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diy hat wall with round brim hats on wall

How to Create a DIY Hat Wall at Home for Next to Nothing

I’m sure you’ll have realised by now that I’m no fashionista. But it hasn’t stopped me from creating a fab DIY hat wall you too can replicate at home.

In today’s post, I’m bringing my interior styling skills and my questionable fashion sense together; showing you how easy it can be to make your fashion a design feature at home.

This is another instalment in my collaboration with budget style superstar Chelsea from I Heart Bargains and the team at Metricon. So I hope you enjoy watching on as we show you how to create a DIY hat wall on an almost zero-dollar budget.

No hats in this post are mine, btw. Chelsea takes credit for those beauties. Although I will say, I’m now inspired to purchase an enormous black brimmed hat with a veil on it like Samantha did in Sex and the City after she had that disastrous face peel. You know, for days when a zit pops up on the mug or the hair won’t do what it’s told.

diy hat wall by chris carroll from tlc interiors

A DIY Hat Wall for any Room

What’s great about this little DIY hat wall is that you can work it into any room. Don’t be thinking that fashion belongs solely the bedroom.

I told you why a ‘me zone’ is really important for you in this post. And there’s nothing to say that your ‘me zone’ can’t include the things you wear on the daily. And who says it can’t be in your hallway, or entryway, or living room too?

If you’re in a small apartment especially, you’ll already know how important it is to have multipurpose zones in your home. So find a way to work this into any room so that your hats are within easy reach.

Parentals: There’s no reason you couldn’t rock this concept in your little boy or girls room with their fave hats and caps. How cute would it look?

diy hat wall with round brim hats on wall

It takes Minutes. Literally Minutes.

The very term ‘DIY’ can often send my body into a state of shock. Blood, sweat and tears are not things I like to fill my weekend with. But trust me when I say, this DIY hat wall is the easiest concept ever to execute at home. You honestly need no skills at all in the way of crafting or getting your hands dirty.

If you can shop for hooks, you’re halfway there. And I know that you know how to shop!

Command hooks are your friend here, and I’ll link to the ones you need to buy further down. They’re a transparent variety with a large metal hook.

Renters: This hat wall puts no holes in your wall, so it’s an awesome idea for you guys to rock at home. And you’ll get your bond back! (More tips here on rocking rental home style).

To get started, simply hold up your hat where you want it to go on the wall and stick down your hook. Buy a few extra hooks because you might make mistakes with the placement.

Once your hook is on, simply pop your hat over it. The hat should sit nicely over the hook, with no damage to the wall, or your hat.

Repeat the process along the entire wall and you’re done!

DIY Hat Wall: Style Pointers

1. Random Placement

The more random the hats look on this DIY hat wall, the better. Don’t feel the need to be symmetrical and go for a perfect grid. If the hats are of different sizes, it’ll look weird in a grid form. So opt for a random configuration instead. It will look mountains better.

You also want to ensure there’s a bit of room between each hat; about 10cm. You want each one to have a little breathing space.

2. Check your Colour Story

Carefully consider your colourway. In this Home Solution by Metricon show home, the colour palette was quite neutral, so we kept the hats in a similar colour story. You always want to ensure the colours in your home are consistent throughout.

If you had a coloured hat you wanted to add into this arrangement, introduce a piece of decor underneath it in the same tone to tie the hat into the rest of the room.

3. No need for a Hero

Often when people do gallery walls at home with pictures, they tend to have one larger piece in the middle and then have smaller pieces around it.

Ignore that approach when putting your hat wall together. There’s no need for one hat to be the star. Because the hats are all round, having one as the star and then circling more hats around it will create a giant circle on the wall. Not cute. Have hats of a similar size instead and let them all play together.

diy hat wall using 3m hooks by chris carroll tlc interiors

In short, follow these style rules:

  • Use Command hooks for this project (available at Bunnings here)
  • Place the hats in a random configuration along the wall
  • No need for a ‘hero’ hat. Have hats of a similar size
  • Leave about a 10cm gap between each hat on the wall
  • Ensure the colourway is simple and matches the rest of the room
  • Work this into any room; bedroom, hallway, entryway or living space

Ready to make a DIY Hat Wall?

Hopefully seeing how easy and affordable it is to put together a DIY hat wall at home has inspired you. Maybe it’s time to whip out all your hats and give it a go. I could also see scarves working on this wall too. Maybe you could do a wall of accessories too. So many possibilities.

If you want to see other videos in this series, my easy fabric art DIY is coming in the next few days. 

This post includes images and/or videos of Metricon display homes and events, reproduced with permission.  © Metricon Homes Pty Ltd 2016.


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