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Blocktagon Challenge Apartment Reveals Luke and Ebony Bedroom 1

The Blocktagon’s Top 7 Room Reveals (and how to Recreate them)

Everyone was a bit hard on this season of The Blocktagon. It felt like, at every turn, people were telling me that they just couldn’t get into it.

Some blamed the personalities of the season, others said that the buildings shape and structure was uninspiring, while others were just all Blocked out after seeing three seasons back to back in the space of a year.

The Block Blocktagon - The Block 2015 Season 11


I think the latter is probably to blame. But because I don’t watch the drama throughout the week and save myself for the reveal shows every Sunday, I just get to see stunning rooms unveiled each week and take in all of the design and decor goodness. And no matter what the naysayers claim, there were some spectacular spaces created on The Blocktagon, and I also came to discover a tonne of new decor finds and suppliers. Which is arguably the best part of the show, right?

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Let’s take a look at some of my fave rooms from the Blocktagon this season and find out where you can buy some of the best pieces from each space so that you can recreate the looks at home.

Blocktagon Challenge Apartment Reveals Luke and Ebony Bedroom 1 Blocktagon Challenge Apartment Reveals Luke and Ebony Bedroom 2

Luke and Ebony’s Challenge Apartment Bedroom

There were just SO many amazing elements in this bedroom and it showcased just what makes Luke and Ebony so good. I was so hard on them at the start of the season but they really delivered the goods half-way in and didn’t stop impressing. The colours in this space were amazing, the wood panelling was divine and the layout was perfect.

The best part of the space; that stunning Vibrant Feather Artwork, for starters. It was truly something. I was also really fond of the Croft Pendant Lights they used here (although they should have been a little lower) and the scatter cushions – in cool tones – were gorgeous.

The Blocktagon Bathroom Reveals - Shay and Drean Bathroom 2 The Blocktagon Bathroom Reveals - Dean and Shay Bathroom 1

Shay and Deans Master Bathroom

Shay and Dean were off to a good start at The Blocktagon after taking out a win first week, and they deserved it. This bathroom felt chic and sophisticated but still retained a sense of grit and surprise.

I thought they did amazing things with tiles here. The choice of black herringbone was a great one, and it really brought a bit of drama and impact to the room. I also loved how they created a sense of warmth by introducing timber elements, like on the vanity and in that amazing Ragnar Pendant (though again, it could have been lower).

A room like this needs a few pops of colour and I thought they nailed it by using unexpected mint tones in those Check Bath Towels.

The Blocktagon Whitney and Andy Bedroom Redo Blocktagon Master Bedroom Reveals Andrew and Whitney Study Nook

Whitney and Andy’s Master Bedroom

I loved this space the first time around (despite them not finishing) and I loved it even more when they got an opportunity to complete the room.

I couldn’t get enough of that giant bedhead-turned-art installation and I thought their accessorising and other furniture choices were utterly on-point.

The Bentwood Chair and that Oslo Hall Table really spoke to each other, and were far enough away from one another that it didn’t all feel too matchy-matchy in the space. I also found that The Offering Mirror in a natural finish was the perfect tool to bounce light around the space and make it feel spacious and airy.

The Blocktagon Bedroom and Ensuite reveals Kingi and Caro Master Bedroom The Blocktagon bedroom and ensuite reveals Kingi and Caro Ensuite

Kingi and Caro’s Master Bedroom and Ensuite

I was so into K&C at the start of The Blocktagon season. They tapered off for me as the series went on, but boy did they start strong by delivering these two amazing rooms.

I loved the new-industrial vibe that they brought to the competition and it was at its best in their master bedroom and ensuite.

I couldn’t get enough of the feature wall they executed and that bedhead against it – pure genius! They were wise to choose that Graffiti Laneway Art for the wall, too, because it pops so wonderfully there, and the orange tones in it were reflected in the choice of Spice Bath Towels used in the ensuite. I was also fond of the cushions they used here, too. The bed styling in generally is really nice.

Blocktagon Challenge Apartment Dean and Shay Living Room Reveal Blocktagon Challenge Apartment Dean and Shay Living Room

Dean and Shay’s Challenge Apartment Living Room

I think this could possibly be the best room of the season. There were just so many amazing moments in this space and I found my eyes darting around endlessly in an attempt to take it all in.

The base pieces, like the Juno Sofa, were such a wise decision – and it allowed them to go more colourful in artworks. Of the pieces in that art cluster, my faves have gotta be the Jenny Liz Rome Bright Pink and the Garmi Monstera Deliciosa.

I wasn’t in love with the reading nook they created here, but the leather magazine straps saved it for me. Well, almost. I would have preferred something here that made more sense, like a built-in seat or some shelving.

Blocktagon Challenge Apartment Suzi and Vonny Master Bedroom Reveal Blocktagon Challenge Apartment Suzi and Vonny Master Bedroom

Suzi and Vonny’s Challenge Apartment Master Bedroom

I was surprised that when Suzi and Vonny unveiled this room that it didn’t get better points, because I think it was miles above the other rooms they’d created this season. I said at the time that it reminded me of the Nordic Elk interior trend that I’d covered before on the blog, and I loved it!

The Stockholm Bedside Tables with those lovely Carmen Table Lamps on them made for a really warm moment – and spoke so nicely to the other timber elements in the space. They stopped it from getting too warm by introducing charcoal greys in bed linen and other soft furnishings, and the sense of balance here was a winner!

I’d happily live in that bedroom all winter.

The Blocktagon Dining Room Reveals Luke and Ebony Dining Room 1 The Blocktagon Dining Room Reveals Luke and Ebony Dining Room 2

Luke and Ebony’s Dining Room

I loved how open this dining room felt, and I loved all the interesting lines that had been created. I also adored the way your eye glides over the dining room and into the living room; there’s such a beautiful cohesion here.

The pendant light was divine, they chose amazing art (how good was the Carribbean Dream Print?) and the dining table and those Jesper Dining Chairs were just gorgeous.

I not usually a fan of the style of vase they had on the table, but I thought that the Chisel Cut Glass Vase they used here really popped against the tones in the table top.

>>> What was your fave room from this season of The Blocktagon? Drop a comment below and let me know which one has left its mark on you!


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