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Heatherly design blue bedhead with coloured tufting stitches beds for kids

14 of the Best Beds for Kids (from Dirt Cheap to Designer)

Beds for kids have come a long way since I was a little one (and there was certainly no resource like this, listing the best beds for kids and where to get them!).

As I cast my mind back to shopping for furniture with my mum as a child, I’m certain the options were pretty limited on the bed front. In fact, my brother and I had bunk beds that were so dodgy, the slats on his top bunk separated in the middle of the night and he came crashing down on top of me. Not cute.

Nowadays, the beds for kids market has exploded, and there are so many options available. One of the added bonuses of so much competition in the marketplace is the prices. As the major retailers fight for your hard-earned bucks, many kids beds are as cheap as chips.

Outside of the big players, some amazing local creatives are designing beds for kids that make your little one’s room an unparalleled style destination. So if you have a child with an eye for the finer things, you might opt to go for one of the designer options instead.

So let’s take a look at 14 of the best beds for kids, from dirt cheap to designer.


Julia and Sasha’s kids space from The Block.

Best Beds for Kids, from Dirt Cheap to Designer

Now, I’ve included all of the supplier links below if you see a bed that takes your fancy. They’ve also been ordered from lowest price to most expensive, so you can stop at a price point that suits your budget.

After the best kids beds showcase I’ve included some tips on choosing the right beds for kids rooms too. Enjoy the inspo!

willow king single bed in black wrought iron from fantastic furniture

1. Willow King Single Bed, Fantastic Furniture

The Willow King Single Bed from Fantastic Furniture is just $169 and it’s available in three different colour options.

It’s a great, simple, long-lasting bed that can stay with your child for years to come. No fuss, and low budget. What more could you want?

It also comes in a double option too, which isn’t a bad idea if you want to future-proof the bedroom.

See more and shop the look here.

busunge beds for kids from ikea white bed frame with matching drawers and round orange floor rug

2. Busunge Extendable Kids Bed from IKEA

The Busunge from IKEA is an extendable bed that’ll grow with your little one over the years.

The white option a great one because it allows you to create the space you want and bring in your preferred accent colours.

It’s a fab unisex bed and there are other pieces of furniture from IKEA that’ll fit in with the look and feel of the bed.

It comes in at a very budget-friendly $249.

Shop the Busunge Range here.

popsicle wrought iron coloured beds in white and teal from forty winks

3. Popsicle Bed, Forty Winks

Beds for kids don’t get brighter than the Popsicles from Forty Winks. With three colour options available, it’s a style that’ll suit all kids spaces.

There’s plenty of air flow moving under this kids bed design, so if you’re stuck for storage, this option is your friend.

This bed also comes in a yellow colourway and costs $399.

Shop the Popsicle Bed here.

house bed fantastic furniture best beds for kids

4. House Bed from Fantastic Furniture

This is a new one in the range for Fantastic Furniture and I’ve gotta say, it’s one of the best beds for kids at this price point.

At just $399 and in such a versatile colourway, I might just get one for myself.

Just ensure you have a ceiling height with enough room to accommodate this one. That’d be my one piece of advice.

Click here to find out more.

ned bunk bed in white from focus on furniture beds for kids with pink and purple bedroom for girls

5. Ned Bunk Bed, Focus on Furniture

Got two kids on your hands? Firstly, let me commend you on your bravery. Secondly, we gotta house them in a bed.

When it comes to bunk beds for kids, you can’t beat the $499 Ned bunk bed from Focus on Furniture.

It’s also a great unisex option, and the design is so simple it’ll work with a range of other design elements in a space.

Click here to shop the Ned bunks.

beds for kids addison bed from forty winks with wrought iron frame and industrial timber bed frame

6. Flinders Bed from Forty Winks

If your child is into an industrial interior design scheme in their room, why not get this Flinders options?

OK, so your child probably isn’t into interior design at all. So let me rephrase: If YOU love industrial interior design, why not pop it in your little one’s room too?

This Flinders bed is a sturdy, practical option and they won’t outgrow it quickly.

