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highland cow print by the horns bull artwork

Best Place to Buy Highland Cow Prints (and Win One!)

I’ve recently become obsessed with highland cow prints. And if you’re feeling a similar yearning to have some on your walls, today’s post will excite you to no end, because I’m giving you the chance to win some from my new Insta mates By The Horns.

Amanda King is the talented lady behind this charming small biz and I have to say, I kinda want her life. This Brissy-born photographer lives on a real life farm in New Zealand (an actual farm!); the result of marrying a farmer years ago and moving to his rural property shortly after.

Now, you know I want to go bush eventually, so Amanda story really resonates with me. I’ve shared this dream on the blog before. I want to be the ‘good honest country gay’ that every rural community has, and I’ll run a homewares store with my partner that doubles as a coffee stand with bookstore attached.

I may also wear glasses on the end of my nose and an apron with scissors and twine inside (for gift wrapping candles, of course). But that’s a whole other blog post. I’ve clearly through this dream out. Let me know if your town is void of a charming old gay gent and I’ll add it to my list of must-move-to destinations.

Let Me Tell you More about By The Horns

bull with horns artwork by the horns cow art prints

Snapping Highland Cows in Rural NZ Sounds Divine

I see this farm-life dream of mine happening in about 20 years time and I cannot wait. New Zealand might be the place this happens, actually, because Amanda has painted an amazing picture for me of life on the farm. Even if she admits it came with a slight culture shock.

“Moving was a complete shock to me. I had never even been to NZ before,” Amand admits. “My husband and I met while we were both living in London, so I went from busy city life, to the complete opposite. It took me awhile to get use to. But I love it now. It is so peaceful and quiet, I have a big garden that I love and am surrounded by gorgeous animals all day. Plus I have two little children now aged four and two, and it truly is a wonderful place to bring them up”.

It’s during life on the farm that Amanda started producing the stunning photographic artworks you see in this post. They are just some of the images on offer on the By The Horns website, but the highland cow prints are by far my fave. The whole business kind of came about by accident, as friends started asking Amanda to create images for their walls upon seeing what she’d created for her own.

“The business really began in June 2017 when I decided to create a large wall print for my own living room. An opportunity arose to photograph a stunning highland cow. The resulting animal print became the focal point of the room and my friends started requesting similar pieces”.

bull artwork on white wall by the horns cow art prints

“Things can get especially tense when photographing bulls; you never really can be sure. I always check with the farmer about the bulls temperament beforehand, if they say the bull is nuts and crazy, I will stay away from that one!”

bison artwork in black and white by the horns

How does one Capture a Highland Cow doing its thing?

Before too long, Amanda was out and about snapping imagery of a whole host of animals on and around the farm, and success online quickly followed. Amanda now has over 20,000 followers on the By The Horns Facebook page, and loads on Instagram too.

I love the highland cow art Amanda produces because it captures the majestic creatures in their natural habitat. You know, just doing their thing and being caught in a moment. I wondered if this was a difficult thing to get on film; sneaking close enough to the animal to get the shot without freaking it out. Amanda explains some of the challenges.

“I try not to disturb them,” she tells me. “They are quite inquisitive though and will often start walking up to me to see what I am up to. This can get the heart racing at times. Things can get especially tense when photographing bulls; you never really can be sure. I always check with the farmer about the bulls temperament beforehand; if they say the bull is nuts and crazy, I will stay away from that one!”.

While the day-to-day farming is left to Amanda’s husband (I hear ya sister!), this talented lady spends a lot of her time both capturing animals and caring for them. The couple parent a few orphaned lambs, some sheep, and cows. It’s the kind of life I do yearn to experience, even if just for a few years, because Amanda tells me it’s so peaceful and chaos-free.

pony in the woods artwork by the horns

Highland Cow Art is the Most Popular Seller, Obvs!

“Especially the highland cows,” Amanda explains. “People just can’t get enough of them. They have such friendly faces and can be so majestic looking. The print I see you I can’t see you which is a white highland cow print is what really kicked my business off. They are definitely my biggest seller”.

