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nood co round coloured bathroom basin in chic grey bathroom with black taps

Coloured Bathroom Basins: Our Top Picks & Guide to Buying Right

Coloured bathroom basins are trending harder than Tik Tok dance videos right now, so I thought it only fair I give you the lowdown on where you can get one. And of course, what you should consider before you purchase.

Sadly I’m of no help on the Tik Tok front. Don’t know how to use it, don’t fully understand the point of it, completely get that I’m probably too old and daggy to be involved. But I digress.

There are actually a number of things to think about before you go ahead and purchase this popular bathroom must-have. These are not only functional considerations, but visual ones too. Don’t worry, we’ll go deep as always and break it down, and I’ll also link you to some faves of mine that are on the market right now.

You would have seen round coloured bathroom basins pop up on The Block recently. And I can’t say they work in an ensuite like this. But we’ll cover off where they do work, and if they’ll work for you. So by the end of this post it’ll all make sense.

I’ll see you in the comments section at the end of the article if you have any questions. And full credit where credit is due: the hero image in this post comes via Nood Co, who I’m totally obsessed with and who sell stunning concrete basins to die for.

light blue coloured basin in bathroom with floating timber vanity and black taps
via adore magazine

Firstly, Will Coloured Bathroom Basins Date?

I get asked this a lot. Will this tile date, will this floorboard date, and naturally… will coloured bathroom basins be a fleeting trend you’ll be embarrassed by in years to come. I always answer the question with a question. And that question is: do you love the trend? Because if you do, it won’t date. Anything you love won’t date. We all need to start designing homes for us, not other people. So if you love it, get it. Life’s quite short.

Of course, that comes with a disclaimer. From a design-world perspective, things do date after a few decades. Things come and go, evolve and revolve. But I suspect you’d want to renovate your bathroom after about 15 or 20 years anyway. So love it for that long and then part ways with it when something appropriate comes along.

And if you’re looking to reno your bathroom, ensure these eight elements are future proofed.

That said, before you click ‘add to cart’ you should think about a few other key elements first.

copper coloured bathroom basin on white vanity with matching tap abi interiors
via abi interiors. click to shop

Let the Coloured Basin be the Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point; one design element that draws the eye. I always call this the star of the room. And following that analogy, the other design elements in the space must be the supporting players.

Coloured basins by their very nature are going to stand out. The colours you can get them in are rather bold and pure; vibrant pink, bold blue, lively green etc. So the one you purchase is going to be the star of the show, no doubt about it.

This means that if you already have a bright tile, or bold tapware, or dark grout around an intricate tile pattern, a coloured bathroom basin might be a step too far in terms of the room becoming too visually chaotic.

The last thing you want is a beautiful coloured basin getting lost among way too many other design elements. So have a think about your current space and whether it can take the additional pop of colour.

hemsley bath shoppe round pink coloured bathroom basin in white bathroom with black taps
via hemsley bath shoppe

Tapware Colour Will Also Come into Play

Tapware is often described as the jewellery in a bathroom. So in following that analogy, your coloured bathroom basin is your t-shirt. If your necklace, earrings and bracelets are eye-catching, you want to choose a tee that’ll work with it, not fight against it.

Some common basin colours and tapware that’ll work with them include:

  • Pink basins work well with black or brass tapware
  • Blue basins work with black or chrome tapware
  • Green basins work with black or chrome tapware
  • Grey basins work with black or gunmetal tapware
  • Black basins work with black or chrome tapware

I have way more advice here for you on choosing the right tapware colour for your bathroom if you need it.

house rules 2018 kim and michelle marble bathroom with mint basin

The Height of Your Vanity Matters Too

Most of the coloured bathroom basins we’re seeing on the market right now are countertop basins. That means they don’t sit recessed into the vanity. Instead they sit directly on top of the surface. It’s a lovely look but it can come with some challenges.

Now, the standard height for a vanity top is 85cm from the ground. If you’re a bit on the shorter side, keeping it at this level and then installing a round coloured basin on top might make it too high for you to comfortably access the sink day-to-day. It’s definitely something to consider.

The reverse is true for an inset basin; you’d need to mount this at 85 or even higher if you’re taller, otherwise you’ll be bending too far down. Always customise your bathroom to you and your family’s individual needs.

The added bonus of a countertop basin like the one above is that it won’t affect the storage space in the vanity beneath. 

dark teal bathroom basin on terrazzo counterop and dark red walls
via temple & webster. click to shop

Round, Square or Rectangle?

Of course, the shape of the basin will also come into play. And depending on what you’ll be using the sink for will dictate which shape you get. PS the bathroom above totally goes against my ‘let one moment be the hero’ guideline but good Lord is it breaking the rules in the best way possible. Very Euro-inspired and I’m very much loving.

But back to shape! Round basins are less open and so I’d advise putting these in spaces like powder rooms where hand-washing is the only thing you’re likely to use them for. You can put them in an ensuite, but you might encounter issues getting down in it to wash your face, especially if a wall-mounted tap is protruding out over the basin.

Square or rectangle will give you more access, but it really depends on the size of the vanity you’re working with too. You don’t want a square basin, for example to dominate the entire depth of your vanity top. You do need to leave space around it.

abi interiors brushed gunmetal coloured bathroom basin in white bathroom
via abi interiors

Metallic Basins Can Give Colour without the Crazy

It’s completely understandable that you might be finding the idea of a pink basin a bit full-on. But why not consider a metallic basin for your bathroom instead? I love the look these can bring to a space because they deliver subtle interest without being too overwhelming.

Choosing a metallic basin also means that another design element in the space can become the hero. The basin is an interesting supporting player, but it doesn’t overpower a dramatic tile or slab of stone.

When choosing a metallic basin for your bathroom it’s always best to match the tapware for a consistent, low-contrast look and feel. The image above captures this rule perfectly. I’m obsessed with that brushed gunmetal.

black basin with white inside black push plug bathroom sales direct
via bathroom sales direct

Coloured Outside but White Inside is Also a Winner

Lastly, why not consider a round coloured basin for your bathroom that is white on the inside? This is another approach that gives you a hint of hue without it dominating the space completely.

I’d do this if you want a bathroom that has a fair amount of interest, but one where you don’t want the basin to be the sole hero. Yes, sometimes you can have an ensemble cast analogy for your bathroom if the individual elements aren’t too showy.

By choosing a coloured bathroom basin with a white inside, you can then select another somewhat bold moment, like eye-catching tapware, and have them work more harmoniously together than if the entire basin was coloured.

And on that note, let’s take a look at some of the best coloured bathroom basins on the market right now!

coloured bathroom basin mood board

Top 12 Coloured Bathroom Basins

The mood board above features a collection of our top 12 coloured bathroom basins in a variety of dazzling hues. The links to see more of them are all below for you. Enjoy!

Hopefully you found a coloured bathroom basin in the roundup above that takes your fancy!

coloured bathroom basin concrete pink with black taps

Over to you! I’d love to know which of the coloured bathroom basins are your fave in this post. Drop me a comment below and let me know what shape and colour you’re considering.

And if you have any other questions regarding all things bathrooms, don’t hesitate to ask and I can jump in and help you out!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  1. I wish I had gone for a metallic basin. I bought an expensive one which had to be replaced because it crazed. Lucky it had a 7 year warranty. But the 2nd one did the same thing. So the supplier ended up selecting another one for me.

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