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ecosa memory foam mattress review

Ecosa Memory Foam Mattress: Can it provide a good night’s sleep?

I’m sure you’ll agree that choosing a mattress for your bed is a tough gig. Especially if you’re on a budget, and especially when there are so many varieties on the market. Well, in this post I’ve road tested the Ecosa memory foam mattress for you. If you’re looking to check out how it compares to the Koala and Ergoflex mattresses, this post has you coveredBut for my dedicated report on the Ecosa Mattress… let’s get into it below!

Road Test: The Ecosa Memory Foam Mattress

When a mattress in a box turned up at my front door, it was as though Christmas had come early (and Santa clearly couldn’t fit the gift down the chimney). 

The memory foam marvel inside the box came courtesy of new kid on the block, Ecosa. And let me tell you, they certainly get points for packaging and delivery; the Ecosa mattress comes delivered in the box you see above with wheels and a handle on it, so you can wheel it into your bedroom and let the unravelling begin.

I wheeled the bad boy into my room to explore it a little further and start road testing it. This post will give you the lowdown on getting it out, getting it onto the bed and sleeping on it over the last few nights.

Ecosa Memory Foam Mattress Review on TLC Interiors

Ecosa Mattress: Easy to get out, quick to expand

Once out of the box, the Ecosa memory foam mattress begins to expand. Not at a rapid pace, of course (it’s not a race against the clock to get it on the bed or anything), but you’ll notice it start to unroll. It comes with a blade so you can cut it out of its vacuum-seal packaging, and the process of getting it onto the bed was done in minutes. Take care though, you don’t want to knick the mattress itself.

Presentation points aside, a mattress is all about the comfort level, right? And if it’s going to give you a good night’s sleep. I decided to give it a go over a few nights so I could provide you with a well-rounded review, and here’s the truth.

It is firm, to begin with. It features three layers of foam construction as well as a layer of latex foam and high-density memory foam. But despite feeling firm when you first lay on it, it actually gets comfortable pretty quickly. The top layer feels quite breathable and it’s really soft, so once your fitted sheet is over it, it becomes pretty divine to lay on.

Ecosa Memory Foam Mattress on TLC Interiors Ecosa Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Ecosa Memory Foam Mattress Road Test

The Verdict

I’d definitely call it a firm mattress. It’s not a bucket of feathers, but I think the firmness actually helps support your back as you sleep. That’s how it felt for me, anyway. It’s designed to support your shoulder and the hip area too, without pushing against pressure points. And it conforms to your body, so there’s definitely a lot of work gone into the design.

You can see from the pics in the post that the mattress is pretty thick too, and the removable cover allows you to clean it easily. I haven’t given that part a go yet, but I think it’s a great feature.

There’s also a 100-day return policy on the Ecosa memory foam mattress, so you can give it a pretty decent road test and decide what to do with it from there.

I’m personally pretty pleased so far. I had been having neck problems of late so I’m looking forward to seeing if this mattress helps with that.

UPDATE 02/02/18

This Ecosa mattress ended up being a little too firm for everyday use for me. It now lives in our spare room and when guests stay it gets mixed reviews. Some people have said it’s the best night’s sleep they’ve had in ages, others have politely said their sleep was “fine”. So, my advice would be to try it out and use the return period if you need it.

The Ecosa mattresses start at $799. Click here to find out more.

Have you tried memory foam mattresses before? Drop a comment below and share your thoughts. 

This post was brought to you by Nuffnang and Ecosa.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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25 Responses

  1. Hi, just wanted to say we bought an ecosa mattress about 18 months ago and we like the firmness, but have had to replace it twice through warranty. It just compresses the foam over time so it sinks into a hole where your body lies and then causes bad back pain. The sinking occurs on my partners side (he’s about 100kg and it’s supposed to support up to 150kg per side). I’m trying to find others’ experiences long term with the mattress since they’re still a fairly new concept, but i’m sure others must have the same experience ? The mattress really only lasts about 6 months before it needs replacing, and the warranty process is arduous and we end up sleeping on the floor for a few weeks while we get it sorted. (Also the gel cover seems to heat me up, not cool me down!)

  2. Hi are you aware you can make the mattress softer by removing the cover and swapping the first two foam layers? Ecosa have videos on how to do this and advertise it on their front page. I’d like to know if doing this makes it nice or far too soft.

  3. Hi
    thanks for the insight on ecosa and others , think i shall go for an ecosa as firm sounds good
    I lived in China for six months ,,, could not believe how hard my mattress was ,,,, felt like a blanket on the floor ,, but after i got a topper was good and enjoyed the firmness

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