I’m told that the the botanical prints on the By The Horns website have been successful too, and I gotta admit I’m not surprised. The botanics trend has been huge since I forecasted it on the blog a few years back, and people just can’t get enough of it. But the current trend in homes is clearly moving toward displaying highland cow art – and I couldn’t be happier.

Amanda is taking a well-earned break from her phenomenal farm life snapping cows over the silly season. She’s headed back to see family in Australia and will be trying to capture some amazing moments on film while she’s here. So expect to see some new imagery hitting her website soon.

“I hope to capture more coastal theme prints, and do a bit of driving and get some country Australia scenes. I love the colours and tones of the Australian bush”.

And as far as things go for me… I’m clearly a few years off the dream of living life on a farm. But I reckon a few highland cow prints should tie me over for the time being. And perhaps a bottle of Marlborough Sav Blanc 😉

bull artwork on black wall by the horns

Win Your Choice of Art Print from By The Horns!

Loving the highland cow prints you’re seeing in this post? The good news is you can win a piece for your own home. Amanda has been kind enough to offer up an A1 print from her site valued at $220!

To enter to win your choice of art, simply follow these steps:


Comp open to Aus and NZ residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Tuesday November 20. Winner will be contacted via email and announced in this post.

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

Comments (49)

  • Don’t Mess With Me – my wife could display this on our large, white feature(less – some might say) wall as a ‘mood indicator’ for when I arrive home from work, gym, dad-taxi driving and I would no longer need to pick up on the subliminals!

  • Alison

    Morag – it would always remind me of my holiday to the Scottish Highlands when I see it on my wall.

  • Chloe

    My favourite print in the lollipop, I think it is the one that shows their personality the best. I fell in love with highland cows when I visited Scotland and never look back. No other animal will top them, I mean just look at their quirkiness. They are so majestic and like not other cow. Simply amazing creatures!

  • Penny Snelling

    Can’t help but love “lollipop”, ohhhh but then there’s heather, moray, mr Darcy, don’t mess with me, I see you………… the list is endless. Adore these prints. Lollipop is just too cute, how could you be grumpy with a gorgeous face like that to look at everyday

  • Sam Allison

    It’s hard to choose a favourite. I love the deer prints (Phyllis one) in particular. We would love to have deer on our property, but it’s a bit small. Deer are fascinating creatures and a print would be awesome!

  • Anna Jones

    I’m in love with “Brutus”. His eyes are so wise & he just makes me melt. I have a big bare wall that is calling his name.

  • Kayleigh Clarke

    Oh I love ‘I See You’ and the pair version- I just love how soft, and friendly, yet powerful the animals look. Such beautiful prints

  • Macy Cameron

    Hogan in colour one for me. Loved him for so long.

  • Kayleigh

    I love ‘I see you’ and the pair version. Such gorgeous images. So soft, yet powerful

  • Jaz

    I love them all but after going though all 6 pages I went back to no 1 stronsay! Love the colour and looks amazing with the black background!

  • Brooke Thomson

    I love Lulu, it perfectly shows how beautiful and pure cows can be and I would love to be able to hang this in my bedroom against a white wall to really bring out her beautiful colour

  • Savannah Bruin

    Pearl is definitely my favourite! I used to work on a farm and I just miss these gorgeous girls everyday now I’m living in the city. Seeing her inquisitive face just reminds me of this wonderful time

  • Savannah Bruin

    Pearl is definitely my favourite! I used to work on a farm and I just miss these gorgeous girls everyday now I’m living in the city. Seeing this print reminds me of all the things I love about the farm

  • Angela

    Morag #2. I recently got one of the deer prints and I absolutely love it!! This one was definitely one of my original picks so I would love to have this in my home.

  • Shani Stewart

    My favourite is Morag. I could choose several others but I think Morag would look great on my wall

  • Tracy Wells

    oh my lord. I’m so in love……with so many, but if I had to choose its gotta be Fiona. I have a huge newly decorated lounge wall where Fiona would look stunning!! she is just gorgeous.

