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5 Reasons to want the LG TWINWash Washing Machine

So I recently shared my addicted to housework with you on social media and was relieved to realise I wasn’t alone. Turns out many of you also experience unparalleled levels of exhilaration from scrubbing, mopping, dusting and spraying the various pockets of your home.

Imagine the state of joy and rapture I entered into when the new LG TWINWash washing machine arrived on my doorstep a few weeks back. I’ve been playing with him ever since and have developed a bond so strong even Oprah and Gayle are jealous.

Lemme give you the lowdown on why this new machine slays every other washer I’ve ever owned. And trust me, I’ve owned a few. Not that I’m a washing machine hussy or anything, but I’ve certainly enjoyed my time in the laundry!

Chris Carroll LG TwinWash washing machine review by tlc interiors

1. It Can Wash Two Loads at Once

The best part is the fact that the LG TwinWash washing machine is actually a two-in-one situation; essentially one washing machine stacked on top of the another. That means your colours can be washing up top with your whites below. At the same time. No waiting for one cycle to stop before you start your second.

And we all know that shorter laundry days = more time to do fun stuff like vacuuming or grocery shopping (yes, I’m also kind of addicted to grocery shopping – it’s the Taurean in me!).

The washing machine on top has a whopping 11kg capacity, so you can let your laundry basket fill right up before chucking in a load. It also holds big items like duvets easily, and the machine even has a cycle for them. I struggled so much to stuff a quilt into my old machine. Thank Gawd those days are done and dusted.

chris carroll lg twin wash washing machine review

2. The Lower Mini Washer does Light Loads

I’m likely to run out of smalls before I get through a basket full of clothes. We’ve all been there. Nothing worse than needing a particular pair of pants, shorts or underwear for an event and realising they’re at the bottom of the laundry basket.

That’s where the 2kg Mini Washer has your back. The Mini sits under the main washer and this cute little drawer slides out; perfect for light loads of exercise gear, a few pairs of undies or those white pants you really, really want to wear tonight (I currently have an addiction to white pants as well). It can even wash items marked for hand wash only, it’s that gentle.

tlc interiors lg twin wash washing machine review

3. It has a True Steam Cycle

One feature I adore more than life itself is the True Steam cycle. It’s advertised as an extra cleaning feature, great for deep cleaning garments. I’m sure it does that well, but what I’ve found is that it reduces wrinkles, cutting down on ironing time.

No one likes ironing. There, I said it! I might be addicted to many chores in the home but ironing is not one of them. So the less time spent standing at that ironing board, the better. No judgement if you love ironing, of course. And if you do, can I please hire you to iron my clothes each week?

chris carroll tlc interiors lg twin wash washing machine review

4. You Can Operate it Remotely

Like my LG fridge and dishwasher, the LG TWINWash washing machine connects to your home wifi network using their Smart THINQ tech. You control it through an app on your phone and it lets you look at stats like how much energy your machine is using, stop and start cycles remotely and troubleshoot any issues that might come up (I’ve had none).

The app will even tell you when it’s time to add softener to the Mini washer. I’m no technophile (I struggle to connect to Wifi and pay bills online) but even I think that’s pretty cool.

My favourite feature is being able to name your device. I called my Fridge Cool Runnings and my dishwasher is Mr Wishy Washy. I haven’t come up with a name for the Mini washer or the main machine yet, let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions. I’m thinking maybe Joan and Melissa Rivers but I’m open to ideas.

review of the lg twin wash washing machine

5. It’ll Cut Down Your Laundry Time

The LG TWINWash is a big machine. It stands over a meter tall and is 70cm deep. So this big capacity (13kg total) is perfect for family homes and even apartments.

For our family of four (two cats count!) it’s plenty of capacity. It means we really only need to do one load of laundry a week if that. When I run out of socks or really want to wear a shirt that is in the laundry basket, the Mini washer is a great solution for a small load in-between the main wash.

Aside from the washing capacity, having the larger main machine raised higher on top of the Mini means less hunching and kneeling to load up the wash. I’m not retiring just yet but if you’re in a more mature age bracket I know you’ll love the height of this bad boy.

carroll carroll lg twinwash washing machine reivew on tlc interiors

A Quick Snapshot For You

If all the reading above is holding you back from doing more exciting things like mopping your kitchen floors (I hear you!), here’s a quick list of the LG TWINWash washing machine major pluses:

  • Two washing machines in one: front loader and lower drawer
  • Top washer has a massive 11kg capacity – perfect for big loads
  • Bottom drawer washer has 2kg capacity – great for smalls and gym gear
  • Washer has a dedicated cycle for quilts and duvets
  • Bonus True Steam cycle which tackles creases to minimise ironing time
  • Connects to Wifi via an app so you can operate the machine remotely
  • Height of machine is great on back and knees
  • Great machine for families or even apartment dwellers

Drop me a comment below if you have any questions about the LG TWINWash washing machine. And let me know if you’ve got one and have been loving every minute of it.


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  1. This machine sounds amazing! I know it will be my next washer and can’t wait for my old one to break down now! I think it should be called THE GENIUS

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