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Australian Art on TLC Interiors Ruchi Rai Art

13 Australian Artists whose Work will Blow your Mind

Honing in on what I love about an artwork is a tricky thing to explain sometimes. Don’t you find it to be a bit that way? You know you love it, but articulating why… that can be the hard part.

I thought I’d showcase some of my fave Australian artists on the blog this week, because I’ve been a fan of these divine creatures for quite some time, but I’ve never pulled them all together to showcase in a dedicated post.

For me, all of these works say something. They’re all bold, most are moody, some are whimsical and fun, while others are just so OMG that you’ll want to buy them ASAP. Art has that effect on us, right?!

I’d love for you to drop a comment below sharing some of your fave artists. I’m always on the hunt for fresh or untapped talent to highlight and drool over on the blog.

13 Australian Artists whose Work will Blow your Mind

Australian Art on TLC Interiors Sabi Klein Art

Sabi Klein

I can’t recall how I first discovered this talented Melbourne gal, but boy has she gone leaps and bounds in the last year. I’ve featured Sabi on the blog before, and her work has appeared both on The Block and in The Block Shop, so it’s safe to say that she’s well beyond to watch; she’s a certified IT girl of Australian abstract art.

Her work is graphic and colourful, which are two of my favourite words when it comes to design!

Read more about Sabi Klein here.

Australian Art on TLC Interiors SM Art Studio

SM Art Studio

Melbourne-based artist Stacey Mrmacovski is the genius behind SM Art Studio; a brand that specialises in custom artworks that range from bright beauties (like the one above) to more subdued – but equally gorgeous – pieces.

Acrylic on canvas, acrylic on linen, resin works – Stacey does it all, and she’s really plugged into the local community and donates portions of her sales to charity. I love it!

Find out more about Stacey here.

Australian Art on TLC Interiors Mendo Art

Mendo Art

Some people like to do things by halves. Mendo Vasilevski is not one of those people.

This Melbourne artist is the king of high-velocity hue, producing artworks that are bold, bright and definitely eye-catching. Working with both commercial and residential clients, Mendo has sold almost 3000 pieces across his nine-year career. If you want art that’s anything but boring, Mendo is your go-to guy.

Read more about Mendo here.

Australian Art on TLC Interiors Martine Gallery

Martine Gallery

Martine Vanderspuy is the principle artist and head honcho behind popular Aussie brand Martine Gallery. With over 25 years experience in magazine and advertising industry, she is an undeniable talent when it comes to creating art that merges macro photography and graphic design. I’ve profiled some of her work on the blog before and what blows me away about this lovely lady is just how varied her creations are.

Martine also donates a percentage of every sale to Mitochondrial disease; a cause very close to her heart that is well worth supporting.

Read more about Martine here.

Australian Art on TLC Interiors Anya Brock Art

Anya Brock

When I was researching venues to include in my upcoming book (Sydney Precincts), I discovered artist Anya Brock’s retail store on Oxford Street, Paddington, and totally lost my mind. This Perth-born superstar is taking the world by storm with brightly coloured art that spans canvas, cushions, fabrics, coasters, bottles and more (the animal motifs are by far my fave).

This woman can seriously do no wrong and I want to dive into her shop and never leave.

Read more about Anya Brock here.

Australian Art on the Life Creative Astella Designs

Astella Designs

I first discovered Bec Tarrant’s art on Instagram and have never looked back. What’s so special about this Gold Coast creative’s work is that it’s inspired by her indigenous heritage. I love that all of the pieces are handmade using Australian products, and I adore that most resin pieces have Aboriginal names and meanings.

I love an artwork that has a story and this is what you get when you purchase one of Bec’s pieces. The shot above, Kurramulla, is the best from her collection.

Click here to read more about Bec.

Australian Art on TLC Interiors Matt Stewart Indian Girl Art

Matt Stewart

We all know the uber talented Matt Stewart, right? I interviewed this Queenslander on the blog years ago – before the masses got all over him and catapulted him into national art stardom.

