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oz design light grey sofa with bohemian cushions and australian natives in vase

Our Fave Colourful Bohemian Interior Design Ideas

It’s time to embrace colourful bohemian interior design, dear readers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that all-white look, of course, but it’s fair to say we could do with introducing some dazzling hues into the mix. You know it’s true!

Because, let’s be real: we tend to shy away from colour. Be it in a coastal look, scandi scene or boho interior, we love to rock white. And I’m in the same boat as you are, so this criticism is of me as much as it is of you. Let’s go on this journey toward colour together and open our homes and hearts to a few new shades, shall we?

I recently had a play with some awesome bedding and decor from my mates at Lorraine Lea. And colourful bohemian interior design was the theme of the shoot. Of course, for those of you loving to keep it muted, I’ve included some snaps from the day that keep things serene.

But if you are ready to rock a bold tone in your boho home, read on! I’m going to share how to do it, and of course – where to buy it! Because I’m never one to stop you from doing a bit of spending 😉

Sidenote: The image above is not via Lorraine Lea. I had to include it though. It’s from OZ Design and I just love the way some boho accessories have played so nicely against a clean-lined grey sofa.

all white bohemian bedroom colourful bohemian interior design ideas

The All-White Boho Look is Still Divine, of Course!

You know it, I know it, anyone who’s anyone knows it: the all-white bohemian interior is lush. Above I styled up a pretty subdued room using Lorraine Lea’s brand new Isla Quilt Cover Set and it excited me to no end.

The thing about doing a bohemian look, especially in a bedroom, is that you have to up the texture. That’d be my only warning here. Especially if the bedding is white, you need to look for tactile moments. The Isla set has you covered there, because it features a beautiful detail throughout.

If you don’t do that, and you have white bedding with a matte, flat finish, you run the risk of the room looking and feeling exceptionally boring. And if there’s one zone in the home that should definitely not be boring, it’s your bedroom. Am I right?

The other thing to be mindful of is what’s going on around the bedding set. The walls and floors above, as you’ll notice, are a greige colour. If the walls were white it would be such a journey to Clinical County. So have a think about that when you’re decorating your room in a boho vibe (tone is so important in making any space feel layered and interesting).

bohemian living room with grey and white beigh cushions tassel cushions

You can also take Boho in a Masculine Direction

I’ll get onto the colourful bohemian interior design ideas in a minute, I promise! But first, I want to show you another direction you can take a boho look in. And that’s a moody and masculine one.

Taking cues from industrial interior design is a nice way to make boho feel gritty. Often the all-white boho interior can feel soft and feminine, but you can bring some balance to the look through texture and some darker tones.

When it comes to texture, feel free to include all of those gorgeous tactile details in cushions. We’re still all for that. The cushions above, for example, are a winner. They’re all from Lorraine Lea and there’s actually three different varieties at play here:

  • Mira: the one with the more geometric pattern (shop it here)
  • Sana: the grey cushions with the tassel detail (shop it here)
  • Prabal: the cream option on the left with the embroidery (shop it here)

Outside of soft furnishings, look to rough textures in timber. The coffee table above is so wonderfully industrial and brings such a nice sense of contrast to the scene (soft cushions meet rough timber = sublime textural variance).

Also let grittier finishes come and play on tabletops. The Sigrid vases below, for example, a still light and white/cream, but they do feel more rustic than a high-gloss smooth alternative.

Lastly, letting charcoal tones play in a classic bohemian scheme is a nice way to mix things up.

bohemian living room decor ideas white vases on table from lorraine lea

Take Boho in a new direction; colourful, industrial, loads of pattern, you name it. It’s all about an element of surprise against an otherwise subdued palette, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

pink bohemian bedroom beige and pink boho cushions with tassels lorraine lea

Colourful Bohemian Interior Design: Embrace Pink!

Woohoo; we’ve finally reached the colour portion of today’s post. I’m a bit excited about this one, in case you hadn’t realised, because I love a bold injection of hue – especially in the bedroom.

Pink already plays so nicely with grey and white tones, which is what makes it ripe for inclusion in a bohemian bedroom scheme. The tone of pink you go for isn’t super important, but I would suggest you stay away from hot pink.

The bedding you see here, which we’ll get to in a moment, is a nice mid-tone. If you go too hot, it can feel like a little girls room. Avoid the juvenile vibes and go toward a pink that feels more sophisticated.

Hello Bedding with Loads of Detail

So the bedding here, which I’m positively gushing over, is a new one from Lorraine Lea. It’s called Dianna and it comes in a range of sizes from double right up to super king. Euros and cushion covers are also available so you can complete the look. And boy am I head over heels for all those tassels.

This set is unapologetically bold and feminine, which I’m all for. You’ll also notice from the close up above that it features loads of intricate detail. I’ve always said on here that the more texture a room has, the more inviting it feels. So not to boast and all, but I reckon the room I created above looks pretty damn inviting 😉

colourful bohemian interior design idea pink bedding on grey bedhead

colourful bohemian interior design boho bedroom with white armchair

Throw in Some Classic Boho Moments and You’re Set!

Just one pop of colour is all you need to take the classic boho look in a new direction. In this bedroom, I used pink. But you could pop in another warm tone like mustard, terracotta, tan, chocolate brown and more. I find warmer tones work better, but by all means go for blue or green if you love cooler shades.

Of course, alongside your one pop of kapow colour, you need to throw in classic boho decor. Think things like round jute rugs, sheer curtains, light-toned carpets or floorboards, and blonde timbers. A tassel throw on an armchair is also a fabulous idea. And on that note, check out this post on awesome armchairs for your bedroom. There are loads of solid options in my showcase.

Lemme list out some of the shoppable moments from the image above, in case you’re eager to give your home a bit of a colourful bohemian interior design update:

Can I also point out how much I love the paint colour above? I’m currently on a mission to get people to move away from all-white walls, so I hope this bedroom inspires you to embrace a new paint for your abode.

Master Bedroom Mistakes

I Want to See Snaps of your Home!

I’d love to see your bohemian bedroom. I’d love to see you embracing pink. How about you click here to follow me on Instagram and then tag me into some of your snaps? I’ve never seen a piece of decor I haven’t loved (ok maybe there are some exceptions) so come show me what you got goin’ on at your place!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  1. I’ve been hunting down an armchair for my bedroom corner for MONTHS! and I LOOOOVE the one pictured above (linen white with wooden legs, pictured with blush pink pillow). Could you direct me to the vendor? Or at least something very similar to it. It’s been an endless search!

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