  • Anna Goble

    I love Willow – she is absolutely beautiful! I can imagine her in our living room above our tan leather chairs

  • Kym Hoffmann

    OMG Lollipop is freakin adorable! I didn’t even have to look beyond that gorgeous hairy coo with his tongue out. So full of cheek!

  • Lauren

    Water drenched – reminds me of our honeymoon to Scotland. I love how he looks down the camera. This would be perfect in our new home and a nice reminder of our trip.

  • Katy Mason

    Morag. Definitely Morag! There’s something so incredible about these friendly beasts and I’ve been obsessed with them even since my visit to Scotland. Morag would be lovingly adored for years if she was to grace my walls.

  • Ellena

    I’ve got a soft spot for Beau and Clyde!

  • Bec Carney

    It’s got to be “Heather”!! Like Amanda, I’m marrying into a farmer’s world…I came as a package deal with my horses and cat and so are now living the dream with my farmer in the rolling hills of Bridgetown which is in the south west of WA. I TRY to take beautiful photos of our brood to capture their moments through the seasons but definitely can’t say I’m ever going to be as good at it as Amanda! The print of “Heather” is so reminiscent of some of our girls…those gentle eyes and that soft nose. LOVE. Amanda’s prints are absoltuely stunning – am so glad that I now know about her business and will be bookmarking her site for sure! And Chris…..Bridgetown is crying out for a shop like you’ve described!! 😉 Have got a bed for you if you ever wanted to take a look……….. 🙂

  • Penny White

    ‘ROGER’ that Chris !!!!

  • Linda Allen

    Love ‘Water Drenched’. Whenever we’re driving in the country I always make my hubby stop and let me out so I can get photos of cows. Love them!

  • Sharon

    Pierre the Peacock would look magnificent In my home. His beautiful green and blue plumage would highlight the teal, greens, blues and natural colours around my home. Pierre could look out at the wild birds and pet chickens and feel at home in our bird sanctuary.

  • May

    My husband is from the Highlands of Scotland and he calls these beautiful creatures “Hairy Coos”. I rather fancy “Morag” – she would make a lovely Christmas pressie for him. Just the print please, we don’t have room for the real Morag!

  • Judy

    I can’t take it anymore! Chris, I adore you, but I am so worn out on “horns”. Cow (Highland or Heifer) horns, antlers from deer, elk, reindeer, and horns or antlers from any other creature who roams the earth, I could cry. I could handle these when folks displayed them in their dens, recreation rooms or offices, but when I started seeing horns/antlers hanging above the headboard in master suites, gracing farmhouse dining room walls and I swear this, on the wall of their newborn’s nursery, I knew either they had gone mad or I was going to. Maybe it’s that mad cow disease thing I’ve heard about…..sorry, Chris.

  • Jan

    STRONSAY, is a real male, beautifully captured in the center of the frame and denotes a classy modern interior.
    I have a section in my home which would show off STRONSAY very well. Townsville NQ does not have prints like this beauty.

  • Allison

    I have admired Amanda’s work for over 12 months and was fortunate to receive one of her peonies print for Christmas last year. I am adding to my “collection” with another gorgeous print now on laybuy for Christmas this year. Choosing another favourite is tricky as they are all gorgeous, but I do rather fancy Pierre, the peacock. He has a classy take on life and I’d love him to strut his stuff in my new hallway soon. If I had to chose a cow picture it would probably be White Highland Cow. Devine bovine! Amanda is an absolutely lovely gal, so pleasant and accommodating to do business with. I was delighted to see her featured on your fab blog!

  • Julieanne Wagner

    My favourite is definitely Beau with his soft gentle face and loving eyes… Thia image truly depicts the beauty that can be found in all creatures..

  • Anisha

    It has to be lollipop! I love the warmth of the colours and that there’s a definite funny side to the photo. Thank you as always for inspiring me to look beyond big-chain stores for keepsakes and decorating ideas. A new item to add to the wishlist!