What’s so special about this bloke is that his art has gone beyond stretched linen. It’s now spread across the most amazing cushion range you’ll ever cast your eyes on; the Indian Girl artwork above is the most popular of the lot (isn’t it just phenomenal?). I cannot wait to see what Matt does next!

Click here to read more about Matt.

Australian Art on TLC Interiors Lumi Opus Art

Lumi Opus

The husband and wife team behind Lumi Opus are passionate about pushing boundaries and questioning the status quo of the art world. It’s a philosophy that’s resulted in some seriously colourful pieces that add real visual punch to a room – and I can’t get enough.

Michele and Guy have not long released their bold Spring Summer 2015 range and it’s right up my alley.

Click here to read more about Lumi Opus.

Australian Art on TLC Interiors Pete Cromer Veronica Artwork

Pete Cromer

I remember first laying eyes on the work of Pete Cromer and let out a squeal so high-pitched the windows in my home were close to shattering. I just love his work so much.

He first jumped onto my radar for his phenomenal bird art, but he’s gone well beyond those in recent years, producing druids, greeting cards and some very cute collectable pins.

Not only is he super-talented, but he has the cutest dog that ever did live (added bonus if you ask me).

Click here to read more about Pete Cromer.

Australian Art on TLC Interiors Sonja Robar Art

Sonja Robar

Melbourne-based creative Sonja Robar has lived in Sydney, London and Berlin. She’s also studied Interior Design and Fine Arts, tutored photography and mosaic workshops and has produced textile art, mosaic objet d’art, screen prints, collages, paintings and art photography. It’s a CV so impressive that I feel positively lazy!

I love her progressive, contemporary pieces. They’re all super-moody and intriguing and really pull you in. Sonja says that her art looks like velvet and I have to agree. I want it and I need it ASAP.

Click here to read more about Sonja.

Australian Art on TLC Interiors Jade Made Art

Jade Made Arts

Corrine Kelly is the divine creative behind Perth brand Jade Made Arts, and I’ve been smitten with her work ever since I found it on Instagram months and months ago.

Corrine produces some amazing resin pieces that are colourful and eye-catching, but my fave from her collection is the moody and subdued Mono2 piece above. I cannot describe in words how beautiful it is.

Click here to read more about Corrine Kelly.

Australian Art on TLC Interiors Carolyn O'Neill Art

Carolyn O’Neill

You may have seen her work pop up on The Block the last few seasons, but I was lucky enough to discover Carolyn on the blog a few years back before mainstream media became aware of just how talented she is.

Bendigo-born, Carolyn’s previous career was in psychiatric nursing. It’s quite a shift in vocation, but Carolyn says that the experience has made her more aware of human emotion and the fragility of the mind. Such an understanding has found its way into her beautiful artworks, which I absolutely adore and know you will too!

Click here to read more about Carolyn.

Australian Art on TLC Interiors Ruchi Rai Art

Ruchi Rai

I first came across Ruchi Rai art a few months ago and was completely infatuated with her use of colour.

The Sydney-based artist started her creative career in India, where she studied textile design, and later went on to study Surface Design at the International School of Colour + Design (where I also studied), so I feel a real connection with this very talented lady and adore her vibrant work.

Click here to read more about Ruchi Rai.

>>> Who are some of your fave local artists? Drop a comment below and let me know!


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  1. Lots of great Aussie artists! I love Anya Brock and seeing her street art around Perth. I would love a piece for home and have been stalking her shop for a while now maybe I will ask for a voucher for Christmas 🙂

  2. Great post, I love Pete Cromer’s work!
    A couple of others I’m loving at the moment are the gorgeous work by Elizabeth Barnett & also INALUXE- Kristina Sostarko & Jason Odd.

  3. great post i love pete and also laura blythman and anna mulcahy
    thanks for showing so many i havent come across
    they are awesome
    love colours and seem to gravitate towards anything with a mix of bright colours

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