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Party Ideas - DIY Pinata - Pineapple

Party Ideas: An Easy DIY Pineapple Pinata Tutorial

It pains me to admit that I don’t remember going to a party as a kid and whacking their pinata. That, or I gave it a few hits, tired of the hard work and went to the open lolly bowl and devoured that instead (I was that type of kid). Now that I’m an adult, I’m going to make all of my lost pinata dreams come true by making this divine DIY version for my nieces and nephews, shared with me by the lovely Kate Taylor from Taylor and Cloth.

Party ideas don’t get easier than this one – and the beauty of it is that the kids can get involved in making it too. It’s a win-win in my books!

See below for Kate’s Pineapple Pinata Tutorial…

Party Ideas: An Easy DIY Pineapple Pinata Tutorial

Party Ideas - Make your own Pineapple Pinata

Start here…

Blow up some balloons, rip up some strips of old newspaper and make a mixture of flour and water at a ratio of 1:1. To cover all 3 balloons we needed 1 cup of water mixed with 1 cup of flour.

Dip the newspaper strips into the bowl of flour and water, sliding it along the edge of the bowl to scrape most of the liquid off. You don’t want it to be too wet. Cover the balloons in newspaper completely and allow them to dry.

Party Ideas - How to Make a Pinata - Pineapple

Then comes the next part…

Paint the paper mache balloons in a non toxic, acrylic yellow paint and again let them dry. Cut up some green cardboard so it looks like long strips of green grass.

Pop the balloons and cut a small hole in top of the pineapple. Remove the flat balloons via this hole and put in your lollies of choice before rolling up the green grass cardboard to fit the hole. Secure the cardboard with sticky tape, insert it into the hole and use some non toxic craft glue to attach the cardboard to the pineapple. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Once dry, I drew on the pineapples with a black felt tip pen to add a little more detail.

Party Ideas - Make a Pineapple Pinata

Now you are ready to PARTY!

Hang your piñatas by tying a piece of string around a mini paddle pop stick or shortened skewer, insert it into the top of the cardboard stalk then pull it up until it catches.

Don’t forget you will also need a stick to whack your piñata….. and a blindfold to make it a little bit harder to find it.

These are seriously fun and easy… A little messy, which makes it fun to do with kids and as there is drying time needed, you can spread the making time over a few of days.

A big thank you to Kate for sharing this pinata tutorial with us. I might even have the kids over one day these school holidays to make this easy party idea. What are your thoughts on it? Would your kids give this pinata tutorial a go and do you reckon it’d be a hit at a kids’ birthday party?

pineapple pinata paper mache diy project for kids party


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