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Inside Country Road’s Spring Homewares Collection

Blonde wood is trending pretty hard right now in interior design and with good reason; its subdued nature allows you to pair it perfectly with just about any decor pieces. It’s a hard-to-get-wrong material and it’s really coming to life in Country Road’s spring homewares collection!

Country Road Homewares Spring
Natural materials are just one element of the retail queen’s new collection. I attended the Country Road spring showcase a little while ago and witnessed four glorious hues that will dominate homewares up to and including summer; grey, lemon, mint and melon.

Fresh, clean and bright are the buzzwords of the season, Creatives, with spliced fabrics and metallics also getting a look-in. The bedding you see above meshes the four colours perfectly, utilising white as a calming backdrop.

Country Road Homewares

One of the other pleasant surprises from the Country Road showcase was the introduction of grained marble. This material plays out in a rolling pin (awesome to clock an intruder over the head with), a serving board and dip bowl. Paired with the timber pieces, the marble really comes to life. There are also some dreamy office accessories and goodies for the kids’ rooms, but for me – it’s ALL about the timber and marble combination. They’re the Brad and Angelina of homewares if you ask me!

Country Road Homewares

Country Road Spring

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. What are you loving here?

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4 Responses

    1. I’m no knitting expert so I don’t know the right word for what I’m about to say, but I love the huge fabric threads and stitching.

  1. That bed spread! I am scouring the online stores for some gorgeous grey & pastel bed linen at the moment. Bedroom upgrades are so much fun! The marble is beautiful but i’m more of a timber girl

    1. The bedspread is absolute divinity. Every time Country Road brings out a new product or range, I’m impressed.

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