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linen house primrose floral quilt cover set feminine bedroom styling

11 Floral Quilt Cover Sets to Add Subtle Drama to your Bedroom

Floral quilt cover sets are the Kylie Minogue of bedding; they’ve been around for ages and just keep reinventing themselves for the better. Every incarnation is just as gorgeous as the previous one. And thanks to a slew of Aussie brands and designers, floral bedding is feeling fresher than ever.

Whether you veer toward a traditional design or something more abstract, the reality is that you’re spoilt for choice. Between online stores and the bricks and mortars, floral quilts are popping up all over the place. And with Autumn on the horizon, now is a good time to shop for something warm and cosy.

Today, I thought we could take a few minutes to swoon together over these 11 dreamy bedding designs. The price points range from skimp to splurge (as always). And I’m pretty certain you’ll find one so irresistible that you’ll be whipping out the credit card. Which I fully approve of. Because if it’s one thing I’m good for, it’s encouraging you to spend some money on decor! 😉

lorraine lea clare floral quilt cover set yellow floral bedding

1. Clare Quilt Cover Set, Lorraine Lea

It’s no secret that I’m smitten with everything from Lorraine Lea. They have so much bedding on offer that you’ll struggle to lock in just one design. But when it comes to invigorating floral quilt cover sets, you can’t beat Clare.

The picture above shows this dazzling design in all its glory. The surprising zesty colour palette is not what you’d normally expect from floral quilt cover sets, but I love it. The longer you gaze at it the harder it is to escape its spell. I’m also fond of that fringe detail around the edges of the accompanying Euro and throw cushions. Shut up and take my money!

This floral quilt cover set includes quilt cover and matching pillow cases, with Euro cases available in an accompanying pattern too. And of course, they have loads of fitted and flat sheets to team with this set. Sounds like fun for the whole family to me!

pillow talk forestry floral green quilt cover set

2. Forestry Quilt Cover Set, Pillow Talk

Floral quilt cover sets can often feel overly pink, pretty and precious. But this Forestry quilt cover set from pillow talk is anything but. It avoids those cliches by embracing a dynamic leaf print and a soothing green colour story.

A great unisex design that would shine in a guest bedroom or master, it’s an easy one to pair with darker or lighter sheet set tones. It you’re looking to evoke a sense of calm and relaxation in your boudoir, this is a hard one to pass up.

adairs floral quilt cover set native australian flowers bedding green bedside table

3. Native Floral Quilt Cover Set, Adairs

You can’t deny the eye-catching quality of this Native Floral quilt cover set from Adairs. How pretty is it? If you saw it across the bar you’d probably order a drink to be sent over to it.

Not only is the earthy colour story a winner, but the the warm red tones around surrounding this bedding make it a perfect companion on a cold winter’s night.

Matching Euro pillowcases are available to buy too. Team it all with some fitted and flat sheets in natural tones and I reckon your bedding game just got serious!

bed bath n table plumbloss white and pink floral quilt cover set in feminine bedroom

4. Plum Blossom Quilt Cover Set, Bath Bath N Table

The Plum Blossom quilt cover set from Bed Bath N Table feels like a magical escape to a far away floral wonderland. It’s colourful, full of whimsy, but has a sense of sumptuousness to it when paired with velvet accessories.

It’s not too hectic a bedding design, and I love that you can bring in deep blue and burgundy tones if you want to up the richness. Pair it with some simple white sheets and you have a super crisp bedroom scene.

This floral quilt cover set comes in a variety of sizes too, so all the beds are happy.

Jamie Durie Geisha floral Quilt Cover Set

5. Geisha Quilt Cover Set, Temple & Webster

I simply had to include this Geisha floral quilt cover set in the list. I mean, it’s light and bright, which everyone is loving for interiors right now. But atop that crisp, chalky backdrop you have a parade of gorgeous blue blooms to feast on. Too cute for words!

This pattern and colourway feels very contemporary to me. I can see it bringing some much-needed oomph to a Scandi, Provincial or Hamptons bedroom scene. Look how well it plays with the mid-toned timbers above. Yes please!

Click here to check out more of the Geisha quilt cover set.

kip and co field of dreams floral quilt cover set in bright colours

6. Field of Dreams Quilt Cover Set, Kip & Co

There’s nothing better than a floral quilt cover set that screams ‘girly’ unapologetically and rocks pattern detail with great aplomb. That’s what this exquisite Field of Dreams quilt cover from Kip & Co does perfectly. I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

It’s so visually stimulating that you’d want to keep the other pockets of your bedroom fairly subdued. You gotta let this bedding take centre stage. We don’t want any competition, do we? Think of this quilt cover as the queen B of the space and everything else is Kelly and Michelle.

kmart klio floral quilt cover set in black and whitew

7. Klio Quilt Cover Set, Kmart

If you’re after some bargain bedding for a guest bedroom, it’s hard to go past Kmart. What’s so good about the Klio quilt cover set above is that it’s floral, for sure, but it feels contemporary and less mature. There’s a bit of fun to this design, and it doesn’t slap you in the face when you walk into the room.

There are multiple sizes on offer, but the queen comes in at just $18. Shop away via the link below.

primrose floral quilt cover set from linen house flower bedding blue and pink

8. Primrose Quilt Cover Set, Linen House

We could all do with a bit more romance in our lives, and I reckon this Primrose quilt cover set is going to get your flames ignited. It’s so rich and inviting, and the design almost feels hand-drawn, don’t you think?

What a glorious option for a teen girl, young lady, or mature lass. I also fully appreciate the blue tones in this, which make it feel moodier. Throw in some plum bedding and you have yourself an amazing bedroom story.

Gainsborough Rosewood Floral Quilt Cover Set from spotlight

9. Gainsborough Quilt Cover Set, Spotlight

Sometimes you just can’t go past bedding that screams traditional. The Gainsborough quilt cover set is that all over. It’s so classic in every way and I am absolutely here for it. It’s exclusive to Spotlight and prices start from $109.99.

The creamy white background is adorned with dreamy pink, purple, yellow and green hue. And the added bonus is that these tones will work well against a variety of headboard styles. Go for it!

sheridan everly floral quilt cover set dark floral bedding

10. Everly Quilt Cover, Sheridan

Now this is possibly my fave of all the floral quilt cover sets showcased in this post. It’s so moody, it’s so rich, it’s so mysterious. The Everly Quilt cover from Sheridan isn’t what springs to mind when you think ‘floral bedding’, and that’s why I appreciate it so much.

This whole scene has such a sense of depth and maturity to it. If only it came with that stunning herringbone flooring!

mercer and reid flora floral bed linen set on link bed

11. Flora Quilt Cover Set, Adairs

You had me at pom pom edges. I mean come on! One look at this divine Flora quilt cover set from Adairs and I’m ready to whip out the credit card.

I don’t even like doilies but the image above has converted me. Move over Nanna! In all seriousness though, this is a sublime floral moment with the softest colour story. So perfect for any season.

As always, I’d love you to drop me a comment below if you’ve purchased a floral quilt cover set recently. Let me know where you got it from. You know I need to know.

floral quilt cover set from lorraine lea


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  1. Chris, the new collections from Sage & Clare, Society of Wanderers, Kip&Co and Castle & Things are loaded with florals in all colours.
    I’ve had to pare down my quilt cover collection to plain-coloured linens, and mix it up with floral sheets, pillowcases, Euros & bedspreads, because I just have no more room!

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