  • Cheyne

    Hi chris.vlove your work and the feature artist is amazing . I think the print Fiona is the most beautiful print . It’s just a stunning shot.

  • Melissa Jelinic

    It’s so hard to choose, but I can’t get past the beauty of ‘Phyllis One’, and my partner reckons it looks like our greyhound, Arnie
    Such a gorgeous collection!

  • Oh my golly gosh – how to choose?!! I love the website – what stunning pics. I saw a similar picture in a shop recently and took a photo of it as I couldn’t afford to buy it just yet. I really wanted to though, for my husband who loves cows! We will hopefully eventually get around to turning our garage store room into a music/hangout room for our family (but mostly my husband who might finally be able to bring his old dust covered drum kit back to life and have somewhere to play it). I am so looking forward to doing a room for the man who has been by my side since we were teenagers, been an amazing, hard working, selfless and beautiful Dad from the age of 18 and one of these pics would be perfection on the wall. I adore them all, but I think High Country Beast or Morag #2 would be my pick.

  • Sharon Maurer

    Fiona! Look at that stunning girl! She makes me smile & I’d love having her around.

  • Nikki Williams

    The Coy Coo is my favourite. They all show love and respect of the animals but that one or the Farm Barn Set would suit my rooms best

  • Vicki McKenzie

    Heather for the arty framing and reserving half of her cheekiness from the viewer. Her curiosity and my curiosity is aroused!

  • Well what a hard decision! There are so many gorgeous prints to choose from. My choice is a dead heat between Beau, what a gorgeous little face and Endless Summer, such beautiful colours. I will definitely be back to order some prints.

  • Nicola Jago-Muir

    I just adore Pearl – her sweet and ever so startled expression is captivating.
    Your amazing lighting and photography enhances the contrast in her colouring from her ‘tousled hair’, to her fuzzy ears and her beautiful black nose – Pearl is bovine perfection!

  • Michele

    Morag as it reminds me of my mother in law


    Hilda has just the look!
    She would brighten my bare walls of my lounge room . Cheers

  • Love them all my girlfriend and I have been calling each other cow for over 20 years our hubbies don t understand us

  • Alyce Dunster

    WOW!! How can you possibly choose one?? They are all stunning!! We are building our forever home on my parents farm(ex dairy farm). I’ve been lucky enough to Have been able to grow up on a farm my whole life and that’s what we have decided to do for our four kids(all boys)
    We will be getting two highland calf in the next year to add the the animal family so I’m obsessed with them atm.
    I love the print of “Mr Darcy” I think it seems fitting as that’s also my dads name!!
    But the white highland cow and morag are beautiful also.
    Well done Amanda on caputring these amazing animals xx

  • Kerry

    Never have I ever seen a sheep looking as impressive or powerful as the ram in “The King”! Talk about “Burning Love”, this print is hotter than Elvis’s crotch in a nylon jumpsuit! On a serious note, it would look fantastic in hubby’s man-cave – I’ve persuaded him that the dodgy car pictures need retiring but I’ve been at a loss as to what to hang in their place. This would totally fit the bill – very masculine but super stylish.

  • Duke Riaan Nieuwoudt

    The white Highland cow – apart from the fact that I think we have qually amazing hurrr, it’s clear that this highlander can look straight into my soul, trying to see the unseen. I’d definitely love to hang her in a place that I call home, a place where you can feel safe to be exactly who you are.

  • Helen

    I love love Fiona, she looks playful & it shows in this photo…… & I already have a spot at home for her!

  • Jo

    Morag.. she has the perfect balance of texture and shape in the image. The nose is shiny and cuddle worthy too. I love the white backgrounds. There are so many beautiful shots to choose from. The deer trio are stunning too. Heather was a close second. Love your work.

  • Yep, I’ve found my fave! It’s ‘Fiona’! Nothing that resonates with me more than a gal who loves to eat and look glam while doing so.


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