best twist of the evening; Brooke and Grant being sent back to the tent, because Bomber and Mel are not able to sleep in it because their house is next to be renovated.

House Rules Reveal


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