It’s $599 and you can shop it here.

calypso single bed from snooze white beds for kids with pink girly bed linen

7. The Calypso bed from Snooze

Kids seem to collect loads of toys, gadgets, trinkets and treasures. This doesn’t come as news to you, does it?

This $649 Calypso bed from Snooze is a winner because it comes with built-in shelving.

It’s also available in three dazzling colours, so you can find an option to suit your little one’s bedroom vibes, and you’re done!

Click here for more of the Calypso

incy interiors eden gold bed frame beds for kids online

8. Eden Bed, Incy Interiors

I’ve been a huge fan of Incy Interiors for years (you can read my interview with its director Kristy here).

The glorious Eden bed is a bedroom classic and I reckon you’ll find hard to pass up.

It’s $699 and you can style it up with girly pinks or tone it down with deep blues and greys. It’s totally your call.

Explore more of the Eden Bed here.

best beds for kids parker king sigle timber bed from bedshed

9. The Parker Bed from Bedshed

The sleek and sturdy Parker bed is a durable option for kids who aren’t known for being kind to furniture.

In a beautiful blonde timber, it’s also very on-trend with what’s happening in the way of furniture in the other pockets of the home.

It’s normal $749 but is often on special at a discounted price.

See more of the Parker here.

addison bed from amart beds for kids white trundle bed with timber white bedside table

10. The Addison Bed, Amart Furniture

Got a little one who loves a sleep-over? Slumber parties are set to become more fashionable with the Addison bed from Amart Furniture.

This one comes with the trundle included, so friends will be welcome anytime. It’s priced at $779 and comes in white only.

Shop the Addison here.

byron bay hanging chairs london daybed beds for kids rattan bed

11. London Daybed from Cranmore Home

Think outside the box when it comes to beds for kids! Nobody said that the bed in their room has to be an actual kids bed.

This daybed option from Cranmore Home is $850 and will stay with you even when the kids move out! It’s got an awesome retro vibe and you’ll probably wanna sleep in it too.

See more of the London here.


plyroom single beds for kids playing on beds and matching plyroom side table

12. Plyroom Kids Bed, Top3 by Design

Made from Birch Plywood, I love the simplicity of this Plyroom kids bed.

It’s a designer dream at $1195 and it’s a style that’ll grow with them and not date in the blink of an eye.

There are also other pieces in the range you can team with the bed that are just as special.

You can see more of it here.

archie bed by green cathedral timber and white slat bed with black and white bedding

13. Archie Bed, Green Cathedral

Glow in the dark beds for kids? Hell YES! Actually, move over kids, I want this bed for myself.

The Archie Bed is both functional and fun and it comes in a range of colour options to suit all tastes.

It’s priced from $1840 from Green Cathedral.

See more of Archie here.

Heatherly design blue bedhead with coloured tufting stitches beds for kids

14. Kids Bedheads from Heatherley Design

I love this local brand, and I love that they not only make amazing bedheads for adults, but the kids can get in on the fun too.

From fabric to leather and everything in-between, you’re sure to find a style you’ll love.

If you wanna explore their ranger and request pricing, you can do that here.

house rules 2017 aaron and daniella kids room redo

How cool was this kids bed from last year’s House Rules?

Tips on Choosing the Best Beds for Kids Rooms

Bed-hunting for your little one will be a lot easier if you consider the following:

  • Think about the overall room design; will the bed be the focal point or the supporting player?
  • Consider what bedding colours will work on the bed if the frame is going to be bright
  • Think about longevity. You want it to last years. Avoid a fad you’ll both hate in six months
  • Opt for a king single if you have space; it means they can keep it through their teenage years
  • Let your child help! Ask them about colours and styles they like and work with them
  • If your child is the oldest consider a unisex design that can be passed down to younger siblings
  • For larger house-style beds, ensure the room is big enough to take its size

If you have any additional questions around beds for kids or anything else, drop me a comment below.

best beds for kids rooms house bed for kids

Need more help with your kids bed or their room?

You might be interested to read about some creative themes for kid’s bedrooms, and discover more about the ins-and-outs on how to decorate their spaces.

Which did you think were the best kids beds in this post? Or is there a brand I’ve missed? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Chris Sig

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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