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Boys Bedroom Ideas from Cotton On Kids on TLC Interiors

Style Steal: Decor Ideas from the new Cotton On Kids Bedroom Range

When Cotton On Kids bedroom goodness lands each season, there are always so many design ideas you can steal for your own abode. And I don’t just mean for those of you with kids, either. Looking to the rooms of little ones is a great way to get inspired to create moments in your own boudoir. So let’s explore further!

Kids rooms are always full of colour and whimsy. Well, the rooms that I think are amazing, anyway. I love the idea of letting kids be kids, and keeping them as happy as possible until they have to face the real world and pay bills like the rest of us.

There is also a freedom at play in kids rooms; decor is less forced, more relaxed and true personalities are allowed to shine. Who wouldn’t want to inject that vibe into their own space?

Here are some great design ideas you can steal from the new Cotton On Kids collection.

Decor Ideas from the Cotton On Kids Bedroom Range

Boys Bedroom Ideas from Cotton On Kids on TLC Interiors

Pattern Play

Mixing and matching pattern in the bedroom creates a space that feels less structured and more casual, but so many of us get wary of pattern play.

If you keep your colours to a minimal few like in the photo above, you can’t go wrong with a good pattern clash. Choose three colours like blue, black and white, and you’ll have the space still feel cohesive while exuding utter fun and frivolity.

You can also explore the range of hue in one of the colours, too. In the photo above, black and white are the base and then various blue tones are used. It makes for a gorgeous visual story, don’t you think?

Side note for parents: I LOVE the idea of putting a hoop on the wall like in the room above (as long as the ball you’re little one is using is soft, of course!).

Cotton On Kids Boys Bedroom Ideas on TLC Interiors

Think Outside the Box

Kids rooms are the best place to let your imagination run wild, so think outside the box when it comes to furniture and decor choices in this space (as well as your own).

A chair makes for a great bedside table, for example. I used this idea in my own bedroom for years and I loved the sense relaxed nature it brought to the space. You might also want to consider a statement armchair in a bedroom – to create a nook for yourself (or your little one) to read in.

Also consider a lower bed stacked with cushions to create a really inviting cocoon for sleep, that you can fall right into. I’ve had really low beds and most recently a higher one, and I cannot tell you how much I miss being low to the ground.

If you have someone handy in your home – or you’re eager to try some DIY yourself, consider a floating shelf, or similar, on one of your walls. If you keep it narrow enough, you can pass by it without bumping into it and it’s an amazing place to store books and other decor. Kids will love this idea too.

Cotton On Kids Teepee and Girls Bedroom Ideas on TLC InteriorsCotton On Kids Bedding Girls Room Ideas on TLC Interiors

Explore different Shapes

Ever walk into a room and feel like the space is very structured; a little formal? That’s often because there are way too many clean lines. And by that I mean, a rectangular bed, a cubed bedside table, a square rug, rectangular pillows.

Everything can start to feel quite hard and lifeless when there are too many clean lines in a room. The best way to counteract this, and soften up the space, is to introduce some other shapes – and circles are most certainly your friend here.

The shot above is a perfect example of how round shapes (as well as others) have been used to balance out a grid pattern on the wall and bedding. Those twin circular rugs are a really vital component here, as is the bunting, which is bringing some more softness to the setting.

Take a look at your room as you read this; is it in need of some softer shapes?

Cotton On Kids Cushions on TLC Interiors Kids room Ideas

Mix old and new decor

Now, you know I adore getting new loot for my home all the time, but nothing makes a space feel more homely and well resolved than mixing old and new furniture and decor.

This is a great kids room idea but it extends across the entire home as well. Vintage furniture pieces – as well as precious keepsakes from years gone by – can be mixed in with contemporary finds to perfection if you ensure the new vs old split is about 70/30. Too many old pieces and the space can start to feel too ‘salvage store’.

I wrote a recent post about mixing old and new here – and it’s a trend that’s really taking off.

But trust me, there is nothing better than displaying an old memento that’s been passed down by a loved one to you in your kids room. They always look amazing and your kids can connect to a family member that may no longer be with us.

For more on the Cotton On KIDS bedroom range, click here.

Did you find some nifty ideas or fab bedding finds in this post? I’d love to hear about your favourites in the comments below.



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